Chapter 2:

The dimensional train

Hunter Skills

In a Japanese town, on the outskirts of Tokyo, there is a 15-year-old young man with disheveled black hair and huge blue eyes, who is very very excited.Bookmark here

As soon as he wakes up, he jumps out of bed and runs towards the stairs screaming:Bookmark here

-Grandma, it's the day!Bookmark here

-Yes, yes, the summer holidays and the great festival have finally arrived. Here I have already prepared your lunch, get dressed and Grandpa will take you.Bookmark here

-Thanks!Bookmark here

The copilot boy with his grandfather looks out the window at the incredible city of Tokyo, incredible skyscrapers as well as means of transport that he still does not understand as dimensional trains.Bookmark here

They arrive in the city and park the old car they have, go to a stand and the grandfather asks for two tickets to enter the free dimension, he gives them the tickets, which he pays with a card. Waiting for the dimensional train, the boy sees many interesting people also waiting, and he says to his grandfather:Bookmark here

-I'll be right backBookmark here

-Okay, but don't missBookmark here

-YessssBookmark here

The boy approaches a 19-year-old young man, black hair, with a long ponytail, with his arms crossed and wearing red metallic gauntlets. Then ask:Bookmark here

-Hello what is your name? I am Akiro, I am going to participate in the competition, do not tell my grandfatherBookmark here

The young man is surprised and asks:Bookmark here

-My name is Kenta, do you really plan to participate? Aren't you too young?Bookmark here

-NO, I have already turned 15 years old and I have been training since I know that I am awakenedBookmark here

-Oh, I wish you good luck, I hope to see you in there and not have to compete against you. (Changing from a kind face to a more threatening one as he says it)Bookmark here

Akiro at this moment slowly walks away while keeping his gaze on him and nothing else Kenta blinks, he comes out whistling next to his grandfather.Bookmark here

A little later the whistle of a train is heard, all looking where it comes from, but nothing is seen and suddenly a bright golden portal opens, from which a modern floating train comes out, and from the station loudspeakers you can hear :Bookmark here

"All aboard, next stop, free dimension"Bookmark here

Akiro and his grandfather get on the train, settle down and wait while everyone enters and the doors are closed.Bookmark here

Right next to him sat a journalist who took photos of everything at all times, and Akiro looking excited if he would also take a photo. But in not a single moment he points the camera at him. Then Akiro gets up and stands in front of the camera, to which the journalist simply moves the camera away and takes photos of other people on the train, Akiro tries again, but nothing always moves the camera away. This happens several more times until the journalist yells at him:Bookmark here

-What the hell do you want boy?Bookmark here

-Getting out in a photo, I'm going to participate tooBookmark here

-hahahaha, of course, me tooBookmark here

-Yes? Then we will see you there, would you take me in the photo competition?Bookmark here

-If you manage to enter the competition I will give you the camera childBookmark here

-Done deal!!Bookmark here

During this conversation from the loudspeakers you hear:Bookmark here

"Everyone take your seats, the journey is about to begin"Bookmark here

Everyone sits down and the train begins to rise, the golden portal opens again in front of the train and in two seconds the entire train enters the portal.Bookmark here

From inside Akira, amazed, looked out the window at the magnificent views of a purple space that he missed. And this is how the journey to free diemnsion begins.Bookmark here

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