Chapter 19:

Summer Vacation: The Beach, The swimsuit, The fun!!!

Cellular Redo

Man today's weather is crazy hot. It is currently 37 degrees Celsius outside. Even moving feel like it's torture. It's so hot that I don't feel like moving my body. The heat of the summer is always a huge challenge among all of us. Bookmark here

I went to the kitchen to get some water to cool of and as usual mom is on the couch knocked out from over drinking again. I wonder when will she go back to work. And as for Iroha, trying to cool off, she sat right next to the fan. Man even though it's hot, my sister knows how to act cute. I drank water from the tap and it tasted Lukewarm, bad idea how about my soda. I opened the fridge, but found nothing that is soda. Bookmark here

"Hey, did any of you drink my soda." I asked. Mom attempted to wake up to answer my question and Iroha was still in the position of the fan. Bookmark here

"It wasn't me. I never knew that there was soda in there in the first place." Iroha answered. Bookmark here

"Ooh, was that yours. Sorry champ I drank it because I ran out of booze. I thought that can was one of mine. My bad." she answered. Bookmark here

"You know, you really have a problem with drinking and I fear that you need medical help even though you're a doctor yourself." I said. Bookmark here

Leaving me with no choice, I had to go get a soda at the convenience store and it's all thanks to this woman. Bookmark here

"Onii-Chan since your heading out, can you please get me some lead for my pencil?" Iroha asked. Bookmark here

"Sure." I responded. Bookmark here

"Since you're heading out, why don't you go buy some extra booze for me? Would you please?" she asked me. Bookmark here

"What am I, your arrand boy? Go get it yourself." I said. Bookmark here

"That's not fair. You agree what Iroha ask you and yet you don't even want to hear my suggestions." she complains. Bookmark here

"Maybe Iroha Bookmark here

I'm heading out" I said while I left. Bookmark here

Jeez I swear she always drinks every day. Shouldn't she be acting more like a mother than a Freeloader. It can't be helped, she does bring money in the house so I think I'll let it slide. Bookmark here

I reached the convinient store and I met Miyura in the stationary section.Bookmark here

"Oi Miyura!" she julted as I called her. Right I forgot she gets really spooked easily. Bookmark here

"Hayashi. You stoteld me." yeah you look like you're about to get kidnapped or mugged or something. Bookmark here

"Where you here to get something?" I asked. Bookmark here

"Yeah I came to buy some extra lead. And you?"she saying. Bookmark here

"Same plus I have to get my mother a drink or she might throw a tantrum out." I said. Bookmark here

We both checked out our items and walked together at home. Bookmark here

"Do you have plans this Break." I asked to make some conversation while we walk.Bookmark here

"Well, I have nothing in particular to do though. I think I'll just read my novels." she answered. Bookmark here

"That doesn't sound interesting. Here's a thought, The next three days after tomorrow we're going to the beach. How about you join us, since you don't have anything to do." I asked. Bookmark here

"Heh, ah me... I don't know." she says. Bookmark here

"Oh come on. It's summer. And in this humid time of the year, you either go to the pool or the beach, just to cool off. Not to mention we're all going to a private beach which means there will be less people. What do you say?"I persisted. Bookmark here

"Oh alright, I'll go since you said there'll be less people." she said after she thought of it for a moment. Bookmark here

"Great, I'll just text Nakano......and..... Sent." two minutes later I get her reply that was fast. Bookmark here

"Great She could come. Could you tell her to join us shop for some swimsuit's if it's not too much trouble." Message received from Nakano. Bookmark here

"Hey, question do you have a swimsuit for the trip?" I asked. Bookmark here

"Not particularly. Why ask?" she asked. Bookmark here

"Because Nakano and the others are going swimsuit shopping. I mean if it's not to much for you. " I said. Bookmark here

"It's fine, I didn't have anything to today anyway." she said. Bookmark here

"Then I'll just text them..... And sent." I recieved another message after I sent it. Is she psychic or something. Bookmark here

We reached the turn where we went our separate homes. The moment I got in the house, I found Iroha running behind all scared. Bookmark here

"Onii-Chan, help meee.... Mom... is.... is...." she said while crying. What was she doing right now. Bookmark here

"Come on Iroha you can't be too old to play dress up. You used to this with mommy back when you where much younger." she says while having the intention of jumping towards me and pull Iroha out of my protection. Bookmark here

"Mom is, mom is." Iroha says but couldn't try to complete her sentence out of fear. Bookmark here

"Forcing you to dress up in those outfits while taking pictures. I got it from when you hid behind me." I said that to Iroha. Bookmark here

"Also mom, don't you think you're going way too far with this. You kinda making Iroha feel uncomfortable." I pointed to her. Bookmark here

"Okay, then how about...." I interupted her before she could finish that. Bookmark here

"No way in hell I'm wearing that." I answered quickly. Bookmark here

"Aw, you didn't let me finish. That's so mean. " she says as she pouts. Bookmark here

"Pout all you want, I'm not getting into a dress so that you could take a few pictures. It's already embarrassing enough wearing girls clothes let alone letting you take pictures of me." I said. I don't know what's worse, her stoned or her sober, in the end she still acts crazy. Well whatever. Bookmark here

"Here" I threw one of my soda can, that I bought recently, to her. Bookmark here

The next thing I get an incouming call from Nakano. Bookmark here

"Hello." Bookmark here

"Hayashi you picked up. Thank goodness. Do you know where are we going exactly." Bookmark here

"You mean me. Wait shouldn't you go ask Iwasaki, instead of me. I mean she is the hostess of this trip." Bookmark here

"She never told me saying it's a secret." she says. Bookmark here

"And what gave you the bright idea that I could know about this? And she won't tell you because it's supposed to be a secret." Bookmark here

"Oh for a second there I thought I'd get some dirt on you." Bookmark here

"Sorry to disappoint." Bookmark here

"Is that Nakano on the phone. Can you please ask her if I could join you guys." Iroha interrupts our conversation. Bookmark here

"Is that Iroha" Bookmark here

"Yup, she just asked if she could join?" Bookmark here

"Man you really are inviting people left, right and center aren't you? Bookmark here

What can I say, my adorable sister asked and she's giving me those cute puppy eyes. It's so fricken adorable to ignore." Bookmark here

"Aright I'll go ask Iwasaki for it she can but I already know the answer."Bookmark here

"I see then I'll leave that to you then. Alright bye then." I hung up the phone and my mom was looking at me with a disappointment look.Bookmark here

"What?" I asked even though I knew I was going to regret it. Bookmark here

"Why didn't you invite me too. You're not fair. And taking my poor Iroha away from me that's way too cruel" I she complains.Bookmark here

"Too bad for you but I think I've invited way too many people in this trip. And I think it's best if I take Iroha with me before you make her regret being your daughter" I said.Bookmark here

"Then I'll chaperone." She says.Bookmark here

"No need their mention has an entire place full of workers. And besides you'd make a terrible chaperone with your obsessive drinking." I said.Bookmark here

"Iroha do you have your swim for tomorrow?"I asked.Bookmark here

"Hmm I think the one I have still fits me right" she responds.Bookmark here

The next morning ,Iroha, Miyura and I are waiting for the Iwasaki resident car to pick us up. It came around 10. They had two cars for our group, the one that had me , Iwasaki, Iroha and Miyura. And the other one that had Nakano, Matsuyama and Taki. Bookmark here

We drove for about 2 hours until we reached our destination. The sea illuminated outside the car window. You could see that perfect blue ocean that is reflecting the blue clear sky. It looked so beautiful. But the house it's self was more amazing than the sea. The house is almost as big as Iwasaki's house. What gives this is supposed to be a beach house isn't it .Bookmark here

"Hey Iwasaki this IS the beach house isn't it."I asked.Bookmark here

"No this is one of my family's vacation home. " She says. Heh even a normal person can't even afford this type of house and this is just one of their houses. Rich people.Bookmark here

"You see I chose this place because it reminded me of my late grandparents' house. They where my mother's parents so they weren't wealthy and at their time this house was not like this. So after tourism boomed after their deaths, this place was used as a beach house until my brother bought the house and rebuild it to this and then he bought the land as well to make this beach more lively. " She explainedBookmark here

Ah that guy again. Well it's thanks to him we get to have a less crowded beach to enjoy.Bookmark here

"Well if it isn't little Tamako. " Says a random guy who was walking in the beach. Bookmark here

"You sure have gown big haven't you. I barely recognized you." He continues.Bookmark here

"Mister Tanaka how have you been . It's been awhile I haven't seen you since I was a kid."Iwasaki says.Bookmark here

"And you where cute back then too. But right now you look so beautiful like you mother and grandmother."Bookmark here

"Thank you for saying that. Everyone this Mister Tanaka he used to be my grandparents' neighbor " Iwasaki introduce him. We all added our greetings together.Bookmark here

"Well I'm going to leave all the fun things to you youngsters. Anyway don't be any strangers just come out by to to my store anytime." He says as he leaves.Bookmark here

It's it's now time for the swimsuits to be revealed. I wonder what kind of swimsuits do the others bring . Three days of summer fun here we go.Bookmark here

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