Chapter 3:

Sign Of Fate

Trial Sense

“…”Bookmark here

“W-ake up…”Bookmark here

“Wake up… Please, Iwa Oniicha-“Bookmark here

“.! Guh! … Why am I’m dreaming about her even though I don’t know who’s she is! Is it because she called me Oniichan?! ARRGGGHH.! SO frustrating!”Bookmark here

“… I need to talk about this with him.”Bookmark here

A two-story western-style house three blocks from mine, is Koni's house. he's the son of a diplomat and also the chief nun in Rengar city centre . What makes me lazy to go to his home is that there's a maid who always mocks and teases me once I visit.
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I was standing in front of the gates. A little red button on my right and I touched it. At that instant, a laser shot towards my face.Bookmark here

I patiently waited for the laser scanned my face, I heard a robotic voice “Face ID detected. No. 2334, Iwa Hiroto.” Then Koni's voice said that he was inside. The Gate of the House, which was about half the scale of my house, opened by itself.Bookmark here

“…As usual, I'm still amazed by the technology in this house.” I mumbled as I walked towards his house.
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Surrounded by trees and flower gardens, the atmosphere around the house feels very comfortable and cozy. It took about 5 minutes to get to the doorstep.Bookmark here

I felt all the hairs on my neck get up. It is sort of a deer that has been stalked by a tiger. I muttered to myself “Ah… It's her again” while walking away from the door feeling uneasy.Bookmark here

"Ah! Iwakun, long time no see. How are you now? Are you still afraid to talk to me?” Greet Franceska, one among the maids who work on the Koni residence and also the one I hate the most.
Bookmark here

With a cheerful face and waving her hand, Franceska ran to me and dragged me into the house. Bookmark here

“Hey, hey, Iwakun. Why did you just come today? I miss you, hehe.”Bookmark here

I didn't answer her question. My chest was pounding and, like grilled squid, my face turned red. My head felt dizzy and I wanted to run off from it. These are the symptoms I'm sure to experience if I get too near women.Bookmark here

"Boo...! Why are you always silent and keeping your head down? I am unable to see your sweet face that always turns red when you're next to me."Bookmark here

“…P-Please T-take your h-hand off p-please. I-it's hard to walk I-if you keep dragging me l-like this.”Bookmark here

“Ehhh… Even though we just met after almost a week you didn't visit” With a slight frown, Franceska let go of my hand and freed me. It's really very uncomfortable to be around women I thought. Bookmark here

To get into Koni's room, I had to walk to the room on the far right of the 2nd floor. Silence accompanied my every step because I parted from Franceska on the first floor.
Bookmark here

"K-kon, I'm in." I said after knocking on his door and seeing that he was busy playing a survival game on his computer.Bookmark here

"Oh, hi Iwa. Wait a second, right now I'm focused on winning this match. You can sit anywhere, there's frozen dessert in the fridge if you're hungry." He said while watching the monitor screen. I casually watched him play while eating the frozen dessert from the fridge.Bookmark here

"How many matches have you played today?" I asked after throwing away the vanilla frozen dessert wrapper and that I continued to eat the potato chips that were already opened.Bookmark here

“Erm… maybe around 5 matches”Bookmark here

*nom* *nom* …Winrate?”Bookmark here

“20%. My team is noob."Bookmark here

“Pff… Just say you cannot carry them, hehe.”Bookmark here

“…If you come here just to make fun of me, you better head home.”Bookmark here

“WTF DUDE.! S-sorry, I'm kidding. I'm actually here to talk about something important."Bookmark here

"What's that?"Bookmark here

"Yesterday I was called by a mysterious woman. He said strange things, like calling me Oniichan and saying I hope we can talk again.”Bookmark here

After listening to that, Konu removed her hands from the mouse and keyboard, then turned to me with a pretty serious face.Bookmark here

“W-What did you just say?”Bookmark here

“…I was calle-”Bookmark here

“After that part!”Bookmark here

"I-I'm called Oniichan?"Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

“K-Konu?”Bookmark here

Konu was silent. I do not know what happened, but my hunch saying something bad will happen. By slightly shifting back towards the door, I attempted to get out of the quiet and strange atmosphere.Bookmark here

“A-Alright Konu, If you feel I've bothered you, I'll take my leave. S-See you t-"Bookmark here

As fast as lightning, I felt an excruciating pain in my stomach! I don't know what happened. The warmth and nausea that rolled up in my stomach made me want to throw up. I lay on my two feet holding my stomach. I saw Konu was in front of me with his tright hand clenched very tightly.Bookmark here

“U-ughh… W-What are you d-doing… Konu…!!!”Bookmark here


“I ALSO WANT TO BE CALLED ONIICHAN! BUT WHY… WHY NOBODY CALLS ME LIKE THAT!” Konu shouted while shaking my already helpless body.Bookmark here

“Ha ha.. T-thank you Konu, Thanks to your punch earlier, I was able to catch up with my grandmother who was on the other side… ha ha…”Bookmark here

“W-WAIT! Don't follow her! That's not your Grandma! Forget it! Tell me more about Oniichan just now!...Hoi!...”Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

"Ugh..."Bookmark here

My head feels dizzy. I saw a white ceiling decorated with a luxurious gold chandelier. I don't remember what happened to me. Last time I remembered that I was in Koni's room to talk about something.Bookmark here

"Ah! Iwa-kun! Thank goodness you're awake. Here, I brought a drink."Bookmark here

“…Franceska-san, where am I?”Bookmark here

"You're in my room right now. You fell unconscious in front of Mr. Konu's room. Take a break, I'll call the young master." He said after leaving the tray filled with medicine, small towels and mineral water.Bookmark here

“This room is smaller than Konu's room…” I mumbled after taking the medicine and wiping the sweat off my neck.Bookmark here

There were two bookshelves in the middle of the room facing each other, scattered books, and papers that looked like important documents.Bookmark here

"To think that Franceska-san likes to read... I'd better tidy this place up as a thank you." I muttered as I picked up some scattered books and documents to return them to their place. After almost everything was neatly arranged, I saw a book with a brown cover with floral motifs around it. With the words "Albume" in the middle, and "Franseska Eido" below it, I know that this is her personal album.Bookmark here

Curiosity to know the contents of the photo album suddenly approached.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

"I'm sorry, Franseska-san." I muttered as I slowly opened the album.Bookmark here

I saw photos of her when she was little. Plenty of photos with friends from grade school to college. I can feel how warm each of those photos, which contain beautiful memories on every page. Until I've reached the last page, and shut the album.Bookmark here

"Would I be able to feel youth like what Franceska-san felt, and have many memories of many people..." I muttered as I returned the album to the table next to the bed.
Bookmark here

“Iwa! Forgive me! I didn't mean to hit you just now!” Suddenly Konu's voice came from outside the room, together with Franceska-san next to her.Bookmark here

"Eh? Hit me?” I tilted my head in disbelief.Bookmark here

“…Sigh, Forget that. Immediately go to my room. We'll talk about what you're here for." Konu said flatly as he turned towards his room. I silently followed him and walked out of Franceska-san's room.Bookmark here

“…Thank you for cleaning up my room.” She whispered after I passed him outside.Bookmark here

“N-no problem.” I said while covering my red face.Bookmark here

After I reached Konu's room, I told her everything that happened yesterday.Bookmark here

"I don't know what to say, this is absolutely impossible." Konu said while brewing hot tea.Bookmark here

"Here, have a drink."Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I drank the tea and continued.
"There's just one thing on my mind. Stalkers."
“Stalker you say? Well, Iwa. Who wants to follow an introvert like you? What's more, it is a girl!… But, we don't have the other logical explanation.”
After a while of thinking, Finally we both agreed that it had been a sort of stalker and didn't really mind it. But actually, I'm still wondering who and what the mysterious woman's purpose is.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

It was getting late when I was on my way home. The sound of birds chirping and the sky slowly changing color from yellow to golden to dark blue, made me realize that the day was almost over.Bookmark here

“…It would be a shame if I went home now.” I said while taking a detour towards the hill.Bookmark here

I don't know what happened to me today. Normally, it would never occur to me that I would take a detour like this. I leave the house if there is a definite purpose. Like going to school, to Koni's house, or to other places that I really need.Bookmark here

"To think I came here alone." I muttered while enjoying the view of the city from the top of Ferna hill. The transition from golden yellow to colorful lights starting to light up from all over the city made me feel relaxed. Anxious feeling who always thought about the mysterious woman, as if being carried away by the light of the sun that had left the earth. After feeling quite satisfied, I walked down the hill and headed home.Bookmark here

"Welcome son. Where have you been?" Asked my mother, who turned out to be already home and saw that dinner was neatly served at the dining table. I forgot that today is Sunday, so my mom came home from work earlier than usual.Bookmark here

"From Konu's house." I said flatly after washing my hands and facing each other at the dining table.Bookmark here

“Itadakimasu.”Bookmark here

My mother's miso soup and fried mackerel are my second favorites after Omurice. The clear gravy rich in umami warms the throat, combined with the softness of the tofu that has been cut into mouth-sized cubes. Don't forget the crispness of the mackerel skin that wraps the soft flesh of the fish itself, making the rice in the mouth blend into a very delicious soft harmony. Covered with green tea makes tonight's dinner very delicious.Bookmark here

My smartphone vibrated after I washed the dishes and headed for the living room.Bookmark here

“Ufufu… You look really cute, Oniichan~”. A short message accompanied by a photo of me when I was at Ferna hill earlier made my mood change drastically. I really can't believe he followed me and took my picture there without me knowing.Bookmark here

“ What do you want from me?” I answered after I ran to my room and locked the door. I sat on the bed waiting for a reply from the “Stalker”.Bookmark here

More than 30 minutes the "Stalker" didn't reply, so I decided to turn off the phone and sleep.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

That morning I was surprised by 41 missed calls, and a voicemail after turning on my smartphone.Bookmark here

"Why did you turn off your cell phone? Honestly, I'm hurt, Oniichan. Even though you told me first that you liked me and promised to marry me when I grew up."Bookmark here

I felt again the same feeling as when I saw the photo in the little box.Bookmark here

"What are you saying?! I'll never know or remember who you are! Let alone make a promise like that!” I replied. My head was so dizzy that I lay in bed again until my mother came.Bookmark here

"Time to go son. Huh? Why are you lying in your school uniform?” My mother asked in surprise.Bookmark here

“…I just feel dizzy. Erm, may I ask you something?” I said as I tried to get up and sit down.Bookmark here

My mother, who heard that, then helped me to sit up, and she was next to me hugging me. "What do you want? Are you having a problem? Talk to Mom."Bookmark here

This time, I didn't refuse her embrace. I felt very calm and felt the warmth of his body.Bookmark here

“…Did I ever have friends other than Konu? In the last few days, I dreamed of playing with someone other than him as a child." I said.Bookmark here

“As I recall, you played with Konu most of the time. Maybe the other person you mean is a sign that you will make new friends later. After all, the dream is the flower of sleep. So don't think too much about it." My mother said as she let go of me and invited me to have breakfast together.Bookmark here

Real Aire
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