Chapter 5:

First Day Of High School

I Found A Homeless Girl

Monday: 7:55 A.MBookmark here

 "In high school people are judged on your skill at sports and your looks, and those things have been a problem for me for a while now" "Not to put myself out there but I have pretty good looks and I treat at all sports, so every time I transfer to a new school I get swarmed by lots of girls and asked so many question like, How old are you, where do you live, do you want to hang out some time, and are you single." " its hard to sit in my class room for hours a day and always get home late, I wish I could just sleep sometimes and I wish I had more time to study like my parents wanted!Bookmark here

8:00 P.M: My new class room....Bookmark here

(Teacher) "Alright everyone settle down and take your seats, we have a new transfer student."Bookmark here

( Student:1) Oh I hope it's a cute boy.Bookmark here

(Student 2) I hope it's a girl.Bookmark here

(Student 3) Shhhh the transfer student is about to walk in!Bookmark here

(Teacher) All right you can come in.Bookmark here

*Door opens*Bookmark here

"Hello everyone, my names Nagata Koichi, I hope we can all become good friends. " Bookmark here

(All Girl Students)AHHHHHHHHHHHHBookmark here

 He's so cuteee, I want to marry him; I hope he sits next to me, that's the cutest boy ever!!Bookmark here

(Teacher) All right everyone calm down and sit back down in your seats. Nagata, You can sit next to Ai Tanaka back in the back row. Bookmark here

"Yes sir."Bookmark here

(Every Student) He's so lucky to sit by her; I wish that was me..... Bookmark here

(Teacher) Alright class open up your history books to page 64 and start reading.Bookmark here

 Do you see what I mean all this fuss over a guy with good looks, I mean looks are not everything for all they know I could be a up right jerk or a pervert for that matter. I responding get what they see in me.Bookmark here

 "As I sat down I started to feel uneasy because I thought people were looking at me, and sure enough they were,but one person staring at me in Particularly stood out more than the rest.... It was the girl I was assigned to sit next to Ai Tanaka. She stared at me the whole rest of the morning, but the more she looked at me the more I could feel the dark aura of every boy in my class room hating me more and more!Bookmark here

 12:00 P.M: Lunch Bookmark here

 "Like every school I transfer to my lunch table is completely full with girls asking me 100 question a minute. I barely had time to finish my bento and shrimp. While everyone was still asking me loads of questions I started to feel the same aura of Ai Tanaka staring at me  from afar. I looked up to see that she was right behind me..   " Hello, I'm Ai Tanaka, I was wondering would You Like to go out with me?"Bookmark here

 " Huh....Ehhhhhhhhhhh. Bookmark here

(Hona) Achoo, ughhh  I don't feel good.Bookmark here

Back at school: Bookmark here

Um.....I..well... (She starts to lean up against him grabs his arm and press's her breast on him) I um ... AI-chan...that's to close...... (She grips and gets closer while nagatas  face gets more red by the second.) UGHHh ....I... If I say yes wil you get off me?Bookmark here

Yes I will hehe.Bookmark here

 "Fine I will go out with you just, stop pressing on me so tight." Really you will go out with me yaaaa, I can't wait. Oh we should exchange email address's, let me see your phone.Bookmark here

 (Beep Beep)Bookmark here

The now we can text all the time!! Well ok got to get back to class see ya later, mwah!!      "I can't believe what just happened now I have a date with most most popular girl in school and all of the boys hate me even more now how much worse can this ge-. Bookmark here

(Beep) Bookmark here

How what s thi- (Picture of Ai Tanaka half dress in the school bathroom)  "but...but ....but (Nagata get more red) AI_Channnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!Bookmark here

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