Chapter 1:

15 year message

Hunter Skills

In a new world resurfaced from the ashes of the destruction of the demon king thanks to a hero. There are guilds and new heroes as normal jobs, these people who got an awakening called hunters, they are the foundations of society.

Every year for 14 years there has been a competition, which is like a huge festival, to recruit new people to the hunter's guilds.Before this great competition, all the leaders meet to talk about what this year will be like.On the highest floor of a skyscraper in the city of Berlin, sit the 8 leaders of the most important guilds in the world.

At this moment the presentations begin:

With reddish hair, sitting like a rude child in school, he is the leader of the most powerful guild in Japan, the Ashura guild. Leader's name, Diablo. Special skill: Beelzebub.

To his left, a woman with an air of grandeur, long hair down her back, is the leader of the French guild, Arch of Liberty. Leader's name, The Empress. Special ability: Iron creation.

Right next to her, a handsome man in a tuxedo with white hair, is the leader of Russia's guild, Hidden Dagger. Leader's name, The Assassin. Special skill: World of the dead.

In the midst of all seated, with a robust body under a suit and almost hairless, shaved to one, is the leader of Australia's guild, Fight Club. Leader's name, The Boss. Special skill: Magma Golem.

The fifth member, who is the oldest and greatest of all, is the leader of the USA guild, Dragon School. Leader's name, The Master. Special skill: Gravitational field.

Next to the old man is a strange man who wears a pink cat mask and wearing a suit with the same color of shirt and tie, who is the leader of the Indian guild, Hello cat. Leader name, Toni Kat. Special skill: Summoning Beasts.

At the other end separated by a Diablo seat is the youngest of them, with heavily combed blond hair, the leader of the UK guild, The Thousand Miles. Leader's name, Sec. Special skill: Teleportation.

And finally, a tall, long-haired blond man in a fur cape, who walks through the door of the room with a young woman, is the leader of the German guild, Olympia. Leader name, God. Special skill: King of the Storm.

After God appears, he sits down and begins to speak seriously.

-This woman is Derkalt's daughter.

They all look at her, and Diablo responds.

-Why I want to know that, let's finish with this now.

-You shouldn't care about that, I know, but the interesting thing is the message that its statistics bring.

Then the young woman puts her hand on the table and a statistics window appears in front of all of them, everything seems normal, what she says except for an ability called message. Everyone opens this ability to know more information, they stay with their eyes wide open after seeing that the great hero Derkalt left a message in which he said:

"As you all know, I used my best technique against the demon king and then I used it against me again like nothing and we both ended up frozen, so I leave this message to say that the demon king is alive, he is not the statue of ice or the sphere of the demon king, when I saw the sphere of the demon king come out of it, a baby wrapped in power also came out that shot to another part of the world, be careful with that baby, and please take care of my girl, Kurt Derkalt, says goodbye "

After everyone has read the letter from the greatest hero that ever lived in this world, the Master asks.

-What is your plan?

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