Chapter 19:

New opportunity

Scorpion Grasses or simply, Forget-me-nots

“The Pessimist Sees Difficulty In Every Opportunity. The Optimist Sees Opportunity In Every Difficulty.” – Winston ChurchillBookmark here

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“The factory had some technical issues recently.” Bookmark here

The man didn’t bother to look at his son.Bookmark here

“I’m sure they were handled well.” The boy replies while trying to sneak out of the room.Bookmark here

“Do you know something about it?” The man was insisting on the subject.Bookmark here

He was giving Haru a second chance. His voice was as harsh as ever, but this time it was something different at him. He always maintains intense eye contact since he likes to intimidate others. Bookmark here

He was avoiding any type of interaction besides talking at a distance. Could it be possible for Mister Chibana to feel overwhelmed by his actions? Bookmark here

No, this was not the case. He felt miserable, but why? This is his usual self and yet tonight something is off. He even let Haru exit the dining room without a fuss. Bookmark here

Chibana mansion left its mark on the boy. If he were asked what the word "home" meant, his mind would go blank. All he has to do is close his eyes and the answer comes naturally.Bookmark here

It’s a space on earth that belongs to him. A place where even in daylight and under artificial light everything feels dark. Yet it is not the kind of darkness that scares you, but on the contrary, it calms you down.Bookmark here

He found peace in the continual silence that runs through all the corners of the house. You will never be greeted by a pleasant smell of food at the entrance or family photos on the walls. The employees do not dare to change the melancholic atmosphere either, they just do their job. Nothing more.Bookmark here

It seems like it belongs to no one, but that's why it's to Haru's liking. It hasn’t been claimed by the right person, but one day it will be.Bookmark here

No one has been waiting for him with open arms to return home for quite some time now. That’s why he does not feel emotionally attached, only in words he’s connected in some way.Bookmark here

It’s not perfect and yet he likes it the way it is. He doesn’t even think about changing it for something better. This place defines him and his soul.Bookmark here

It just needs that one more shadow that will keep his company. This is what he desires the most.Bookmark here

This should be his ending after his plan will succeed.Bookmark here

As he entered his white room, on the bed were some things packed up. Were those his?Bookmark here

As he was analyzing the clothes, his ears started to ring.Bookmark here

“Damn it!” He whispered. Bookmark here

After his whole body hurt for a little bit, the pain moved only in his ears. Some blood started to run down his neck.Bookmark here

“Will I go deaf?” He questions himself knowing that he has no power to do control the situation.Bookmark here

“Are you sure about it, sir?” The butler's voice was heard.Bookmark here

“I don’t know…”Bookmark here

*sigh*Bookmark here

“It was the president’s word. I don’t dare to not listen to it, Jun. He said that is the only way to save Haru is to give him to them.” Bookmark here

Them? Who are they? What is going on?Bookmark here

“Do you think he wants to get Young Master out of the way for his son?”Bookmark here

“I DON’T KNOW ANYMORE!” The man suddenly shouts. “As long as he safe…”Bookmark here

“How will you handle Hoshi Daichi and Meiko Fukushima? They pushed Young Master to have inadequate thoughts. Who would ever even think about destroying the factory? Are they crazy or something?”Bookmark here

“No, it’s not their fault. There is someone we don’t know about. That person is the reason for everything!”Bookmark here

There is a person they don’t know about? Are they talking about Kibo?Bookmark here

“I won’t do anything for those two. I hope they will be the ones to do something. I count on them to watch over Haru better than I did.” Bookmark here

“Sir, it’s still not too late to tell him how you feel! This way he won’t hate you-“Bookmark here

“It’s better if he hates me. I don’t deserve his love because I failed as a father. Also, he might be tired and already went to bed. Why bother him?”Bookmark here

“Sir…”Bookmark here

“End of discussion, Jun. You should also go to rest.”Bookmark here

The time stays in place for some moments and the silence falls over Haru’s bedroom. Bookmark here

“Am I being sent away? Father…why?”Bookmark here

Screw this stupid president and his words. All he did ever since he got this role of ruler he did only bad things. He killed and destroyed lives. How come he is loved by people? How can his son stand a monster?Bookmark here

“I don’t understand… I don’t get it!”Bookmark here

Life is not fair. Not because others are luckier, but because in some situations you can’t do anything. Bookmark here

He can’t do anything. A mere puppet in the hand of the puppeteer. Him against the world. Bookmark here

Things don’t change overnight and Haru knows this best. He wants to give up on his goals. He wants that bad.Bookmark here

If it’s difficult, it doesn’t also mean is impossible!Bookmark here

Kibo is always right. So what? Screw the others. It never hurts to try your best and he can do more than this!Bookmark here

*****Bookmark here

When the morning arrived, a car of police came to pick Haru up. Bookmark here

No more working at the factory, huh?” He thought to himself and a week smile appeared on his face. “Thanks for the free vacation!Bookmark here

He didn’t oppose or complained. He accepted the situation as it was. For sure he will find someone that is held at the correction institute and hates this society. Even if is just one person, he will still be happy. Bookmark here

For now, all he can do is step aside and search for support.Bookmark here

“Take care!” Bookmark here

His father took the time to see him off. How nice of him!Bookmark here

“I will!” Haru replies before leaving with the police officers.Bookmark here

Now the actual fun will begin! This will be his first movie under the careful watch of the president himself! Maybe he will take this chance to mess a little with him or he will keep playing the “Prime Minister’s son” role.Bookmark here

I just need time to think everything through and to find some competent partners.”Bookmark here

Before entering the car, he turned his head to look one more time at this “home” of his. He will miss it for sure, but when he will return, he won’t leave it ever again.Bookmark here

“Father, I am not able to fulfill your wishes. But instead, watch me turn the whole world against me! Be proud, your son will make history!” He whispers as his eyes fell on the man standing at the front door.Bookmark here

He looked worried as if he could hear what the boy was saying. Of course, he couldn’t hear anything but is not that hard to recognize a different kind of human. He always knew deep inside that one day his don will show his true potential.Bookmark here

“I can’t do anything to help you, but I’m sure you will find the power you need! You’re a Chibana after all!” He says trying to comfort himself.Bookmark here

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