Chapter 2:

The Monsters

The Dark Room

"MOM, what has happened to you!?"Bookmark here

"Huh!?"Bookmark here

"Why are you not eating it, Advik? Isn't it is your favorite? Do you not like it, did add too much salt...."Bookmark here

Mother keeps on babbling. I can't even understand her now; it's like my heart is freeze ut then mom saidBookmark here

"..I know why you are not eating dinner because you don't like your MOM RIGHT!! YOU DON'T LOVE YOUR FAMILY ANYMORE; YOU DONT LIKE YOUR FATHER; YOU DON'T LIKE YOUR SISTER; YOU DON'T LIKE ME!! RIGHT!?"Bookmark here

Mother's voice was changing; it was like she was not my mother. Then her arms and legs start twisting, and her body became long. My heart stopped while looking toward my mother. I know now that she is not my mother anymore. She has become a monster.Bookmark here


My sister said," yes, brother, you don't like us anymore. you never talk to me, and you never teach me; riGHT YOU DON'T DESERVE US!!"Bookmark here

My father said," Advik, your grades are going down. Do you know how much money I have spent on you, but yOU DON'T DESERVE ANYTHING YOU SHOULD DIE!!"Bookmark here

By saying that, my sister and father also became monsters.Bookmark here

Then I heard a beep sound which said " OBJECTIVE SURVIVE!! FOR WEAPONS, SAY INVENTORY!! "Bookmark here

I don't know what to do anymore; as monsters were approaching me, my body was frozen at that moment. I thought that it was the end of my life but then suddenly. Bookmark here

the system sounded saying," CO-OP MODE ENABLED." Bookmark here

I was too terrified that I shouted inventory. As I screamed inventory, then a sword came flying and struck the head of one of the monsters. The monsters were shocked they and let their guards down, so I build up a little courage, and panic get that sword and struck one of them left two, but the last one noticed me; he jumped to attack me, but suddenly its head was blown up by a gun by someone behind the monster.Bookmark here

"Heya Advik" was said by that person; it sounded like a girl and a similar voice.Bookmark here

As that girl come into the lights, I saw her face and recognized that she is one of his classmates.Bookmark here

" I didn't know that you also played this game," she said.Bookmark here

I recognized that she is my classmate but can remember her name, so I asked her what's her name.Bookmark here

" huh?! you didn't know I sit behind you in the class; my name is Sonia."Bookmark here

" but it didn't announce level completed? let's see if anyone is alive."Bookmark here

As she said it, she mercilessly emptied the full cartage of the gun on all the monsters.Bookmark here

I shouted that they are my parents.Bookmark here

" Parents!? They are monsters. Wait!? could it be your first time playing this game?"Bookmark here

the system announced, " LEVEL COMPLETED!! "Bookmark here

" OH!! there you go we will meet tomorrow then I will tell you all about it. "Bookmark here

As she said it, the lights were gone, and somehow I was teleported to my room. Bookmark here

I heard my mom calling me for dinner again!?Bookmark here

As I was going to the dining room m heart was racing so fast that it could burst at the very moment, but when I reached the dining room, it was all normal; there was no bloodstain, no damage at all.Bookmark here

My mom told me to sit on the chair. I uncomfortably sat on the chair mom brings the food as she opens the lid; it was all regular food.Bookmark here

My mom looked at me and asked, " Advik are you feeling well!? You are sweating so much."Bookmark here

I replied, " I-I am feeling fine. I was sleeping and had a bad dream only. "Bookmark here

The Dark Room

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