Chapter 37:

Saving her life!

Who will the Villainess choose?

Damien povBookmark here

What was this feeling! My whole body has turned cold yet it felt like my heart was burning. The way her eyes were looking at me. It was smoldering my heart, my soul! I could not keep my eyes away from her, even when I tried. Bookmark here

I wanted to refute her statement when she called me a caring person! If it would have been anyone else, I would have beaten him or killed him to show how cruel I was! Bookmark here

Yet I felt so glad that she did not look at me that way! That I was a kind person to her! I would give my life to protect her! I know that she was special to me! But I could not fall in love, no matter what! It was not something for a man like me.Bookmark here

If I want to protect her, I have to keep her away from me. Or else, I would be the reason for her death! Like others my hand would smear in her blood when the curse would take its effect. Just when she would give birth, I would kill her.Bookmark here

“No!” I shouted, the mere thought left me in cold sweat. My whole body was shuddering.Bookmark here

“What happened?” she asked me with concern. Bookmark here

“No, I am not a crying person. It is just a mirage that you are seeing. You have not seen me killing mercilessly and enjoying the cries of the people.'' I said in the coldest voice I could muster against her but her expressions still softened as she shook her head.Bookmark here

“Everything has a reason, I could not believe that you would hurt someone without any reason. You are a kind person, Damien. You have always helped me. You are the…”Bookmark here

“Stop it” I cut her mercilessly as I stood up.Bookmark here

“What you are seeing is just pity. It is so that you can keep your mouth shut and not spout nonsense about my father or siblings. You think I am soft hearted right? Then you will see me killing my own father and his illegitimate child tonight. Their cries and tears will clear the fog from your mind.” I replied as my hands clenched into a fist. I wanted to punch the wall so badly but I did not want to screw her further.Bookmark here

“Just stop it, will you? Why are you speaking ill about yourself?” She stood up and gently put her hands on my shoulder as if she was trying to calm my anger. But it only increased with her touch.Bookmark here

I moved and punched the wall with all my might and it cracked. Blood filled my hand as the metallic smell reached my nostrils., but it was still not enough as only her words were ringing in my mind.
Damien ``I heard her screaming my name as she tried to come closer. She tried to hold my shoulder once again. I even heard the sound of footsteps coming closer but her words were still ringing in my mind. And her touch once again ignited the fire which had calmed a bit by the punch. Bookmark here

So, I punched again and again until the wall crumbled and turned into small stones and pebbles. I could hear the gasps and screams of many. The people from the other side looked at me horrified. The smaller kids hid behind their parents as they took me as the monster I was!Bookmark here

“That is the real me.” I told her, looking straight into her eyes as she stood there stunned.Bookmark here

I closed my eyes as I saw her fearful eyes looking everywhere but not me.Bookmark here

“We need to go.” I told her as we walked out. I could see a sea of eyes staring at me. As if they have confirmed that the rumors were right. Their face was filled with horror yet satisfactionBookmark here

When a girl blocked my path. I looked at her, she was scared like others yet her eyes were filled with determination.Bookmark here

Taking a deep breath, she said, “I still love you and I am not afraid of you at all!” I was surprised at the courage she had shown and at the same time I was feeling guilty too. But this was not the time to be weak.Bookmark here

I jerked my hand and walked away without looking at the girl when I heard the voice.Bookmark here

“It is okay, sweetheart. Uncle is just angry that I did not listen to him. I will coax him and then he will be fine again.” Akira consoled the hurt child in a motherly voice.Bookmark here

“Hhumm,. I will wait then, my lady.” replied the girl in a rather shy voice.Bookmark here

Without stopping or turning back, I entered the carriage and within a minute she followed. We both sat silently as we passed the market. All the hustle and bustle and happiness filled voice faded as my heart continued to constrict. I could not explain the pain I was feeling.Bookmark here

It was the longest journey of my life when it was just a few lanes away from the shop.Bookmark here

A long line could already be seen from the distance, collecting outside the store. My knights and aide were already there mixed in the crowd in the clothes of commoners. They were chatting and trying to get mixed in with the people so that they could ask more.Bookmark here

“It is alright, strip their carriage here.” I heard Akira speaking in a sweet tone. Has her voice always been this beautiful? Bookmark here

She opened the door and walked out of the carriage and I followed her. We both walked inside the store after nodding to several people, while I just walked straight, following her blankly.Bookmark here

“Akira, you are finally here!! Where were you last night? I was searching you all over the place. I was so afraid looking at the storm!” Andrew spoke to her as he wrapped his arms around her waist. Her grip on her was tight and I could feel the concern in his eyes.Bookmark here

She smiled looking at her back eyes and sickly face.Bookmark here

“Were you personally looking for me in the storm?” she asked in a soft voice and he nodded.Bookmark here

“Of course, I was so worried for you that I could not explain, Akira. Do not repeat this ever again.” he said looking deep into her eyes and then without waiting for her reply he hugged her again.Bookmark here

Suddenly I felt like an extra in the whole scene. My chest felt further heavy and I started to have trouble taking breaths. I walked towards the back door and came out in the open air to take some deep breaths. Bookmark here

“You are in love with her, aren't you?” I heard the voice behind me and turned to see it was Andrew.Bookmark here

“What nonsense are you talking about now?” I snarled but he just chuckled.Bookmark here

“I do not blame you, she has the ability to win every heart. But you know that your love can be the reason for her death!” His words were nothing but truth yet it pierced my heart. “I am just asking for her life from you.” he added as he left without waiting for my reply.Bookmark here

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