Chapter 7:



.......After getting over that topic Kaori beseeches Sayaka to investigate this matter and find out who is behind this deed as soon as possible, also protect this village for a while until this issue gets resolved.

After the hectic day, Sayaka returns to her place and Kaori goes to Tetsuya's room to see his condition, where she sees Haruka slept on the floor while taking care of him. She doesn't wake her up and covers her with a blanket and goes to sleep either.

The night falls and the sun comes up to its first phase, early in the morning Tetsuya wakes up from his sleep abruptly, was having a nightmare( Regret of did not able to protect Haruka), looks all over the place and wonders,

"How did I arrive here? Did someone come for us? Yeah, that's the case otherwise how could we still survive."

He stands up and looks for his mother all over the place to know what happened after he got blacked out, finally he finds her in the garden area, where she is pouring water into the plants, and asks her,

" Oka-san, I have been looking for you all over the places and there you are.

"Why are you looking for me, do you need something? She replies

"Oka-san, I have a lot of questions to ask but most importantly I want to know how did I come back safely because the condition we were trapped in, was not in our favour so it was impossible to escape from it, how did it get capsized. Definitely, somebody took care of the monster but who? Oka-san, tell me, please!"

Kaori tells him the entire scenario of yesterday and takes a promise that not to tell anything related to Sayaka as she told her(Kaori) to not do so. Tetsuya assents with her, leaving the matter as it is, goes to Hikari's house to begin his practice session as usual.

Sometime later citizens of Tomari village gather at the village chief residence to discuss yesterday's incident and how to take measures of similar incidents, which may be occurred in the future.

They discussed thoroughly this matter and after that, they come up with a solution on how to protect the village and in order to celebrate victory over that beast, she orders to orchestrate a lavish feast at night.

Tetsuya(nearly evening) sitting on the rock near the river taking to himself(gloomy mood),

"What a spineless person I am, despite having so much rigorous training I failed to protect her and fainted from just one attack of the wolf. How can I enter the Roku-bi magic association with this much potential? Aargh!... How can I advance myself in a brief amount of time?"

Sayaka, watching from the remote, comes to him and asks,

Hey! Tetsu(Tetsuya) what happened? What are you thinking(sulking)? Did something happen again?

"Nothing! Nothing! It's not something important." He answers.

"No! No! No! Something is vexing you a lot that's why you are looking queasy right now. Just tell me your problem perhaps I can help to solve your quandary." She asks again.

"Ok! Sayaka-sensei but before that, you will have to promise to not tell anyone about this otherwise I can not tell you," Tetsuya responds.

"Ok!.....Ok! I will not tell anyone about This happy now tell me what's your quagmire." She asks again(Angrily).

"Sorry! Sorry! The matter is not so much important for others but it affects me deeply and the reason for that is, at the crucial moment when that monsters nearly got us I failed to do something in order to protect us despite all the training you provided us, all lessons you taught us." Tetsuya replies.

Listening to his words, Sayaka scolds him a little and says(laughing),

"You were worrying just about that and here I was thinking an unexpected problem had occurred again."

"Listen to me carefully Tetsuya you are a genius lad amongst today's generation, you have enough potential to subdue one level greater than you."

"So whether you couldn't do it or not don't worry about it anymore, you just focus on one thing to become stronger than anyone right now and even if you feel depressed then wait for tomorrow morning because I am going to give you something special that will thoroughly blow away your distress and invigorate you again."

"But it's a bit of surprise so do be impatient. Okay! Now go enjoy your feast go!."

"Thank you Sayaka-sensei after listening to your words I am relieved kind of. Thank you again."

After that, he returns to enjoy the celebration with everyone along with Sayaka.......