Chapter 3:

New Territory

I Found A Homeless Girl

                                                        ***After Nagata's Shower***

Once I got out of the shower I went straight to my room for a change of clothes and to brush my teeth. "Hmmmm I bet that girl needs a tooth brush too." "Now where did I put thee extra tooth bushes?, Ahh here they are." "Oh I better grab her some sheets too!" Once I gathered the sheets and got the tooth brush I went down stairs to the guess room. 

                                                            "Knock" "Knock"

"Hey, I have some sheets and a tooth brush for you, can you open the door?"

"Maybe she. did not hear.?" 

                                                           "Knock" "Knock"

"She's not answering..." 

I started to crack the door open a bit and said, "Hey I'm coming in---       I looked at the bed and. to my surprise she was fast asleep on the bed. "She must have been so tired right after her shower she must have changed a fell asleep." "She's kinda cute when she sleeps."

Well I guess I better go to sleep to it is pretty late.  Oh shoot I forgot its my first day of my new school tomorrow. "Oh no I also forgot my sister does not know she's here Im going to have to wake up early before she comes to the conclusion someone broke in our house." Knowing her she's going to freak out and start screaming....... 

(Walks up the stairs)

 "I wonder why that girl has not said anything yet....she must be still nervous,well at least she is safe now. I will talk to her when I get back from school.