Chapter 21:

Craving for revenge

Waking up in a new world without any memories

He saw Yukio, who was showered with the blood of others. His eyes lit up red. His mouth was drooling hot embers. He held a sword in both hands. It seemed that he had received those weapons from two soldiers who had already fallen through him. "My revenge will be sugar-sweet! YOU exposed me for the last time! This is your end, Taiki!", Shrieked Yukio uncontrollable. Before Taiki could do anything, he was grabbed by the former bandit leader and was thrown away. He landed on the ground. "Taiki!", Startled Rya, Cyril and Icarus when they saw their friend being thrown away by Yukio. They could do nothing, as the fight against the demon heads was already depriving them of all their strength. Yukio suddenly grabbed Taiki by the collar and pulled him up. "Höh! Where is the fighting spirit I met back then? Where has he gone!? Where is that Taiki who could easily beat me?! Show me your flame so I can extinguish it!!", Shouted Yukio. He was completely of senses. The same hatred that this man felt, once Taiki felt as well. It was an uncontrollable anger.

He himself could not stop the dark Taiki at that time, only his friends, who helped him out of this state. Suddenly, Yukio began to strangle the young boy. He pressed extremely hard. Immediately, Taiki began to strugle. He couldn't breathe. His face turned blue. His friends couldn't help him this time. "I've had enough of these games! I'll finish it!", Shouted the former bandit leader. It can't be! I have to keep going! I haven't been able to successfully save Aimi's sister yet! If I can't do it too and die now, I just deserve hell!", Thought Taiki. He didn't want to give up. He never wanted to give up again. There is always a way out, even if you don't see it right away. Then the young boy received a flash of inspiration and stretched his hands over his head, which he could, as Yukio tried to strangle him with both hands. At a stroke, Taiki used a spell: "Fire ball!" Suddenly, a fireball formed on both hands of Taiki, which immediately went off on Yukio. However, Yukio seemed to be less interested in the flames, even if his skin charred slightly.

It seemed as if his only purpose in life would now be to kill him. He didn't care about anything else. So he used a slightly stronger spell that would definitely stop Yukio: "Fire Tornado!" Suddenly, a tornado arose in front of Taiki, which was made of pure flames and which also dragged Yukio away from Taiki. Finally he could breath again. The young boy gasped strained, as he certainly would not have endured it much longer. Even drooling dripped from his mouth because of the strangling of the former bandit leader. Out of nowhere, Yukio raced forward again. His fist bounced against the young boy's sword, causing it to shatter into a thousand shards. "What the......Why did you become so strong? It wasn't long ago that I fought against you and you weren't that powerful! What happened?", Wanted Taiki to know. However, the former bandit leader grinned cheekily and replied: "Orax sacrificed my remaining men so that I would be strengthened! He gave me the strength to destroy you!" Without hesitation, Yukio slapped the young boy in the face, causing him to fly to the side. "Ah.....Orax! He survived Chizu?! But how?!", Taiki wondered desperately after hearing Yukios words.

Yukio did not allow the boy to rest and grabbed him again. Then he threw him aside again. His whole body hurt. He felt the weakness. In the background, Taiki heard that the king, the queen and also the prince were each torn to pieces by one of the bird women. Their screams echoed throughout the country. It pierced through marrow and leg. It was unbearable. The red juice of death splashed in all directions. Her body parts flew wildly around. Fear and pain were seen on their faces. The bird women just laughed at the new suffering they caused. "Dammit!", Cursed Taiki, as he was thrown through the air again. His friends were powerless, as she had to fight again against the demon heads, as they came to themselves after their fainting. "I wouldn't get any more help!", Taiki thought desperately as he managed to dodge at least the next blow of Yukio. "If I can't fight him with pure muscle strength, I have to use twice as much magic.", The young boy had the thought. "Your Highness! No! You monsters!", Scolded Sasori as he and three other nobles went into battle against the bird women. 

"You fools! We are the three airvalkyries! We are one! Our name is Anastasia mordeo pes! And now you will die!", Their high voices rang out as the nobles plunged into battle. Taiki was grabbed again and thrown away. He wouldn't last much longer. Yukio stood in front of him. He had a murderous look. He was satisfied. The former bandit leader raised his fist to smash it down on his skull. The moment he wanted to start the final blow, Taiki said: "Flame slash ultimate!" Abruptly, a wave of fire shot out of his fingertips, cutting off Yukios right arm. However, Yukio made no noise, but struck Taiki with the other fist. Although the blood burst from the man, it did not seem to bother him at all. It was as if he was obsessed with killing Taiki. Yukio rushed back to the young boy to end his life with the other hand. However, Taiki used another spell: "Fire sword!" This created a flame sword that Taiki could hold without any problems. So the young boy fended off the following punch. Before Yukio could perform another punch, Taiki cut off his second arm very quickly. Once again, his lifeblood shot out of him. But it didn't seem like he was giving up.

The hatred was too strong. All of a sudden, Taiki received a knock on his head from Yukio, causing him to bleed from his mouth and nose and fall backwards. Taiki immediately got up. Only the young boy was exhausted. Yukio, despite his severe wounds, still seemed to be in peak form. "I will find this Orax and punish him for that! He will wish that he was never born!", Cried Taiki in thought. Out of nowhere, Yukio raced forward, but Taiki rammed the fire sword into him so that his fiery blade looked through his back. Except for a brief outcry, the bandit did not respond to the critical strike. Suddenly, Yukio bit Taiki in his right shoulder with all his might. Taiki twitched. He had to suppress the pain. He felt the bandit's teeth piercing his shoulder. Out of the blue, Taiki used another spell: "Burning hell!" So it happened that a tornado of flames poured into Yukio from the fire sword and burned him from inside. But the man bit even harder in the shoulder of the young boy. Taiki feared that he would lose his arm, if Yukio was not stopped. That's why he used another spell in the hope of killing him for good: "Inferno of hell!" 

From scratch, a major fire tornado flowed through the former bandit leader. Even Yukio did not expect this, as he gave a real reaction for the first time. Taiki felt that Yukio was weakened and that he let go of his shoulder. Slowly, the young boy pulled his blade out of the man's abdomen, causing the blood that burst out of him to burn immediately. Now, Taiki could see that Yukio's entire inner body was burning. Yukio gave an indifferent facial impression, when he suddenly fell backwards and remained on the ground. His body lost its strength. Slowly, his eyes closed. Taiki has managed, without using the additional power of the dark Taiki, to kill the former bandit leader for the protection of his friends. Taiki breathed heavily. This struggle and will to live deprived him of almost all his strength. But the joy did not last long, when he suddenly heard a voice turning to him: "Truly fascinating! You really defeated Yukio once and for all in an interesting fight! But now your happiness has come to an end, just like this battle!" Taiki gently turned to the spot, where he heard the voice. There he saw a skeleton dressed in palatial robes. In addition, you could also recognize a sword on his belt. A reddish fire burned in the middle of the undead. His inner self burned as well as his eyes. Taiki was curious who this figure is and then asked him with the fire sword pointed at him: "Who are you?" The skeleton laughed and replied: "It's really shameful that you don't know who I am! I am the demonking! This land will be mine and I will now be the one who executes you!