Cafe Eris

Ever since the day he saw that pretty girl through the café window, little did Tristan know, his life was about to change forever.

But, maybe not in a good way.

Old timey detectives, eccentric boomer ladies, delusional children, a whole idol girl group, AND an incredibly creepy boss. How will he navigate the secrets and oddities of Café Eris? When will he finally meet the girl he saw on that fateful day?

Prompt: Who Needs Plot
Theme(s): #Slice of Life #Cafe
My themes: #Found family #Plot twist

Prompt: Who Needs Plot
Theme(s): #Slice of Life #Cafe
My themes: #Found family #Plot twist

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Aug 30, 2021icon-views 345icon-reaction-119
Chapter 1: (Tristan) A Bald Man Is Stalking Me
Aug 30, 2021icon-views 128icon-reaction-113
Chapter 2: (Coco-Chan) The Frog Was NOT at a 45 Degree Angle
Aug 30, 2021icon-views 115icon-reaction-113
Chapter 3: (Maisha) Eating > Public Speaking
Aug 30, 2021icon-views 139icon-reaction-111
Chapter 4: (Lucky) Beady-Eyed, Bubble-Brained, Belligerent Idiots
Aug 30, 2021icon-views 82icon-reaction-110
Chapter 5: (Dazzle) Disk Jockey McDizzle
Aug 30, 2021icon-views 124icon-reaction-110
Aug 30, 2021icon-views 53icon-reaction-110
Chapter 7: (John Doe) Mysterious Intentions
Aug 30, 2021icon-views 109icon-reaction-110
Chapter 8: (Anastasia) A Congregation of Criminals
Aug 30, 2021icon-views 105icon-reaction-110
Chapter 9: (Lolita) Bald Bastard
Aug 30, 2021icon-views 59icon-reaction-19
Chapter 10: (Tristan) Where’s Wabong?
Aug 30, 2021icon-views 51icon-reaction-19
Chapter 11: (??????) All in a Day's Work
Aug 30, 2021icon-views 39icon-reaction-19
Chapter 12: (Tristan) In Search of a Single Tea Bag
Aug 30, 2021icon-views 50icon-reaction-19
Chapter 13: (Wabong) You Never Know Who’s Listening
Aug 30, 2021icon-views 42icon-reaction-19
Chapter 14: (Dazzle) I Have Above Average Hearing
Aug 30, 2021icon-views 56icon-reaction-19
Chapter 15: (Tristan) Does This Count As Theft?
Aug 31, 2021icon-views 121icon-reaction-17
Chapter 16: (Tristan) Bomeo and Buliet
Aug 31, 2021icon-views 81icon-reaction-17
Chapter 17: (Tristan) I’m the Only One She Hates
Aug 31, 2021icon-views 64icon-reaction-17
Chapter 18: (Coco) Doubts
Aug 31, 2021icon-views 62icon-reaction-17
Chapter 19: (Pimmy) Waterworks
Aug 31, 2021icon-views 37icon-reaction-18
Chapter 20: (John Doe) Unfortunately, George
Aug 31, 2021icon-views 44icon-reaction-18
Chapter 21: (Jimothy) Mans Got Jokes
Aug 31, 2021icon-views 43icon-reaction-17
Chapter 22: (DJ McDizzle) Agenthood And Its Lows
Aug 31, 2021icon-views 52icon-reaction-17
Chapter 23: (Tristan) Show Time!
Aug 31, 2021icon-views 57icon-reaction-17
Chapter 24: (Maruto) SHADOW MASTER MARUTO EPISODE 3101
Aug 31, 2021icon-views 49icon-reaction-17
Chapter 25: (Tristan) This Girl Was Going To Be The Death Of Me
Aug 31, 2021icon-views 98icon-reaction-17
Chapter 26: (Coco) Still A Child
Aug 31, 2021icon-views 71icon-reaction-17
Chapter 27: (Maisha) Boys
Aug 31, 2021icon-views 40icon-reaction-17
Chapter 28: (Rahim) Who The Hell is Krebs?
Aug 31, 2021icon-views 29icon-reaction-17
Chapter 29: (Akaash) Count the Croissants
Aug 31, 2021icon-views 78icon-reaction-17
Chapter 30: (Maisha) Just Do What You Want
Sep 01, 2021icon-views 55icon-reaction-17
Chapter 31: (Tristan) I Don’t See The Resemblance
Sep 01, 2021icon-views 80icon-reaction-17
Chapter 32: (Sana) Haute Couture? Avant Garde?
Sep 01, 2021icon-views 64icon-reaction-17
Chapter 33: (Jessica) Enemies to Lovers
Sep 01, 2021icon-views 103icon-reaction-17
Chapter 34: (Maisha) A Second Chance
Sep 01, 2021icon-views 193icon-reaction-17
Chapter 35: (Tristan) Kai Has Disease
Sep 01, 2021icon-views 83icon-reaction-17
Chapter 36: (Coco) Pimmy Park’s Plan
Sep 01, 2021icon-views 33icon-reaction-18
Chapter 37: (Daisy) Kill Me Now~☆
Sep 01, 2021icon-views 77icon-reaction-17
Chapter 38: (Daisy) Two Years Ago
Sep 01, 2021icon-views 90icon-reaction-17
Chapter 39: (Dazzle) Anastasia Nikolaevna
Sep 01, 2021icon-views 39icon-reaction-17
Chapter 40: (Tristan) Rival Café?
Sep 01, 2021icon-views 61icon-reaction-17
Chapter 41: (Katie) I Don't Get Paid Enough For This
Sep 01, 2021icon-views 44icon-reaction-17
Chapter 42: (Greg Gory) There's a Demon At Café Eris!
Sep 02, 2021icon-views 67icon-reaction-17
Chapter 43: (Benj) Don’t Give Sandwiches To Strangers
Sep 02, 2021icon-views 101icon-reaction-17
Chapter 44: (Pugh) BANANAAAAAAAAA!!!!
Sep 02, 2021icon-views 67icon-reaction-16
Chapter 45: (Tristan) Revenge On Greg Gory >:D
Sep 02, 2021icon-views 60icon-reaction-16
Chapter 46: (Anastasia) A Dream Come True
Sep 03, 2021icon-views 35icon-reaction-17
Chapter 47: (Maruto) SHADOW MASTER MARUTO EPISODE 3251
Sep 03, 2021icon-views 46icon-reaction-16
Chapter 48: (Mishti) BLAH BLAH BLAH!
Sep 03, 2021icon-views 30icon-reaction-16
Chapter 49: (Kulsum) Going On a Vacation!!!
Sep 03, 2021icon-views 23icon-reaction-16
Chapter 50: Case File #602
Sep 04, 2021icon-views 90icon-reaction-17
Chapter 51: (Father Keith) A Demonic Presence
Sep 04, 2021icon-views 58icon-reaction-16
Chapter 52: (Lolita) True Love
Sep 04, 2021icon-views 42icon-reaction-16
Chapter 53: (Tristan) Confession?
Sep 05, 2021icon-views 74icon-reaction-14
Chapter 54: (Lolita) Goodbyes
Sep 05, 2021icon-views 16icon-reaction-13
Chapter 55: Father Keith's Letter
Sep 05, 2021icon-views 170icon-reaction-14
Chapter 56: The Downfall (Part 1)
Sep 05, 2021icon-views 147icon-reaction-14
Chapter 57: The Downfall (Part 2)
Sep 05, 2021icon-views 44icon-reaction-14
Chapter 58: Epilogue
GenreComedyDramaRomanceSlice of LifeTragedy
UpdatedSep 05, 2021
Writing StatusFinished
Word Count91,394
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