Chapter 5:

Niken Amunaya

Trial Sense

"Are you all right?" I heard a very soft voice and I woke up inthe infirmary school bed.Bookmark here

"E-Eh? Weren't you a transfer student this morning? W-why are you here?" I asked shyly.Bookmark here

"I want to apologize for what happened earlier. Introducing myself, I'm Niken Amunaya. I didn't mean to make you faint like this." She said while bowing. I'm stunned for a while, Then tried to stand up and approach her.
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"W-why are you here? Also, W-how do you know my name?" I asked the transfer girl. I was very suspicious and thought that she was the "A-Chan" who had been bothering me these days. But, I can't say. I'm afraid it's someone else's.Bookmark here

"I-I just want to apologize for what happened in class earlier, And for your second question, A-Ano...I-I know your name from your d-debut s-s-stream! I-I'm also one of the viewers who watched your debut and suddenly there's that doxx thing." She said while blushing and looking into my eyes.Bookmark here

I, who wasn't prepared for it, suddenly felt the same way as in the class earlier. I couldn't help but stare straight into those beautiful eyes. I feel dizzy and want to get away from her, but inside my mind it's like someone is whispering me "I want to get to know her better." Immediately, I banged my head on the bedpost while screaming. I even forgot the existence of the transfer student.

"H-Hiroto kun! A-Are you okay?! Uweeehh, W-what should I do?!... I-I'll call the school nurse first!"Bookmark here

"E-Eh?! W-Wait...!" I shouted after I regained consciousness and tried to chase after her. However, my attempt failed when she closed the infirmary door and locked it from the outside. "W-What is this... Why did bad luck happen to me on the first day of school in the fall?! Even though this season is quite an important season for me, especially since it's already the second semester where there will be a promotion exam in the near future!" I grumbled in my heart. I sat back down on the bed where I was lying, looking out the infirmary window.
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The UKS door finally opened again after a while. I saw the nurse come along with the transfer student. The nurse then asked me why I banged my head earlier. For various reasons that I think don't make sense because I feel nervous being asked like that. After checking my temperature and giving me some medicine, I exited the room and headed to class.Bookmark here

"A-Are you really okay, Hiroto-kun?" asked the student after following me out of the infirmary and walking beside me.Bookmark here

"I-I'm fine. W-why do you a-always follow me A-amunaya san? Y-you're l-like s-s-stalker."Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

Suddenly Amunaya san stopped. I instantly realized what I had said, and regretted it. I could see the tiny body flinch and shiver every once in a while. I felt that something in my heart was cracked. This is the first time in my life I made a woman cry! Frantically, I approached him.Bookmark here

"A-Anoo! I-I'm Sorr-"
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"...I-I didn't mean it like that, I was just worried about you. But, if you think of me as a stalker, I apologize one last time. Bye."Bookmark here

Hiding her face, Amunaya san ran past me saying "Hiroto kun, you're stupid!" While feeling my whole soul and body crumble apart.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

The school bell rang, signaling the end of the first day of school. I, who was still covered in guilt, stepped out of the empty classroom. I'm used to going home late. I think it feels more comfortable because people in the school environment are currently doing club activities. Koni himself is in the basketball club, so I rarely go home with him. Actually, I'd really like to try joining an extracurricular club, but in my current state, I'm still hesitant to take a look or join.Bookmark here

When I arrived at the locker in front of the school, I saw Amunaya san talking to some of my class's students. Her charming smile made me a little charmed. Suddenly I remember the incident earlier, implied the desire to apologize and clear up the misunderstanding that occurred. My body and legs felt heavy to follow my will. The sound of my beating heart almost made my will collapse. However, I feel that I will regret this for the rest of my life if I don't dare myself. With stiff and robot-like steps, I tried to catch up with Amunaya san who was in front of the school gate with her friends.Bookmark here

"...A-Ano! Amunaya san! T-There's something I want to talk to you about. C-could you c-come with me?" With a bow, my voice is like an old, worn-out CD cassette. Amunaya san who was shocked, immediately grabbed my hand and ran back into the school.Bookmark here

*gasp* *Gasp*  "W-What are you doing all of a sudden?!" shouted Amunaya san after stopping in front of the classroom gasping for air. I was beside her and realized that my hand was still holding her. At once I let go of her soft hand. The warm sensation still in my palms made my face redder and made the atmosphere even more awkward.Bookmark here

"...I-I'm sorry. Besides, why did you have to drag me and bring me here?"

"That's because you suddenly do something like that in a public place! Fuee... I've also left my friends there. Nee, I hope you have a good reason for this."Bookmark here

Sawing the terrible aura that surrounding Amunaya san, With a bit of nervousness and swallowed hard "I-I-I-want to talk about what happened after we're going out from Infirmary earlier. I didn't mean to accuse you of being a stalker. I said that because lately someone like that is being nod at me. Right after my debut stream that time. S-so I want to clear up this misunderstanding and apologize to you." I said as I bowed again. Amunaya san who heard my explanation immediately patted my shoulder and went into the classroom. I who saw that subconsciously followed her and sat on my own bench. She was next to me then looked at me and said "Oh... So I see, If something like that happened I'll forgive you! So, Thank You!" Amunaya san said with a smug face that I find very cute. "Arrggghhhh! Why am I always thinking like this since she came? A-Am I f-f-fallen for her?!" I muttered. I slapped myself in the red face at the thought of it.Bookmark here

"Hiroto kun, I'm still curious. Why do you always hurt your own face? Is that your habit? If so, you'd better stop it." She said flatly.

I didn't say anything. Silence and awkward atmosphere enveloped us. My brain is thinking hard to break this atmosphere, just to talk to her a little longer."I-is it true that you watched my debut stream?" I asked breaking the silence.
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"E-Eh?!... U-um, I saw it. Why did you look so nervous back then? Was it because of your debut? Ah, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked that."

"N-It's okay. I-Anyway, I wanted to talk about this. U-um... Regarding that, it's mostly true. I-I'm not really used to talking to other people."Bookmark here

"Hmm, is that right? From what I see, it's quite different from what you said."Bookmark here

"If it's true that you don't usually talk to other people, why are you talking to me right now? Which logically is a stranger to you. Are there exceptions? Or is there another purpose?" asked Amunaya san while looking at me. Her face leaning on the table, The reflection of the sun that made her face shine even more, Managed to make me look away and my face turned red again. I who was confused about answering her question, heard a chuckle from her and said "You look really cute when you blush with such a confused look on your face. Well, you don't need to answer now Hiroto kun. Actually, I'm really glad to meet you in person. Because, I've been one of your fans since you debuted with your avasisstant. Once again, Nice to meet you, Iwa Hiroto kun."Bookmark here

"... N-Nice to meet you, Niken Amunaya san."Bookmark here

Trial Sense

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