Chapter 20:

Summer Vacation: The fun has yet begun!!

Cellular Redo

Ha summer in the beach there's nothing better than this. Nothing beats that view of the sea horizon. The sand feels so soft under my toes. All of this is bliss. Bookmark here

"This place is paradise. You can see all these women here in their swimsuits. They all look hot. Imma go over there to get a good view. " Taki says. Bookmark here

"Don't do anything that'll get you arrested while where here." I say. Bookmark here

Since I'm here I'll at least get some rest and relaxation out here is what I thought. Bookmark here

"HEEY, HAYASHI!" Nakano shouts while running towards me. All the guys in the beach immediately stopped what they where doing to steal a glance at her. I as well looked and damn she's wearing a two piece swimsuit while that is blue as the ocean. Nice Pic though. Bookmark here

"So what do you think?" she asked with a smerk. Bookmark here

"Ah, yeah. It looks pretty good on you....I guess." I said while I'm sunned at how good she looks. Bookmark here

I can't believe I got roped into this. Before this moment. Bookmark here

I saw the girls where holding their own meeting over there. For some reason I feel I'm going to regret asking what are they discussing but. Bookmark here

"Hey what are you guys talking about over there?" I asked anyway.Bookmark here

"Oh Hayashi, come over here. The girls and I where discussing which of our swimsuits are the cutest, but we couldn't decide. So I think you'd be the judge on who's better." she said. Bookmark here

"Wait, why me of all people?" I asked. Bookmark here

"Because you're a boy and boys knows what looks best on what girls wear." she said. Bookmark here

"That doesn't answer my questions. Why can't you let Taki do it." I asked. Bookmark here

"I have a question for that question, would you let him when you are in my position." She asked a rhetorical question. Bookmark here

"Yeah you have a point. But, I don know anything about swimsuit how can I judge which is better?" I asked. Bookmark here

"Swimsuits are like clothes, I think you can judge like how it looks on usa and you'd be fine." she said. Well it looks like there's no running away from this one. Bookmark here

Back to this moment. Bookmark here

"I'm really glad you said that. I took time choosing this." she said. Bookmark here

Now that I looked closer, Nakano has a nice fit body. Well she did say she was into sports. I figure that she used to play sports in middle school.Bookmark here

"Heey, Nakano no fair. I was going to make Hayashi fall madly in love with my sexy swimsuit." Matsuyama yells out. WHAHAHAHAAAAT IS WRONG WITH HER. THOSE THINGS ARE HUGE. As she was running her boobs we bouncing up and down. The attention that was formed when Nakano came grew twice than before. And I know what to blame. Bookmark here

"So does my swimsuit make you feel excited." A little yeah. But for my safety I'm never gonna say that. Bookmark here

"It looks good on you." I said with a flustered voice. Bookmark here

She's also wearing a two-piece, but unlike Nakano here's has some kind of string or something through the sides and it was colored red. Bookmark here

"Really, I sence some weakness in your voice. Could it be that you're erosed by my feminine charm, aren't you?" she then huged and sqweezed my arm on purpose so that I could feel her soft boobs. My face turned bright red. Bookmark here

"You should see the look on your face right now. It looks so bright red that it could explode at anytime." says Nakano. It should explode at any moment. Bookmark here

"If you where in my position you'd understand the situation better." I said to her.Bookmark here

"Hey stop teasing One-Chan like that, can't you see he's suffering." it's Iroha I'm saved. Bookmark here

"Don't worry I'm jut playing around with him. Just a bit to make him feel like a man." Matsuyama says. Any more of this and I'll be knocked out. Bookmark here

I've just noticed her cute cherry blossom colored two piece swimsuit. Again where she that developed the last time I saw her. My face turns extra red. Bookmark here

"AH YOU SEE YOU'RE MAKING IT WORSE. LET GO OF HIM NOW!! " Iroha should. Trust me she's just one of the cause of my head about to explode right now. Bookmark here

"Well Iroha your swimsuit looks extremely cute. As expected." I said that after I freed my hand and cleared my throat. Bookmark here

"Yay, praised by Onii-Chan like that makes me so happy." Iroha says. Bookmark here

"No Fair! You are just saying that just because she's your sister." Nakano says. Bookmark here

"She's Judge properly and fairly to us all." Matsuyama followed. Bookmark here

"But it is true, her swimsuit is pretty cute." I said to compensate to what I said earlier. Bookmark here

"U-Um Hayashi. T-Thanks for waiting." Miyura says still nervous. Bookmark here

But her swimsuit looks to be surprisingly cute as well. She wore a one piece swimsuit that had flower decorations, to top her look she got a beach hat. Bookmark here

"S-So, h-how does it look." she asked. Bookmark here

"Adorable." I answered.Bookmark here

"R-Really!? " she asked. Bookmark here

"Of course really that swimsuit looks good on you and I'm not messing around or anything." i said. Bookmark here

"See I told you that it will look cute on you." Nakano says. Bookmark here

"T-Thank you." Miyura says. Bookmark here

After complementing how adorable Miyura looks. The air suddenly everyone's attention, men and women alike, shifted towards the entrance as she came out and walked towards us. This feeling feels like the one in the entrance ceremony. She came out like she was royalty. It was Iwasaki. Bookmark here

"Well, how do I look? " She strait up said it without giving me a moment to think and also she blushed as she said it. Bookmark here

"Eh, well I don't know where to start. I'm lost for words on how beautiful you look." I said and she blushed even more.Bookmark here

She's wearing a two piece, black with white pocodats swimsuit with a blue thin jacket. Bookmark here

"The winner is Iwasaki for being way too beautiful." I said and Iwasaki followed with a peace sign. Bookmark here

"Heeh, was this even a fair match? Iwasaki is here and her boyfriend would choose her over other girls anyway." Nakano says. Bookmark here

"I agree with you guys. She's even looks like a model or princess or something like that." Iroha adds. Bookmark here

"Hey guys sorry I came late, I saw this cute chick and...... WOW YOU ALL LOOK HOT IN YOUR SWIMSUITS! " Taki shouted on that last part. Bookmark here

"Thanks we where having a competition on who's swimsuit looks better." Nakano says. Bookmark here

"Whaat and you didn't invite me." he sounded disappointed then. Bookmark here

"Knowing yourself do you think it would be a good idea of we would invite you on a competition like this?" Nakano asks another rhetorical question. Bookmark here

"Fair point." That hurt him even more. Bookmark here

"Now that we've all changed why don't we have some fun together." I said to bring Taki's morale back. And they all agreed. Bookmark here

Right now, Everyone is having fun. We started playing beach volleyball. Iwasaki and I are in the same team while our opponents are Taki and Nakano. Matsuyama is relexing under the beach umbrella. And Iroha and Miyura are both sitting under the same umbrella talking, most of the conversations came from Iroha of course. Bookmark here

"You ready to loose Ayato?" Taki said to intimidate me. Bookmark here

"Dream on. Taki." I responded. Bookmark here

And Nakano served the ball. Iwasaki received it. It went right next to the net, I setted it for her and she jumped and spiked. One point for us. Bookmark here

"You where saying hotshot" I mocked him. Bookmark here

We won so we started to serve. I served to the other side. Taki swished towards the direction of the ball and received it just for Nakano to set where he tried to spike. I then received it Iwasaki set it for me. I spiked and we scored. Two points. Bookmark here

The game continued until 3 matches of which we won 2 of them and the second one ended up dragging on a deuce. I decided to go to the sea to cool of and Iwasaki joined me. Bookmark here

"I'm really glad we came here you know. We're having a lot of fun with all of our friends." I said. Bookmark here

"Yeah and it's all thanks to you. If you didn't come to the club room that day, I wonder where would I be I wonder? Probably stuck in my room reading nothing but books the whole day. " she asked. Bookmark here

"Yeah I guess. I think it's the same for me. I mean if I haven't met Taki, Nakano you and the others I'd have probably stuffed my self in my room bored af." I said and she laughed. Bookmark here

"Do you think people still see us as a couple?" she asked. Bookmark here

"Hmm what I know is our friends still do. So I think that we're still safe." I said. Bookmark here

While we where still talking, Iroha called us for some kakigori(TL Note: Shaved ice.) and I took strawberry. This hits the spot. I wanted some kikigori to cool off. Today was kinda fun. I mean I've never been to the beach with friends before. I wish I'd stay like this forever together with my friends. Bookmark here

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