Chapter 1:

The Rumour

The Dark Room

My school life is pretty dull. My name is Advik, and I am 16 years old; I am just a regular high school student with a boring life.

I don't have any friends, and I sit alone in class because nobody likes to talk with me; I don't have any hobbies, but I like video games. All I want is to play games all day and night, but I have to go to school too because of my parent.

I don't have any interest in studies because being in school makes my head hurt. All these voices of girls chatting, boys vulgarizing, teachers shouting are annoying. But in these voices, there's an interesting rumor going on.

They say that there's a game called the darkroom which can make one of your wishes come true; they say you will find the game coupon with the link and the password for entering the game around the city. It is very childish if they believe that such things will happen, but I am curious.

When I was coming back home from school, I stopped by a river to eat something. while feeling the wind gazing my eyes catches a red paper flying in the air that paper land near my leg; when I saw the paper, it was written the darkroom pass. As I came back home I rushed towards my room and opened my pc, I copied the URL and password and pressed enter; after loading a while it said " do you want to enter the darkroom" I pressed yes, and that was the biggest mistake of my life.

Suddenly the lights went out of my room; it was nighttime, so it was all blackout, but my pc was still running, and there was a written welcome to the darkroom. I heard the scream of like thousand people in my room; they were screaming like they were suffering very much. I was terrified like hell. I crouched beside my room wall, put my hands on my ears, and closed my eyes. I feel like my heart could burst at any moment. It was the most terrifying moment in my life. After like ten seconds, the screamings were gone. Then I heard a pc opening sound, and it said, " player 3404 has entered the game! level 1 starts!!"

The blackout was gone. It was all normal; now, I drank the water from my bottle and calmed myself out. Then my mom shouted, "Advik come down for dinner" my heart was still racing, but I went toward the dining table. My sister and father were sitting at the table. They were all calm. I asked if they heard a sound, they denied it. My mom asked if I am ok, I replied that I am fine. She tells me to sit on the chair the dinner is coming up. I still wasn't all right because of the screams. I sat on the chair and talked a little to my sister and my father. I asked, " do you didn't hear any sound?"

My sister said, " no, it was all quiet here. you are acting weird today."

my mom said, " enough, now I am bringing the dinner. "

as she put down the bowl and open the lid, my soul came out of the body. I screamed the hell out and stumbled from the chair; I saw the moving eyes and the intestine of a human body in the bowl.

My mom asked, " what's wrong, dear? Is it your favorite dish? are you not going to eat it?"