Chapter 4:

The Start Of A New Life

I Found A Homeless Girl

Monday: 7:00am

                                                              Nagata's Room

Beep, Beep,Beep,Beep.......

Life has a weird way of letting you know you don't get special treatment just because you tired and you don't want to get up. Even if I don't get up the world does not Revolve around me if keeps going, even if you do a good deed life helping an old lady drops the street or get a car down from a free or even letting a homeless girl sleep in your house.........

"Ughh I did not get enough sleep last night, Maybe just 10 more minutes....... (Yawns)........

"Oh shoot I almost forgot I need to get up before my sister."

 Without even thinking I jumped out of bed ran out my bedroom door and raced down the stairs as quick as lighting like I was some kind of glorified super hero.

"Oh no I smell food, I hope she has not seen the girl yet.

I started to creep down the stairs quietly and walked around the corner to see where my sister was." right as I got to the very Edge of the kitchen I crouched down and I started to peek around the kitchen door to see what my sister was doing.

 ( Hano) Oh I just know onee-chan will love what I made him!!! Achoo, Why do I get the feeling I'm being watched....... (Quickly Turn Head Around) " Onee-chan What are you doing staring at me with such lewd eyes....have you started to want sex with your cute younger sister....... OH life-changing you pervert. 

" (Nagato) Oh hey Hano I um,hey that looks good what are you making? " "Hey don't avoid my ques-." Okay well you keep cooking I'm gonna go get ready for school; heh heh . 

Hmmm Onee-chans being might just  be his puberty  phase, Boys can never resist to look at such a lovely cute girl such as myself. I mean who couldn't resist such a cute girl like me with huge boobs, and I can cook, what more could you want!   ........... Huh....what's that smell.......OH NO the food is burning. (Guess I spent to much time talking about myself) 

Five minutes later:

I wonder if that girl is up yet let me go check on her....

                                                         (Knock Knock)

Hey I'm its me, I'm coming in........ Hey so do you want breakfa-  As I open the door I see the girl I found naked trying to put on the clothing I gave her yesterday. (The homeless girl) huh.... her face went totally red and she jumped back in the bed and pull the blanket over her body. "I'm so sorry I was not trying to see you naked I swear!!!!!" " Ugh my first mile and she probably thinks I'm a pervert.... "Oh shoot I'm gonna be late for my first day of school I better go get change." Once I got my school uniform on i went to the bathroom  to brush my teeth. "Hmmm, How am I gonna tell Hona about a random girl living in our hou-  " Ahhhhhhhhhh. " Oh no she must have seen her. " Uh Hona its not what you think!! " Onee-chan you mixed my white with colored I told you to separate them. "Sorry Hona. Also, what do you mean it's not what you think,are you hiding something from me? "  

Um I well.... (What am I suppose to say she might screen again or get really mad and call mom and dad or shore call the police, I guess I'm just gonna have to read up and tell her.) I ...well..... Hona you see don't get mad bu-  before I could say anything the girl Stepped out of her room and looked right at Hona. Uhhhhhh Onee-channn there's a stranger in our house!!! " "Wait Hona don't scream I will explain everything once we eat breakfast."

After  breakfast:

"Oh so that's why she's here. Hey hehe onee -Chan come here. She whispers in his ear; nice moves life-changing hehe have you done it yet? What; I jump back, no, Blushing in embarrassment. Okay since my brother let you in  the least you can do is tell us your name? " ..... She hesitates for a bit my names..... Neno..  Oooo I like it hehe, well my names Has and that's my brother nagata I hope you like our home!!! (Neno nods, hai...)

Oh shoot I'm gonna be late for school Hona. I got to go can you take care of Neno for me? Sure will, have a good day onee-chan!!! "Okay byeeee!