Chapter 38:

I want to help you!

Who will the Villainess choose?

Akira povBookmark here

My eyes were closing as I looked at the crowd. My body was exhausted and I needed proper rest but I was too afraid to close my eyes. I did not know when the man would be strong enough to subdue me in my dreams. The way his courage was increasing I would rather be sick than meet him again.Bookmark here

“How many years have you been working here?” asked Damien’s aide to the businessmen who were sitting there in the chair with a proud face, thinking he had worked hard to get recognised by the royal family. If only he knew that he was lucky to be working in this town!Bookmark here

“So have you seen a man with silver hair working here. We think he is the most deserving business man here.” he continued to entangle the man in the conversation as he showed him the portrait.Bookmark here

“I do not think I know any man like that. In fact, my firm is the most profitable one in the whole empire. I even paid the highest amount of tax last year!” I shook my head as he did not get the hint.Bookmark here

I sighed as I walked towards the refreshment area and picked up a glass of juice. Taking a sip, I looked around. Every staff member was trying their best to know about the sibling and his father.Bookmark here

“Do you think it will work out?” asked Andrew as he stood behind me and looked at the crowd.Bookmark here

“I do not know. But this is the only way that is left. Or else we have to let go of the idea of finding them.” I replied with a sigh.Bookmark here

“Hmm” he moved closer to me and held my arms in his hands and started to rub them.Bookmark here

I felt a bit uneasy at the proximity we were sharing suddenly. How did the brooding man suddenly turn into a loving and caring person?! But most importantly instead of being happy! Why was I feeling uncomfortable!?Bookmark here

Shouldn't I lean into his warmth further? But all i was feeling as if ants were crawling over my skin.Bookmark here

It was a rather uneasy feeling. I turned to him to subtly get my hands back but our position turned further intimate as he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer. Bookmark here

“Your highness.” I called to bring his attention and he looked at me with a smile.Bookmark here

“Would you like to take a rest in the room made in my office? You are looking tired.” he asked in a warm voice as he caressed my cheeks.Bookmark here

There was something missing, something that did not feel right! No! I shook my head. He was my future husband!Bookmark here

“I am fine. We need to find his family members so that this deal will finally end!” I replied , trying my best to give him a warm smile.Bookmark here

“Hmmm, then we will go on our much awaited dinner date. I am already expecting a wonderful dinner and then dancing to the slow music and maybe a kiss.” he continued as he came closer and whispered in my ears, his lips gently touching mine.Bookmark here

And that feeling. The feeling of my skin crawling increased. I closed my eyes to calm my uneasy heart.Bookmark here

“Do not tell me, you are already dreaming about it.'' I heard him chuckling, and speaking in a teasing voice.Bookmark here

I just nodded my head as I did not know how to respond to him when I heard the sound of shattering glass.Bookmark here

“Clan Kkk” I opened my eyes only to see the blood flowing from the hands of Damien and the shards of glasses around his feet.Bookmark here

“Are you okay?” I asked him.Bookmark here

“Do not go closer to him.” said Andrew, holding me from behind and wrapping his arms on my waist tightly.Bookmark here

I frowned at his words when he explained. Bookmark here

“The shards are everywhere, you can hurt yourself. You, come here and clean this mess.” he said, looking at the maid standing nearby who was already bringing the cleaning materials.Bookmark here

“Lord Damien, I advise you to go and bandage your hands. I have a physician available there. They accompany me wherever I go.Bookmark here

Zen, call the physician to treat lord Damien.” Bookmark here

“Yes, your highness.” I kept looking at Damien who did not even look at me once. I still did not know what had happened!Bookmark here

The moment I called him a kind and caring person in the inn, he had changed. Did he hate to be called kind this much! Not making any more sense now.Bookmark here

“Do not think this much about Akira. You are already looking tired.” said Andrew rubbing my arms again. I was still leaning on him and his one arm was still on my waist.Bookmark here

“Yes, I think I should go and rest for a while too. Will you be able to handle it here alone?” I asked him, as he looked deep into my eyes with a complicated gaze but then he nodded.Bookmark here

“Sure, Belinda will take you to my room. You can rest there.'' I smiled gratefully as I nodded and followed the girl who was bowing to me.Bookmark here

Finally getting away from the crowd, I felt at peace. I laid on the bed and then continued to look at the ceiling. How has my life changed so much in just a week? Wasn't i happy to meet Andrew and I was waiting for that kiss since the start. But when he asked me for a kiss just a while ago, I felt nauseous. Bookmark here

I shook my head. “It must be due to my dreams and the way that shadow demons try to touch me. It has created a repulsion in my mind ``I nodded with that thought.Bookmark here

“You need to go and meet the high priest soon, Akira. But with Damien being angry, how would I do that? Should I ask Andrew about it?” I tried to pressurise my memory but I did not seem to remember Akira meeting the high priest ever.Bookmark here

I stood up and walked towards the window. It was almost like a town from there. When I felt that someone leapt on the window. I took a few steps back when I felt the presence of an intruder there.Bookmark here

“Are you trying to find me and my son, my lady?” I looked at the golden eyes that were burning like sons and those silver hair that was long enough to cover the shoulders. It was flowing in the air. But the expressions were filled with annoyance.Bookmark here

“Since the lady is so much interested in meeting us, i thought i shall come and meet the lady and know her intention.” he jumped inside the room and started walking towards me while i started taking a few steps back.Bookmark here

“So, here I am. Tell me why do you need to meet me?” he asked again as my feet met the end of the bed. With no other place to run too when he was standing in front of me.Bookmark here

“I want to help you.” I said gulping the lump forming on my throat when he tilted his head.Bookmark here

“And how are you supposed to do that?”Bookmark here

“.............”Bookmark here

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