Chapter 8:

Fast fly

Higher Lower

25th December 2014Bookmark here

Christmas! It's a time of joy for everyone: exchanging gifts, taking a few days of work and spending time in the family. And during all this happiness, someone was dying!

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"You have lost the game, Joshua Wilson!"Bookmark here

"Wait please! I'll do anything for you! Spare me please! Just tell me what you want for me!"Bookmark here

"You don't have what I want, Joshua Wilson."Bookmark here

With those last words Vincent waved his arm and the man dropped dead. Then he walked away as the first few people started noticing the dead body. Bookmark here

"I sure did finish early this time. What should I do now?" Bookmark here

As he was walking around, Vincent noticed an unusual presence behind him. It was a new sensation that made him curious, and he decided to confront it, but not exactly there an then. He circled around a building a few times, and after he was sure that he was indeed being followed he made his move. In a split second he was on top of the building.Bookmark here

"Interesting, but annoying. Who are you?"Bookmark here

There was no response.Bookmark here

"What about this then?"Bookmark here

Vincent snapped his fingers. It was a gesture that he was always doing before showing himself to a victim. That was the method that he used to trap people and made them play the game. Also, with that gesture, he gathers information about the victim, like the name and the past of the person. But this time nothing came up. Then a loud sough was followed by an incredibly fast attack. So fast that the snow around the attacker had turned into water instantly. But Vincent parried the attach with his hand.Bookmark here

"Who are you?" asked VincentBookmark here

The man attacking him didn't respond. Instead he launched another powerful attack with his other hand, but Vincent parried that as well, with his other free hand. Now both of them were standing face to face, or to be more precise, mask to face.Bookmark here

The attacker was wearing a cat mask, hiding his identity. Even without seeing his face Vincent realized that he attacker was a lot younger than him, and unexperienced in fighting. But despite all that his attacks were not of human capabilities.Bookmark here

"I really don't like repeating myself." said VincentBookmark here

Both sides launched a series of attacks in a fight that only took seconds, and in the end Vincent was the one who was still standing, while the mysterious attacker was collapsed on the ground.Bookmark here

"Well, that was easy! If you don't want to answer me what about we play a game?"Bookmark here

Hearing those words, the cat masked attacker shivered in fear. But only for a second. He stood up, clenched his fists and said:Bookmark here

"You will be the one to play a game with me!"Bookmark here

Vincent eyes sparkled red all of the sudden and a big smile appeared on his face. He launched another series of attacks that brought down the masked kid, but only for a second because he rose up again and tried to attack Vincent. This cycle of getting up, then getting beaten down by Vincent repeated for some time until finally the mysterious kid couldn't move anymore."Bookmark here

"Done already?"Bookmark here

The mask was cracked ,but not broken yet. Vincent noticed that and realized that it must be special in some way. The kid used the fact that Vincent was paying attention to the mask and threw his mask at him. In the split second that Vincent was dodging this last desperate attack, the kid ran away jumping of the building. In the end Vincent couldn't see his face.Bookmark here

"I can't sense that strange presence anymore. He must be a fast one."Bookmark here

All that was left behind was the mask. Vincent inspected it closely, and when he tried to put it on his face, the whole world started trembling and he remembered something. Something long forgotten from his past... Bookmark here

Real Aire
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