Chapter 6:

Un Día Agotador


......Kaori gets every element of information as she could expect one which is about Sayaka.

"Both of you told everything about what happened till your escape from the forest but what after that? what happened to the monster and Sayaka-san. Tell me Kyoshi because you're the one who took Sayaka there no?" She asks.

"Kaori-sama it is fact that I took her to that place but it was not intentionally, I just got so much worried then only Sayaka-sama came into my mind at that time. what I did in the forest had to be done maybe sometime later. After that what happened there I have not even the slightest clue." He responses.

Kaori orders Kyoshi to disseminate the details of confabulation, which just they had, to all the people of the village and inform them we have to conduct a summit tomorrow on this topic. He leaves Haruka there and departs hastily to notify everyone about imminent peril.

Kaori, getting uneasy sitting near Tetsuya, waits for Sayaka's return in his room with Haruka. Whilst Sayaka using "Flash Drive" approach the village chief's home to discuss something uncanny incident that occurred after the wolf died.

Sayaka arrives at Kaori's home and enters, abruptly a call comes from inside

"Who's at the entrance? Whoever it is please come to my room directly I am sitting here."

After hearing those words Sayaka goes to her room where she sees Tetsuya still unconscious lying and Haruka and Kaori sitting near him. Another way around when Kaori sees Sayaka safe retrieval from the forest without a scratch she gets so happy but a little bit sceptical. She says,

"Thank god Sayaka, you come back safe and sound otherwise I got too much worried after listening to their words. If you don't mind can I ask you a question, how did you manage to come back unscathed? According to Kyoshi's narration, I felt like it is a ferocious monster and perhaps none of us can win against it but you come back intact. How did you manage to pull off this?

Sayaka(smiling) looks at her and says,

"Kaori-san, don't be so sceptical, I am just a normal traveller who loves to discover diverse kinds of mysteries around the world that's why it's usual for me to deal with this kind of trouble rather I have some peculiar news that is more interesting than to discuss my identity right now."

Kaori(Stopped being suspicious) asks in a curious way,

"I get it, you have your reasons to not tell me about yourself right now so it can't help to ask anything that you don't want to divulge but if you ever need to tell something in future don't hesitate, feel free to consult with me anytime." Now tell me what did you just want to talk about the interesting matter."

Sayaka(With the expression of confidential talk) whispers,

"Kaori-san first let's change a place for a bit because the matter I am going to tell you can't be treated lightly."

They leave Haruka in the care of Tetsuya and move to a different room where no one can enter without the permission of Kaori. After sitting in their positions Sayaka shows a black crystal to her. She immediately responds,

"Sayaka what is this, I have never seen such a peculiar crystal in my whole life and also it feels something odd not like other types of crystal. Where did you get it from."

Yeah! You are right, it is not that crystals we use in our mundane life and even not the rare one which is utilized by the country's potent magicians. It is something different, different from what I learnt. Moreover, it is exuding an aura of malevolence which is not a good sign for us." She responses

Then She tells the whole story to her, how she obtained this,

"Cut to the chase, when I overthrew that wolf its body vanished into air and only this crystal remained intact. I know that monsters drop crystals after getting prevailed but it was not that I had imagined." In my assessment, that monster's evolution was some kind of mutation process or someone tried to enhance his power to know how much it can cause turmoil in the human vicinity......."

Note:- I am writing down some magic spells and their function. If you like any of it please let me know in the comment section.

1. "Sound Blast"- It is Tire-4 Magic Spell absorbing air in one point(For Magical Beast near the nose area) and unleash in the form of circle just like high pitched sound.