Chapter 20:

The second battle

Waking up in a new world without any memories

Taiki raced back to battle. He already heard the war cries that flew through the entire land. Birds fled the cruel battle. The wind drastically changed direction. Blood was already splashing all over the battlefield. When Taiki arrived at the wall, he saw an even larger army than last time. Bertinoff led a squad that faced a horde of undead led by Namrai, who apparently survived the last battle against the main commander. On the battlefield were also the prince and the royal couple, who jumped into battle with full equipment. "I didn't think the three of them would ever take part in a battle, as they didn't let themselves be seen once in the first battle.", Taiki thought. Then his eyes turned to Rya, Cyril and Tsuyoshi, who are fighting a somewhat battered Baaz. However, there were two other figures next to the zombie, so each of his friends had to fight against one demon. One of them was an upright walking wolf with pointed ears and shaggy fur. His entire body was covered with scars and his eyes were baptized in a deep blood red.

His lust for murder was written on his face. The other figure who fought alongside Baaz at his side was a hybrid between a snake and a human. While the lower half was a snake, the upper half was a beautiful woman. Their purple eyes were so adorable that they could bewitch anyone. From her narrow mouth, a snake tongue looked out, which was constantly hissing. Even sharp, pointed teeth looked out, which were always ready to eat someone. The royal family also fought three figures that Taiki had also never seen before. There were three women. Each of them owned parts of a bird. Each of them had wings instead of hands and their feet were the claws of a bird of prey. In addition, feathers grew out in some parts of their body. The first person seemed to be a kind of zombie, as some scraps of skin melted down from her body and you could even see some bones of her. The other two birdwomen did not appear to be undead. The royal family had to fight hard against them, as the three women were flying above their heads all the time and occasionally took a nosedive at them.

When Taiki was now going to help his friends against the demons, he was approached by Felia, who apparently was well again after the child of darkness controlled her: "I want to follow you! Lead us into battle! Your soldiers are ready, Oh mighty Taiki Wakanabe!" Even though they bowed to him, some wolves planned to bring Taiki into the state of revenge spirit again. So they stormed into battle. The wolf pack took over any demons that got in their way. All of a sudden, Taiki pounced on Baaz and the snake woman and kicked them aside. With another kick, the young boy tried to hit The Wolfman, who repelled his attack and pushed him backwards. "I really can't believe that a weakling has my daughter as a subordinate." the wolf man said pejoratively. "Wait what?! Felia is his daughter! One of the demons, who fights for the demonking, is Felia's father!" startled Taiki inwardly. "My name is Rex Lupus! You are supposed to be the powerful fighter who is said to have destroyed Eliphas and his entire army? Until now, I could not see any of the described strength. Suddenly, the snake woman jumped on Taiki, who was able to react in time and thus fended off the stroke. "And my name is Larah Serpina! I am, just like Baaz and Rex, a demon head! Don't be so annoying now and let yourself be eaten!" Larah raised her voice.

Suddenly, she shredded her snake tail on Taiki. This time, Rya had to intervene and fend off the blow, otherwise Taiki would have gotten hit. Icarus and Cyril suddenly jumped at Larah, who was able to stop them with her hands. Next, Baaz shreded his sword on the boys, with Taiki able to block the attack with his sword. The wolf pack with Nodin, Osiris and Felia and also Hebior circled the seven and defended them so that they could fight undisturbed. The shadow serpent had to serve Taiki, because he was too afraid of his extinction and the wolves followed him because of his hidden strength. Out of nowhere, Rex hitted Ikarus, Rya and Cyril, who couldn`t fend the stroke which is why they were thrown back. A painful whimper could be heard from them. Only Taiki successfully repelled the attack. "Even though I am not yet convinced of your apparent strength, I unfortunately have to admit that you are already a lot more persistent than your three friends." Suddenly Rex pushed him back and Larah slapped the young boy in the face. "Yet you are just a useless boy who certainly understands absolutely nothing of true power!", Provoked Rex. Before Larah could carry out another attack, Rya interfered, using her breath of fire to distract the three demons. 

While Baaz and Rex caught some fire, which they immediately extinguish, nothing happened to Larah, who then grinned: "No fire can harm me!" "How about that!", The voice of Icarus sounded, who pointed his hands on Larah and said: "Freezing crystals!" At a single blow, icicles hissed towards the snake woman, after which she jumped to the side in order to not be hit by it. "That's why I hate children! They always think much faster than adults!" Larah scolded to herself. Baaz then rushed forward to smash his sword at the kitten. However, his plan was stopped by Cyril, who out of the blue let a whole firestorm rain down on the zombie. Despite the fact that he should not feel any pain, he screamed, as he could very well be destroyed by it. So they fought against the demons for some time. However, his plan was stopped by Cyril, who out of the blue let a whole firestorm rain down on the zombie. Despite the fact that he should not feel any pain, he screamed, as he could very well be destroyed by the fire. So they fought against the demons for some time.

In the meantime, the queen, the prince and the king were fighting against the three bird women, who made it absolutely difficult for the royal family to come up against them. The women were so fast that you could not see them with the naked eye. "Disappear to the place from which you came!", The king angrily demanded. But the women were smiling at the same time. Then, at the exact time, they spoke: "We are the angry airvalkyries! We are the downfall of every living being that resists our Lord, the demonkng. And now die!" Without a second of hesitation, the three women hissed at the family, which hold together at all times and also protected each other. Only the princess was not present, because they, like a certain other nobleman with an elf as a slave, preferred to watch the battle from afar and also prefer to stay safe. The two smiled diabolically at the bloodbath that was going on in front of them, as their big plan would soon pan out. Meanwhile, Taiki was repelling an attack from above with his sword from Baaz. But out of thin air, Rex beat Taiki, Cyril, Rya and Icarus aside, after which they lay there panting heavily. They felt weak. They could not continue fighting for much longer.

Meanwhile, the demon heads didn't feel drained a bit. Taiki now found it difficult to maintain his sword, as he has overstrained himself. So Larah, Rex and Baaz stood in front of the four exhausted warriors. They raised their weapons. They would smash them down on them at any moment. Taiki and the others could not defend themselves. They were too weak. They closed their eyes. All at once, the demons sluged their blades at the adventurers, but they were never hitted. Slowly, they opened their eyes to see what had happened. Then they realized that Larah, Rex and Baaz had been thrown backwards and were now fainting on the ground. Exhausted, Taiki tried to see who their savior was, which initially turned out to be a bit more difficult. But then he realized it and it filled him with fear. "That can't be!.... Why you?! ... Why now!?", Taiki thought desperately and exhausted. "Now the hour of reckoning has come! I am here to punish you for what you have done to me!", spoke a full of resentment filled Yukio, who could easily and quickly hurl the demon heads away.