Chapter 2:

First Day Storm Settles Or Not?

Blossom Forest

It's the First day of High School for the students at Rivershore Apple Cider High School.

The social anxiety, pressures, nervousness, and shyness sets in as some don't know what they're in for.

Freshman First Year Student Shibata Sakura Age Eighteen,

Sophomore Second Year Student Furuyashi Komari Age Nineteen,

Sophomore Second Year Student Eighteen Okimoto Ryurata,

Junior Third Year Student Hanakama Kyokura Age Twenty,

Freshman First-Year Student Dezaki Kosashi Age Eighteen,

Junior Third Year Student Ogatsu Hanisami Age Ninteen,

Sophomore Second Year Student Yamamura Iwao Age Eighteen,

Freshman First Year Student Sunoda Chitsu Age Eighteen,

Sophomore Second Year Student Mitsuhira Hirari Age Nineteen,

Sophomore Second Year Student Yashishida Matsurime Age Eighteen,

Senior Fourth Year Student Morimoto Souta Age Nineteen,

Sophomore Second Year Student Council President Otohira Sumiri Age Eighteen.

Their Home Room Teacher of Class 25 NG none other than Koyamiya Yurisa Age Twenty Seven.

Ms. Yurisa says “Welcome Students to Class 25 NG! I’m your Homeroom Teacher Ms. Yurisa this is the first day of school at Rivershore Apple Cider High School let's start by going around and introducing yourself to your classmates saying a little about yourself.”

“Hello, I'm Otohira Sumiri your Student Council President I want to make sure I can make this year the best I can for everyone! I love to focus on my studies.”

“Alright I'll go I guess I'm Morimoto Souta not that anyone gives a Shit but I'm graduating from this hellhole of a place.”

“Ah, I am Dezaki Kosashi I don't know what to say I'm new here I transferred from Sigma Kappa Alpha Omega Six Seaside Western Atlantic Of The Pacific Northwest Eastern Academy Of Sciences.”

“Hi, I'm Ogatsu Hanisami don't even think about trying anything funny I'll keep you punks in line! Just kidding haha I do MMA and I love to drink tea.”

“Hello, I am Yashishida Matsurime I work to keep myself busy I have various jobs and I also play sports if you ever need someone to talk to or positivity confidence boost moral support I'm here!”

“Okay, I'm Sunoda Chitsu I'm quiet at first but once you get to know me I'm a bundle of joy I love Japanese Wrestling and shopping and taking cool pictures with friends.”

“You already know that I'm Yamamura Iwao I'm Otohira Sumiris Vice President so I'm also here to make this year awesome for everyone I'm smart too!”

“Greetings, I'm so glad to meet everybody I am Hanakama Kyokura I don't have any flaws I am the pure embodiment of quintessential aka I.e Perfection so get used to it!”

“Oh This should be Fun What's up Bitches I'm Furuyashi Komari I take pride in making sure someone is intimidated by me it brings me joy and happiness so Fuck an introduction.”

“How are you? I am Okimoto Ryurata I'm here to help anyone here in need it's what I do and appreciate it makes my day better.”

“Seriously that Chick totally stole my line! Damn Well, I'm Mitsuhira Hirari I transferred from Milan, Italy, France, Germany, all over the World I'm a model if you couldn't tell spoiled rotten to the core Like an Apple take that Ryuk!And I'm the real Queen bee here.”

“No, I'm so Fucking nervous and shy can I go to the bathroom I'm getting anxious already? I need to eat or I'll pass out. I am the newbie Shibata Sakura yeah yeah laugh it up the social outcast that is somehow an ambivert a mix between introvert and extrovert sometimes I'm a social butterfly other times a keep to myself sad lonely girl depressed keeping to herself. You probably won't like me like I give a Damn unless?”

Ms. Yurisa “I think that's enough for today geez such potty mouths I mean you're adults but Hell leave some curses to me no wonder why I can't find someone these darn millennials oh did I say that out loud? Um, I meant you're all wonderful you can make it through this year!”