Chapter 1:

Sad Rain

Blossom Forest

The bleakness of the rain began falling in a depressing state of agony there stood a woman with black hair long hair brown eyes in a booth all alone in High and Mighty Cafe. There’s one employee though she orders a coffee and wallows in sadness. She goes by the name of Shibata Sakura. Sakura ponders on thoughts of what could’ve been and once was until.

Like a bird of a feather like two animals eloping in walks in the knight in shining armor the Prince Charming so to speak. He has Teal Hair and Lilac Purple Eyes. He sees the crying girl and feels like he should comfort the woman. He asks her “Are you okay?” She ignores him. And out of the blue he suddenly gets this ingenious idea.

What is it you may ask? He thinks to himself what if I cheer up this stranger that I’ve never met or have ever interacted with before? Then his conscious kicks him telling him “No she’ll call me a Fucking miscreant creep and an Asshole.

Just as he thinks he should leave the poor downtrodden girl helpless to wallow and sap in her own self-pity. The stroke of genius goes through with his well thought out plan.

He orders her Ramen he carries and delivers the Soba to the girl. He nonchalantly says ”here you go this should cheer you up!” He then gets up and walks away. She now rises like a Phoenix from the ashes and says ”Wait don't go you buy me soup and don't even stay to talk?”

He returns like the hero he is. she exclaims ”I don't even know your name What is your name? Sir?” she asks him ever so gingerly. He then chortles a cackle gleams and says” My name is Morimoto Souta and what is your name, miss?” He asks.

She says nervously ”Shibata Sakura!” Does he say like the beautiful Pink Cherry Blossom trees?” She nods yes. He indicates that ”We should go see them sometime.” She then blushes like a schoolgirl when she first meets her high school crush but finds out that he's dating someone else.

They now sit there talking about life and the future. Souta then asks Sakura ”Do you have a job?” Sakura then says ”No I've been trying to find so many different ones but nothing that stands out.” Sakura reiterated the question back to Souta do you she asks? ”Not at the moment, but when the time comes yes I will.”

Sakura thinks to herself he seems so vague and mysterious. Souta thinks to himself is there something she's not telling me? I need to find out! Souta then acts on his own volition and intuition and asks ”Sakura why when I came here were you so down in the dumps?”

Sakura says ”Souta I always am I just feel lost in the world so cold defenseless from the cruel earth and who inhabit it I'm scared of the future I don't like thinking about it gives me severe anxiety and mental stress on my brain I don't want to Fucking die but I think that where do we go nowhere? That's Fucking scary!” Sakura sobs in Tears.

Souta says ”Sakura You don't think I feel like that like a piece of Shit that can't do nothing but things for himself but yet I want to help people you try to find searching everywhere for someone that will give you a warm embrace and you're just castrated out like the Dumbass you're.”

Souta angrily tears up a little. Here's where things take an interesting turn of events the one employee is no stranger at all it but who is it? Another person while this is all unfolding enters?

There's a commonplace where they know each other but where? none other than! Rivershore Apple Cider High School. The school itself is like any other the special clique friend groups but it's separated by class letters theirs is Class 25 NG.

The one employee to get back to that is a workhorse Yashishida Matsurime Baby Blue hair with Ultra Pink Highlights and Deep Sky Blue eyes she works many jobs and does many school activities is very positive and plays sports always cheering on teammates classmates friends.

Next is one that's madly in love with Mitsuhira Hirari has a crush on her writes poems and songs about and for her. Okimoto Ryurata Pumpkin Orange hair and Pineapple Yellow eyes  he's shy at first but he does open up he cooks Rice , Ramen,Deep Fried Pork Cutlets, and Beef.

Now we have one that is another polar opposite but friend to Okimoto Ryurata Yamamura Iwao Walnut Brown Hair and Gray eyes he serves the school council class President Otohira Sumiri Pearl River Gray hair Steel Blue eyes  .

There are others as well Dezaki Kosashi a degenerate but very smart with Denim Blue hair red eyes. Ogatsu Hanisami stern bossy but nice as well she has Scarlet Red hair and Maya Blue eyes. Sunoda Chitsu who Kosashi gawks at endlessly Yellow Blonde hair with Fushia Pink  eyes . The Bully Furuyashi Komari Rose Pink and White hair Violet Purple eyes always gets into trouble. Another Crush enters the fray Hanakama Kyokura there's many after her glasses nerdy intelligent shy Sky Blue hair with hints of Lime Green Highlights she's got stunning Kelly Green eyes.