Chapter 4:


Trial Sense

A gust of wind carried chilly air past my body. The sun that was slightly visible from the eastern horizon shone this morning more comfortably than a few weeks ago. Nature is beginning to show a gorgeous transformation from greenish color to golden brown. The leaves that left the tree they inhabited were blown by the breeze. The cool atmosphere that surrounds this body is one proof that Summer is over. Replaced by Fall Seasons, which I can say is my favorite season.Bookmark here

This made all the concerns and feelings of anxiety that had enveloped me all the way to school, become warm feelings and I really enjoyed this moment. Vehicles passed by, the students wore white uniforms with blue blazers, dark gray ties, black trousers for male students, and navy plaid knee-length skirts for female students. The symbol of 5 cherry blossom petals inside a Pentagon-shaped emblem, clearly visible on the top left pocket of the Blazer, is the uniform of the scholars of Rendar high school. I forced my legs to keep walking against the laziness that suddenly assaulted me, since today is the first day of school after the long summer vacation, it isn't unusual for this body to be still in Vacation mode.Bookmark here

"Ohayou~, Oniichan. You look very dashing there in uniform. Next time when we're able to meet, Can I borrow it? Teehee".
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That's the reply from the mysterious stalker. I was amazed by her stalking skill, which can take pictures of me from afar so clearly, Which is quite difficult. On the other hand, I've been really annoyed by her presence after my first stream debut.Bookmark here

"Argggh! Can you stop replying to my messages?! Don't feel that you know me! I don't know anything about you, Stalker!" I replied.Bookmark here

A few seconds after I replied, suddenly my phone rang. As usual, from an unknown number. In my heart, I really want to respond to this Stalker. However, my hands and my mind said otherwise. After picking up the phone and saying “Hello”, I felt that something inside me had changed.Bookmark here

“Oniichan, I know all about you, so don't say such sad things. Don't worry, someday you will remember and know everything. So, before that happens, I want to say that I loved you from the start. I'm sorry for what I did when your stream debuted. I hope we can still talk and chat with each other like this.”Bookmark here

“…Almost forgot, For now, Just call me A-chan. I'll let you know when the time is right. Bye bye, Iwa Oniichan~.”I can't say anything. I couldn't believe everything she said. However, deep in my heart I feel that there is indeed a connection with this "A-chan".

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The school bell rings. Immediately, Konu and I ran to class 7-5, the class I've been in for about 7 months since I entered. The class placement at that time, I think, was based on the total academic score obtained during the entrance exam. But it didn't. Class placement is done randomly. This class is one of the classes that stands out from the other 2 classes, class 7-2 and 7-10. Unlike the other two classes, Class 7-5 contains people who have below average academic scores. About 10 percent of the total 30 students are people who can be taken seriously in learning. Konu and I, for example, out of 358 students, I was in the Top 20 at that time, while Konu managed to reach the top three in the exam.Bookmark here

Arrived at the front door of the classroom, I was surprised to see that the class atmosphere was still noisy and there was no sign of the homeroom class coming. Most of them seemed to be busy chatting, some were joking in front of the class by swinging a ruler like a knight practicing swinging his sword. There are also people who scribble on the blackboard with chalk. After my brain managed to process the situation, I calmly walked towards my seat in the back left corner of the class, number two from the rear near the window. I feel like a protagonist in an anime/manga. At that point, I still didn't know that the thread of destiny had been pulled slowly, little by little began to approach and would color my school life, or maybe for the rest of my life.Bookmark here

A few minutes later, Aie-sensei came. Immediately, all the students returned to their seats. Sensei then looks at the scribbles on the blackboard, without saying anything, he erases all of them. The atmosphere within the classroom, which was originally very noisy and crowded, suddenly turned silent sort of defendant awaiting a judge's decision. Only the sound of the clock ticking continuously and the chirping of birds outside the classroom. All the students, including myself, could only see the rear of Aie-sensei who was almost done erasing all the scribbles.Bookmark here

“Erm… Children, Starting today, we have a new friend joining our class. Please don't make any more fuss, or you will know the consequences." Aie-sensei said after she finished erasing the scribbles and stomped her timesheet on the table.Bookmark here

"Eh? Transfer student? At a time like this?”Bookmark here

"Wow, since when did our school accept transfer students?"Bookmark here

"Looks like this is the first transfer student in the school's history."Bookmark here

"Wow, i hope transfer student is female. right Tia kun?"Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

All kinds of whispers and discussions suddenly made the class a little rowdy again. I, who was just listening to what they were talking about, looked out the window and gazing up at the clear sky with a few clouds covering it. Trying to clear my mind and fly freely towards the horizon.
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Tap…tap…tap…tap…Bookmark here

The sound of footsteps that somehow sounded very clear brought my consciousness back to the classroom. At that moment, all eyes were on the other end of the classroom's front door. Steps that sound like angels descending to earth to offer mankind blessings and forgiveness. However, I quickly pushed that thought away, then I felt the blood in my body pumping into my heart, and my chest felt a pain that I could not put into words. The feelings I feel now are very different from what I felt before. I could hear the sound of my heart beating louder than any other sound at that moment. Beads of sweat the size of corn kernels dripped from the ends of my hair, and my body felt hot. I felt something strange in my body.Bookmark here

“Am I sick? Hmm … it could be. I still don't know if the transfer student is a boy/girl. If the transfer student is a girl, how come my body is so crazy? Or rather..."Bookmark here

"I don't want to think about it, I'm not swing into that way anyway, so it must be a fever!"Bookmark here

"But, if this transfer student turns out to be a girl..."Bookmark here

"arggh..! Calm down Iwa! It's just a transfer student, something you've seen so many times in manga/games!”Bookmark here

While I was still struggling with my head, Suddenly heard a voice "Is Iwa Hiroto here?"
"Sensei! In this class is there anyone named Iwa Hiroto?”Bookmark here

Hearing this, I immediately stopped struggling, And saw all eyes in the class, including Aie-sensei, were fixed on me. I tried to process the information that entered my brain, And find where the source came from. Next to sensei is someone with a slightly sullen face and she's looking at sensei curiously.Bookmark here

Black hair, straight on the back with plain white curls. In the front, you'll see a little Panda-shaped pin on the left side of his hair. Azure-colored round eyes are just like the most beautiful gem in this world, although I've never personally seen the beauty of a jewel, but that's how I feel. Slightly oval facial contours, light makeup that appears very natural, thin red lips that look quite sexy, complete with chubby cheeks on the left due to her pouty face. Her body is slender and quite petite, maybe 155 cm. Her skin was as white as snow and looked very soft, with a small bulge on her chest that was slightly obscured by the uniform, but it might be noticeable if you focused enough on it. The uniforms used are already like what the female students wear. The only difference is that she wears long black stockings that cover her whole leg. What my eyes see isn't a person's. But it's like seeing the simplest masterpiece that's usually found in a very well-known museum… erm... No! Beyond that! It isn't an angel, it's God Himself! A beauty I've never seen in my life.Bookmark here

"Niken Amunaya." That was what was written on the blackboard directly behind the transfer student. I think that's her name. I didn't expect the transfer student to be in front of me and ask "Are you Iwa kun?" while looking at me with serious eyes. I felt very strong pressure and, in the end, I lost consciousness.Bookmark here

Real Aire
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