Chapter 19:

(Pimmy) Waterworks

Cafe Eris

The door to the café chimed as I walked in. Bookmark here

It was too early for this, but I was in an emergency situation. I NEEDED to see him. And by him, I mean the only angel to ever walk the earth. Also known as Coco, or Coco-chan if you will.Bookmark here

Ah, I haven’t even introduced myself. My name is Penny Park, but everyone calls me by my stage name, Pimmy Park. I’m the leader of Cherry Plaid. Cherry Plaid is one of the hottest girl groups in the kpop world right what I’d like to say. Well, it’s true that I’m popular. But my group wasn’t as lucky. Bookmark here

But that’s not important. Although our fanbase is not the biggest, our fans are the warmest people you’ll ever meet, and we’ve slowly been gaining more and more fans. Even if we’re not that famous yet, I think my job is the most rewarding job in the world. It’s hard work, but I’ve had many great opportunities and I’ve met so many great people. I don’t think I can think of anything as important as my career. Bookmark here

Well… other than Coco. Bookmark here

Anyways, back to the present. Bookmark here

I walked up to the counter at Café Eris impatiently. Bookmark here

Before I could say anything, two teenage girls approached me. They seemed to be on their way out. I guess my important matters will have to wait for a bit. Bookmark here

Judging by the looks on their faces, I figured they recognized me. I gave them a practiced smile. I was going for the girl crush concept, so I had to look as dashing as possible. Bookmark here

It seemed like it worked. They looked too starstruck to talk. Bookmark here

“Hello! How are you two doing?” I laughed. Bookmark here

One of them let out a small squeal. They were so cute! I absolutely adored my fans. They reminded me of myself. Bookmark here

“A-are you Pimmy P-park?” One of them blurted out. Bookmark here

I shot them a wink and put my finger over my lips. “It’s our little secret, okay?”Bookmark here

They both squealed this time. “Ohmygod okay! We just wanted to say we’re really big fans and we love your work!” Bookmark here

I could feel my face heat up as I genuinely blushed. In the best way possible, I could never get used to this. “Thank you so much! I appreciate you more than you guys can imagine. Do you want to take a picture?” As much as I loved them, I tried to speed up this impromptu meet and greet. Bookmark here

They nodded furiously. One of the girls pulled out her phone and we took a quick selfie. They thanked me again and said they didn’t want to take up any more of my time. I tried to tell them I honestly didn’t care (even though I was kinda in the middle of something) but (luckily) they insisted, and said their goodbyes.Bookmark here

Once they had left, I turned back to the cashier. A regular-faced man faced me, he wore a slight smile on face. Bookmark here

“Hello Miss, how can I help you today?” Bookmark here

“I need tickets to the talent competition,” I said quickly, giving him an awkward smile at the end. Bookmark here

“I’m sorry Miss, but we’re actually sold ou-”Bookmark here

“No! The hell do you mean you’re sold out?!” I accidentally raised my voice. He flinched again. Bookmark here

I looked around and several people had turned to look at me. Oops. I have to keep my cool. Bookmark here

I turned back to him and gave an apologetic smile. “I apologize, I’m just in a bit of a pinch right now. I know the competition is today, but is there really no way for me to watch? I just really want to watch a certain performer.”Bookmark here

He looked tired as he said, “I’m sorry, but we are really out of audience tickets. We sold out before the end of the day yesterday.”Bookmark here

“How many tickets did you sell?”Bookmark here

“Over 100, miss. I’m sorry but there is nothing I can do. If you would like to order something, I will gladly help you with that.” He looked slightly irritated as he spoke. Bookmark here

I needed to pull out the big guns. Bookmark here

I took a deep breath and forced my eyes to water. I rubbed them frantically, hopefully to get some tears out faster. I sniffled, and secretly looked up to see his reaction. He looked distressed.Bookmark here

It was working. Bookmark here

I let out a small sob as I placed my hands down onto the counter. The waterworks had finally started. Even though I was supposed to be the cool type, sometimes it paid to act like a delicate little girl. I looked up and shot him my best puppy-dog eyes. Bookmark here

“I’m so sorry, but I just really wanted to watch the show. I finally-” I paused to sniffle and hiccup before I continued. “I finally got a day off! I couldn’t come yesterday to buy tickets! Please sir,” I sobbed, “Are you sure there is no way to let me watch?” I wiped my tears as I waited for his answer.Bookmark here

The man looked as if he were panicking. He looked around the room to see, what I’m guessing was, a bunch of people staring at the scene. His mouth gaped like a fish. Bookmark here

I took a stuttering breath before I sighed. “Okay, I uh- *hic* understand. Thank you anyways,” I slowly trailed off, hoping that my plan had worked. Bookmark here

“Wait! Please don’t cry, there is one possibility…” he hesitated.Bookmark here

Bingo! Bookmark here

I shot him an ecstatic look, “Yes?!” Bookmark here

“The only other way to watch the competition is to participate. The show starts at 12, so you have 4 hours to prepare, and we only have a small list of people competing. If you’re up for it-”Bookmark here

“Yes!” I yelled. People started staring again. Bookmark here

Damn, I got way too excited again. I cleared my voice and continued in a quieter tone. “I can sing a cover of any song, all I need is the instrumental!” Bookmark here

“There is a sign-up fee, just so you know.” Bookmark here

I pulled out a 50 and shoved it into his face, “Is this enough?” Bookmark here

He looked shocked, but slowly took the bill. “Yes, actually, more than enough. I’ll get you the change.”Bookmark here

“No need, sir! Thank you so much!” I beamed. Bookmark here

His jaw dropped but it was quickly closed. I probably shocked him with my abrupt mood change. I should probably work on that. Thank god this place was free of paparazzi. Bookmark here

“U-um, okay,” he stuttered. “I mean, you’re welcome. Good luck, miss.” Bookmark here

Satisfied, I regained my composure. I flashed him an on-brand grin and turned to take a seat. I cannot believe I’m going to see Coco! Actually no, even better - I’m going to compete with him! We’re going to be in the same palace at the same time and I’m going to breathe the same air as him! Oh my god, what if he talks to me? What if he says good luck? He’s definitely gonna recognize me, we work in the same industry after all. I guess I do care a little bit about my fame after all. Thank goodness I’m famous enough for him to know me. Oh my god, what if he gives me a pep talk? Maybe if I act nervous, he’ll give me a hug! Yes, I have to do that now. I need to take all the chances I get. Maybe I should purposely have a voice crack so he can comfort me after my performance! Yes, YESYESYES- Bookmark here

I stopped my train of thought when I realized I started to hyperventilate. Luckily, only a few people had noticed my mini-fangirl moment. Bookmark here

Ugh, if any reporters saw me acting like this, my publicist would kill me. I needed to keep calm.Bookmark here

I pulled out my phone and began to read some Coco x Reader fanfics. Bookmark here

-------Bookmark here

By 10 am, the sound of a helicopter interrupted my reading session. Bookmark here

Wait, this helicopter sounds really close. Could it be??????Bookmark here

THE helicopter? The one that transports my Coco? No way, I can’t let him see me here! Where should I hide? I need to find a spot where I can still see him, but he definitely cannot see me. Bookmark here

The sound of footsteps came down the stairs and I bolted towards the bathroom hallway. I pressed my back against the wall and held my breath.Bookmark here

Sure enough, I was met with the sight of Coco’s figure, walking towards the cash counter. No! He’s gonna see me! I quickly turned around and hid in the bathroom. Bookmark here

Damnit! How am I supposed to watch him from here? Depending on where he sits, I’ll be directly in his line of sight! Wait, how am I supposed to explain the fact that I’m suddenly participating in this competition? We’re both idols, and he knows that no one would spend their “day off” at some tiny café, participating in a local competition. AAAAA!Bookmark here

I turned on the sink and splashed my face with water. When I looked in the mirror, my mascara was everywhere. There were streams of black from my little episode with the worker. My foundation and eyeshadow had been taken over by black smudges, and my lipstick had faded. Bookmark here

Maybe I should work on this for now. I need to at least be presentable when I’m in Coco’s line of sight. Bookmark here

I took out my makeup wipes and started to redo my makeup. Yes, I had all of my makeup necessities in my purse. I was a kpop idol, after all. I needed to stay looking good for the press. Bookmark here

Once done, I had given myself a sultry smokey eye paired with a nude lip. Hopefully my publicist will like this look, just in case the paparazzi sees me. More importantly, I hope Coco will like it.Bookmark here

I checked my phone and it was only 10:30. Maybe I should check up on Coco…? What if he’s getting mobbed by a group of fangirls? I cannot allow this, I am the only fangirl allowed!Bookmark here

I walked outside carefully and shuffled towards the seating area with my back to the wall. I could see Coco and his mom sitting at a table, and Coco’s eyes were closed. His breathing was steady- He must be doing his pre-performance meditation! I watched intently and let out a sigh. Thank god he was okay. Bookmark here

I decided to keep my watch on him until he opens his eyes, just in case. Bookmark here

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