Chapter 18:

School exam: Study to avoid Remedial Classes in summer vacation

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I never thought that entering high school would be an adventure. I've joined the music club and spent a week persuading(annoying) Iwasaki to join, we where forced to play a concert out of short notice. I got punched in the face trying to protect Iwasaki from being attacked by her 'victim of heart broken'. I am currently dating, well fake dating, Iwasaki to help her not get attacked by another pissed of guy who got rejected, to be honest I'm protecting the guys who confess to her in this school. Even though I'm doing this task, I made more enemies in this school. Most of them are basically dudes. And finally helped Iwasaki from her brother who, turns out, was protecting her even if it meant being hated. All of that did not preper for what will happen next. Bookmark here


"Hey keep it down it's still early in the morning. I'm surprised that you didn't know, since she always come in our classroom and one other day. She basically huged me in front of everyone in class almost every day." I said. Bookmark here

"Well obviously I couldn't since I've been busy. That's not the point here. The point is you didn't tell me, your best friend." he said. Bookmark here

"It doesn't matter if I told you, the outcome is still the same. You would still do what you always do." I said.Bookmark here

Suzuki Sensei comes in and interrupts our conversation and homeroom starts for the day. Bookmark here

"Just a reminder, Mid terms are coming up and as of today club activities will be suspended until the end of the test period. Don't you dare think that all of this means you should be frolliking around. If you fail even one test, you have to take up remedial classes during summer break. "she explained. Bookmark here

It's now lunch time. And since club rooms are closed Iwasaki came to our classroom for lunch and by now you would guess how many people want to punch my face. Bookmark here

"Hey Hayashi. What's your average score in test?" Nakano asks.Bookmark here

"Huh, where did that come from all of a sudden?" I asked my own questions. Bookmark here

"I know it's kinda random and since exams are coming up I just want to know how much you get on your tests. Not that I can brag since I mostly get below average." oh she's just asking for someone to tutor her or something like that. Bookmark here

"It depends on what topic we're writing about but most of the time I get past 60. But I'm pretty sure, she gets better grades than everyone here, isn't that right Miss Honnor student?"I asked Iwasaki. Bookmark here

"Why are you looking at me all of the sudden? Well I do get good grades I think." she says. If we translate good grades on her language it means that she gets top tens in the grade rankings. She got to this school out of recommendation, is how smart she is. Bookmark here

"I can't wait for summer vacation. We'll go to the beach, see girls in their bathing suites. It'll be the best summer that I'll never forget." Taki goes on about his hopes for the summer. Bookmark here

"Yeah all of that would be nice and it'll probably make summer great. As long as you don't fail these test, summer would be awesome." as soon as I said that Taki julted and stopped talking and started to sweat bullets. Bookmark here

"Ah yeah, tests pass 'em right. Got it." for some reason all of his enthusiasm became fear. Bookmark here

"Taki are you alright. Don't tell me? What's your best score you've ever got in a test?" I asked. Bookmark here

"Ahh...... Well.." he hesitated. Bookmark here

Judging by that reaction I could think it's worse than I think. Bookmark here

"Ah, how about we form a study group. That way we could help each other out on where we're lacking" Nakano suggested. Bookmark here

"That's a great idea. Where should we study, the library?" Iwasaki asked. Bookmark here

"I don't think that's a great idea. Since the exams are coming up. A lot of people would have the same Idea." I inputed. Bookmark here

"Then this only leads to studying at one of our houses. But my room is kinda small so I don't think all of us could fit so that's a no go." Nakano says. Bookmark here

"As much as I want to bring you hot and cute girls to my place, it'll be impossible because my house is pretty noisy so we'd hardly get any studying done." Taki says. Bookmark here

"My house is available. But my brother is having big business conference tonight with his clients. I doubt I'd be allowed to bring people home." Iwasaki says. Seriously, I swear that guy has the worst timing in the world. Bookmark here

"Then which means there's only one house left." as Nakano says that all of them looked at me simultaneously. Bookmark here

"Heh, mine!? Well there is no problem, but...." I'm afraid of them seeing my mother in her out of work state. Even though Iwasaki experienced it at first hand. Bookmark here

"Then it's decided. After school where heading to your house Hayashi." Nakano said enthusiastically. Bookmark here

Well we're all here in front of my house after we rode the train....... except. Bookmark here

"Why the hell are you here. I don't remember giving you an invitation." I said to Matsuyama. She apparently tagged along with neither our concern. Bookmark here

"Aw, why so rude Hayashi. You know it's rude to turn down a girl even though I got to the trouble coming this way." Matsuyama says. Bookmark here

"Except it'll be trouble of you to be here." I retorted. Bookmark here

"Hey, Hayashi. Who's this." Nakano asked. Bookmark here

"Oh you mean the girl who rudely invited herself. Her name is Shina Matsuyama. Don't worry how we met just know she's in the same grade as us." I said. Bookmark here

"Another girl. Man how can you be this lucky? I'd kill for your luck.KILL " Taki says as he freaks out. Bookmark here

"Oi, chill out over there. And also it's more like a curse than luck." I said to Taki. Bookmark here

"Besides I'm here for work purposes." she whispered after pulling me out of the crowd. I could only guess his intentions. Bookmark here

"Well whatever. The more we stand outside the less we cover today. So make your self at hoooooo..... MOM WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN THE HALL WAY." I was interrupted by my mom sleeping in the hallway surrounded by cans of empty beer. After I opened the door. Bookmark here

"Mmmm oh Ayaatoo, gmorni. I was bored while I waz all alone in this big houze." she says while she's drunk. Bookmark here

"Ah mom how many times do I have to tell you, stop drinking way too much. You know you can't handle your liquor. Why do I even bother it's like I'm talking to a rock or something. " I said that while picking her up. Bookmark here

"I'm sorry that you had to witness that. You can so long I have to put my mon in bed." I said.Bookmark here

"Mmm Ayaaato thaz sho mean even zhough I'm your mother zon't treat me like I'm child." she spouts out nonsense. Bookmark here

"When you're this drunk, you act more like a child." I said. Bookmark here

I finally got mom to bed so I quickly returned to my room. Bookmark here

"Sorry to keep you guys waiting. Aaah Matsuyama, I got one question here. What are you doing over there." I asked after seeing her looking through my stuff. Bookmark here

"Well since we're in a boys room. There is bound to be one ero magazine in here. Under the bed. No. How about in the wardrobe. Not here either. Under the storage compartment. Nothing are you even a boy in the first place." She stays. Bookmark here


We then eventually started. Bookmark here

"OKay guys let's first scope out what we're lacking by writing this practice paper." I said and we all commenced. Bookmark here

"Taki what's the meaning of this." I'm gripping his page out of frustration. His score is 24.Bookmark here

"Man I knew you're much  dumbfounded. But I'd never think that this would be be failing again." she said just to mock Taki. Bookmark here

"You're one to talk you my have ranked a bit higher between the two. It all all doesn't change the fact that you failed the test." I said. Her score 34.Bookmark here

"Well year show us your test then." Taki said. My score is 73 and Iwasaki's is 96.Bookmark here

"The problem one is right here." I looked at her. Her score is 12. Bookmark here

"It can't be helped. I'm not good at learning in stuff." Matsuyama says. Bookmark here

"Well what ever. Looks like we have  definitely have a lot to do. Iwasaki, Let's divide our work load. We might make it if we keep it up like that?" I asked Iwasaki. Bookmark here

"Fine." she answered. Bookmark here

We kept going at it like this until the time for entrence exams came. Taki looks to be more nervous than everyone else here. Bookmark here

Our school has five subjects. Japanese which Taki was not good at, even worse than his average score, Math, which Nakano sucks at, Science, English and Social studies, which Matsuyama is terrible at all of the above. But I think with our help they'll sure be fine. I hope. Bookmark here

Today it's Math. This question, I didn't notice it before and naturally I didn't study for it. But for some reason I could solve it with a sinch. Bookmark here

The rest of the week has happened almost the same. And now in the school we're here to receive our results. And as always they will be a huge sigh by the class. Bookmark here

Whatever my name was called and I managed to get 97 points for English, 90 for Math, 98 for Science and 96 for Social studies. And it turns out that I overlapped Iwasaki to second place.. Bookmark here

"How did you do it?" Iwasaki asked still in shock. Bookmark here

"I don't all I did was study like anyone else. " I answered.Bookmark here

"Then in that case, I'll have to pull my socks and study as hard as I can." she said with deboved Junior. Bookmark here

As for others avoided not failing and not taking any remedial lessons.Bookmark here

 "Ah yeah the hell of going to school on summer vacation is finally over. Now we could finally get to the beach." Taki said. Bookmark here

"You're way too committed to this aren't you. But The beach doesn't so much bad. What do you guys think?" I asked. Bookmark here

"Sure the beach would be fun. Could me in." Nakano said. Bookmark here

"I think that will be fine." Iwasaki says. Bookmark here

"I'd go wherever you go." Matsuyama says.Bookmark here

"Hey that last agreement sounded weird. Could you please tune it down an notch." I retorted. Bookmark here

"Then it's decided. When summer starts we'll be going to the beach." I said. Bookmark here

"Then we should buy some new swimsuits for the occasion then." Nakano says. Bookmark here

"That's a great idea my old one is getting a bit tighter." says Matsuyama. Bookmark here

"Girls in swimsuits. That will be bliss." says Taki. Bookmark here

"Try not to get too excited." I said. Bookmark here

The beach, that's a classic place to make more memories with my friends. I think when we come back it be the most memorable summer we all will ever have. It's going to be fun I can't wait. Bookmark here

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