Chapter 26:

Brief Reunion

I am a God, But I Accidentally Summoned Myself into My Own World as a Human Being!

“This is really comfortable”
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Aidan lies face down on the bed. We’re currently in Edelgard, one of the major Elven Kingdoms in the Chablis continent. Bookmark here

Around three-fourths of the walls are glass. The room has a view on top of the giant tree – which dwarfs the other trees in the forest, and in this height, I can see miles into the forest. Bookmark here

I look at the huge branches, there are several rooms like this one. I didn’t notice it before when we were back in the carriage, but there are other turrets hidden within the branches. Ballistae, lots of them. I figure they’d be enough to shower the sky with huge arrow bolts. Bookmark here

It’s only natural as elven cities that are built on these huge trees are frequently visited by flying monsters, namely dragons and wyverns.Bookmark here

I look out to the horizon; the sun is starting to set. They’ve been keeping us here since noon. I don’t really mind though as the elves are treating us really well.Bookmark here

Aidan walks over to me and looks out the window.Bookmark here

“So, Al- Aelius. It feels weird to call you that. Sorry”Bookmark here

“It’s alright. At this point I’m fine with it. Also, you believe what I said?”Bookmark here

He raises his arms above his head.Bookmark here

“With all the evidence presented before me, it would be weird if I still didn’t believe it. You’re too knowledgeable about this world to be an otherworlder”Bookmark here

I think I can see my reflection in the glass.Bookmark here

“Well of course, I am the God of this world after all”Bookmark here

“Why do you say it like you’re the only God?”Bookmark here

“Ah right. I keep saying that without regard to Amaris and the other two”Bookmark here

But now they crossed a line they shouldn’t have crossed. Why would they want to upset the balance? Well, it’s probably mostly because they hate us. I’m not oblivious to that. I find it hard to believe they could gravely wound Amaris though, I might be gone but she’s not someone to be trifled with so easily as well.Bookmark here

“I have a question, Aelius”Bookmark here

“What is it?”Bookmark here

He steps closer. Bookmark here

“Why would you continue to let the wars happen? Are you unable to interfere? Or did you choose not to interfere on purpose?”Bookmark here

This conversation went south quickly. Bookmark here

“There are rules that the four of us Gods established. One of them is that we’re not supposed to interfere directly into the matters of this world”Bookmark here

“But there should have been exceptions, right? What about all the lives that are gone each day? There are plenty of times in human history alone where hundreds of thousands of lives were taken. We may be inconsequential to you Gods, but we’re still living beings, like you are. Don’t we deserve to live in peace too?”Bookmark here

He looks at me with a straight face. But his tone is forced, he’s clearly trying to keep his emotions out of this.Bookmark here

“Nadia…my sister and I never got to enjoy our childhood with our parents. We were so young when we evacuated from the outskirts. If it wasn’t for the one of the Astra Noble family’s members took us in, who knows where we’d be right now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to get you to pity us”Bookmark here

He walks back to his bed. Bookmark here

“I was just sharing my thoughts”Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

I can’t bring myself to reply once again. I just don’t know what to feel anymore. On one hand, there’s this crushing guilt, the other is me trying to ignore that guilt thinking it is beneath me. Bookmark here

I’ve only been with this group of people for a few weeks, yet they’ve affected me more than anything in my existence as a God for thousands of years.Bookmark here

I lie down on my bed.Bookmark here

“Aidan… I’ve been alive ever since the creation of this world. I… I’ve always thought, how fleeting your lives were, within a blink a new generation has already replaced the old. But now I’ve gotten to experience it firsthand, and I… I’m not sure about anything anymore”Bookmark here

“That doesn’t sound comforting at all. But I know what you’re trying to say”Bookmark here

He smiles a little.Bookmark here

“You do? I don’t even know what I said”Bookmark here

“Oh”Bookmark here

We both laugh a little.Bookmark here

He looks at me again.Bookmark here

“At least, when you’re back to being a God… try to be a little more considerate with the lives on this world”Bookmark here

“Hm, I was thinking of doing that. Thanks”Bookmark here

“Cool”Bookmark here

I can feel the guilt lessen a little. This sense of relief, I wish it would last forever.Bookmark here

“I never though you’d be someone I can talk to properly, I always figured if anyone was going to be amiable between the two of you, it would be your sister”Bookmark here

He opens his journal. I can see drawings of his sister. Aidan is undeniably better than Grayson at drawing at least.Bookmark here

“You’d be surprised. Nadia may be fun and games most of the time, but she can be someone who can, you know, be someone you can talk to”Bookmark here

“I’ll test that out myself”Bookmark here

I look outside. Time sure flies fast. It’s already dark. Soft light emanates from within the leaves of the tree. Unlike the harsh lights that pierce the darkness everywhere else, the light from the city feels natural. Like thousands of fireflies.Bookmark here

*knock*Bookmark here

A voice calls out behind the door.Bookmark here

“The king wishes to see you at the throne room”Bookmark here

Alright. It’s time.Bookmark here

We get ready.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

A couple of minutes later, we’re at the throne room. The room is empty except for us.Bookmark here

“Alright, time to see the Goddess” Mercedes walks beside Iris and Loralei.Bookmark here

“Where is everyone?” Grayson looks around.Bookmark here

“It’s only us for tonight. Having a lot of people in the Goddess’ chambers is dangerous”Bookmark here

The King waves towards a wall. A magic circle appears and the room glows for a moment. The wall then opens to the sides, revealing a large silver door.Bookmark here

It’s well decorated with ancient runes. Or at least they would be ancient for anyone that isn’t a God. It says “Don’t touch my stuff Aelius” Bookmark here

The letters glow.Bookmark here

“Woah those runes might mean something useful” Grayson look at the sign in awe.Bookmark here

Please don’t be fascinated Grayson. You’d be embarrassed - and me as well if you could read this. Back in the past, we used to come to this place whenever Amaris wanted to visit her creations, the elves. Bookmark here

The door then opens.Bookmark here

The room seems to be made entirely of glass, as it shows the view of the entire tree and the landscape below. The view of the sky is so clear. The room itself is actually inside the huge tree though, it’s just using magic to give us this view. One could direct the room to project the view of almost anywhere – within the forests of Edelgard. Bookmark here

The view fades, the color of the room is actually mostly silver, with hints of gold here and then. There’s another room besides this one, which is the bedroom. This one we’re in is for visitors. There are seats and a glass staircase in front. Kind of like the entrance to a ball.Bookmark here

Everyone turns their attention to the top of the staircase. Even the King and Queen fix their attention on the girl at the top. Bookmark here

Amaris.Bookmark here

She’s wearing a one-shoulder dress, her long silver hair is pulled back with a pin, long earrings and an accessory on her neck. She’s got elf ears too and white or pale skin? As she walks down the stairs, her hair turns into a bright shade of gold. Bookmark here

King Senerian bows down, so does the Queen.Bookmark here

Seeing this, everyone else follows suit.Bookmark here

“Good evening to you Lady Amaris”Bookmark here

She looks at the two.Bookmark here

“Good evening Senerian, Syllia. Thank you for assisting me in gathering the heroes here”Bookmark here

“You’re too kind my Goddess. We’ll take our leave now”Bookmark here

“Alright, my children”Bookmark here

The two step out and leave the room. Seriously? They didn’t have to go.Bookmark here

She looks at our group. Everyone seems to be stuck on their feet. She walks towards Grayson.Bookmark here

“It’s nice to meet you in person heroes”Bookmark here

Grayson blushes so much that it seems like his face will be stuck in a permanent shade of red. Bookmark here

“I-It’s n-nice to m-meet you too”Bookmark here

Amaris then walks over to Mercedes. Even she can’t help but blush. Looks like both sexes can’t resist her appeal.Bookmark here

She looks at Aidan, then Iris, then Loralei. None of them could muster a single word. They’re rendered helpless and unable to stop blushing by her divine aura. Bookmark here

She then walks over to me.Bookmark here

“You”Bookmark here

“Seriously Amaris, is that all you can say? And please turn off that aura, even I’m not completely immune to it, seeing as I’m a human right now”Bookmark here

She conceals her divine aura. Everyone suddenly goes back to normal. They’re still blushing though.Bookmark here

Amaris quickly wraps her hands around me.Bookmark here

“Brother!! It’s been so longgg! I missed you so much!”Bookmark here

She begins to rub her face on my shirt.Bookmark here

“Hey cut that out! You’re messing up my shirt!”Bookmark here

“Wait a second. You were telling the truth??” Bookmark here

Grayson exclaims as he’s clearly surprised at the scene in front of him.Bookmark here

“So you really are Aelius?”Bookmark here

Mercedes is clearly surprised as well. She hasn’t even stopped blushing yet.Bookmark here

“Now do you believe me?”Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

I’ll take that as a yes. I lift up Amaris – she’s already taken the form of a child, again. This happens a lot.Bookmark here

“Brother~”Bookmark here

“Not now Amaris, I need to check on your injury”Bookmark here

“Hmph okay”Bookmark here

She shapeshifts into her original form. White robes, long ang loose white hair, and a simple double crescent accessory on her hair. I put her down. There’s a wound on the left side of her stomach. It’s bleeding gold, and red. Bookmark here

“It still hasn’t healed yet?”Bookmark here

“I don’t know why either. And it’s making me weaker each day”Bookmark here

Damn it. Oberon, Oriana, you guys better have a good excuse when I return to the Heaven Realm. Having two less Gods in this world is starting to sound like a good idea.Bookmark here

But not now.Bookmark here

What am I supposed to do now? The original plan was to defeat the Demon Lord so the portal back to the Heaven Realm would automatically activate. Once back there, Amaris could fix my condition. But now we’re both… mortal. Bookmark here

Amaris holds my hand.Bookmark here

“Just think about it after you finish off the Demon Lord. I’ll try to come up with something in the meantime. I still have some of my powers you know”Bookmark here

I can’t help but smile a little.Bookmark here

“You seem to always know what I’m thinking Amaris”Bookmark here

“Of course! I’m your sister after all!”Bookmark here

She smiles as well. She then immediately switches back to her elven form, her dazzling aura filling the room. Bookmark here

“Now, let’s try to do something about your Unique Skill”Bookmark here

Amaris places her hands on my forehead. I can feel her trying to remove the Unique Skill. Bookmark here

“Wow, that’s tough”Bookmark here

She tries another approach. The Unique Skill: Blessing of the Archmage is being modified. Bookmark here

I checked my status.

Bookmark here

Unique Skill:
Bles̵̨̠͂̀s̶͉̫͠i̶̬̹͊̓n̸͔̎̆g̴͈̼̖̔͂̌͂ ̸͉̜̂õ̵̭f ̵̗̊̓͗thē̷̦͔̗̂͑ ̷̨̱̪̩̽͋͘a̶̱͓̜̮̎̉̆̂ŗ̷̨̺͉̈́̌͋́c̸̗͔̏̒͠͠h̴̥͉̝̺̎̈̽m̶̧̛̯̟̈́ả̶̻̤̆age
+ The person's affinity for magic increases greatly and their mana capacity expands significantly.Bookmark here

- -̸H̴i̶g̷h̵e̷r̷ ̴m̴a̵n̶a̷ ̶c̴o̴n̸s̴u̶m̶p̸t̴i̵o̴n̸ ̴f̷o̸r̷ ̸L̶i̵g̸h̷t̸ ̴a̴n̷d̵ ̷D̷a̸r̶k̶ ̶e̸l̷e̴m̴e̶n̶t̸ ̸m̴a̶g̶i̵c̷.̶
Bookmark here

+ Lower mana consumption for Light and Dark element magic.Bookmark here

- -̴U̷n̵a̶b̴l̷e̴ ̸t̵o̷ ̶u̵s̵e̶ ̷M̵a̵r̷t̵i̴a̴l̸ ̶A̵r̸t̷s̸.̸Bookmark here

+Able to use Martial ArtsBookmark here

She’s modifying the parameters of my Unique Skill. I never thought about it, but Light Magic and Dark Magic mana consumption was almost doubled for me, now it’s halved. I guess this is to prepare me in my fight against the Demon Lord. Bookmark here

I never actually considered using Martial Arts, since I’m bad at physical stuff, but I guess I need to learn some sooner or later. I can’t always rely on magic since I run out of mana so fast.Bookmark here

Amaris points to Grayson.Bookmark here

“You both have the same Unique Skill: Blessing of the Archmage. Better magic affinity, inability to use Martial Arts”Bookmark here

“Looks like he inherited it from his father”Bookmark here

Grayson speaks up.Bookmark here

“Correction, it was my mother”Bookmark here

Loralei scoffs at Grayson.Bookmark here

“So that’s why you didn’t use Martial Arts in our first fight. Not that it matters.”Bookmark here

Amaris clasps her hands together. The whole room fills with light.Bookmark here

Another update from status. Bookmark here

Unique Skill:
B̵l̶e̶s̵s̶i̷n̶g̶ ̶o̸f̸ ̷t̶h̷e̵ ̸A̷r̴c̵h̵m̵a̵g̴e̸
Bookmark here

The person's affinity for magic increases greatly and their mana capacity expands significantly. Lower mana consumption for Light and Dark element magic.Bookmark here

Serene Night MoonsBookmark here

Boost to stats during night time. Boost to stats when fighting demons. Bonus doubles under the light of the two moons.Bookmark here

Unique Skill: Serene Night Moons. I would prefer fighting during the day, but this is already a good ability. It’s actually perfect for Iris, for obvious reasons.Bookmark here

The glow stops. Amaris almost collapses, but I catch her. She shapeshifts to her child form.Bookmark here

“It’s not much right now, but I hope it helps everyone”Bookmark here

Looks like she gave it to everyone. Bookmark here

“I’m going to sleep for a bit. I’m sorry I can’t accompany you on your journey Aelius”Bookmark here

“Don’t feel bad about it. It’s better this way, I don’t think they expected you to survive from your wounds. We can use that against them”Bookmark here

Amaris disappears from my arms and reappears on top of the staircase. She’s back to her elven form. She waves at the door. It opens up.Bookmark here

The King and the Queen enter the room. Bookmark here

“Take care of our guests. See to it that they leave the forest safely”Bookmark here

“As you will it, Lady Amaris”Bookmark here

We all leave the room. The others are still stuck in a semi-trance. My sister’s beauty is a little too effective sometimes. I catch a glimpse of her limping back to her bedroom. Bookmark here

Just rest well Amaris. Your brother will make things right.Bookmark here

We enter the throne room.Bookmark here

Seiji is standing in the middle of the room. He waves at us. Bookmark here

He’s not coming with us. With the archangel/sword on him, he needs to stay and guard Amaris.Bookmark here

The King waves, and a magic circle appears below our feet.Bookmark here

“Heroes, good luck on your journey to defeat the Demon Lord. We’ve added supplies to your carriage and our soldiers will escort you to the edge of the forest”Bookmark here

The magic circle glows.Bookmark here

Stay safe Amaris.Bookmark here

Cali Maki
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