Chapter 9:

Invisible Interference

Higher Lower

Vincent started remembering something... something from his past... something that was long forgotten and something that should have never been remembered.Bookmark here

7th December 1998Bookmark here

A kid saidBookmark here

"Look mom! I made a snowman!"Bookmark here

Silence....Bookmark here

"Mom..."Bookmark here

"Oh wow! That is a really nice snowman!"Bookmark here

"Do you like it?"Bookmark here

"Of course!"Bookmark here

That wasn't Vincent and his mom. Vincent was the one destroying the snowman.Bookmark here

"Mom! The snowman just died!" cried the kidBookmark here

"Oh no! Who would have done that!"Bookmark here

"I did it! Look at me!" said Vincent with a proud smileBookmark here

"But mom, there is no one else here." Bookmark here

"Don't cry! I'll help you rebuild it!"Bookmark here

"Thanks mom." sobbed the kidBookmark here

"I am right here! I did it! Hahahaha are you mad?" shouted VincentBookmark here

But no one responded or made any gesture that they noticed him.Bookmark here

"W-Why... Why is everyone ignoring me? Why just me?"Bookmark here

The smile disappeared from Vincent's face and tears filled his eyes as he ran away. He ran and ran and ran until he arrived at the place he called 'home'. And his 'home' was a carboard box near a dumpster in a dark small alley. Bookmark here

"I am home!'Bookmark here

"Meow"Bookmark here

"Oh kitty, there you are! What did you do while I was gone?"Bookmark here

"Meow"Bookmark here

"Why am I crying? Haha I am not? crying! There is something in my eye, that's all. Anyway, you must be hungry right? Here let's eat this bread!"Bookmark here

Sadness, loneliness, pain, coldness and starvation these were the emotions that Vincent was experiencing when he was just 10 years old. While the other kids were playing , he was all alone. The only companion he had was a cat. When he picked up the cat mask something inside his brain made him remember this part of his past. And with those memories, something bad also came...Bookmark here

"Hahahaha" laughed Vincent "I remember now, why I do what I do! How could I have forgotten something this important?"Bookmark here

A big smile appeared on Vincent's face. And it wasn't the same smile from when he met Sophie, or from when he met the mysterious attacker. It was a evil smile, one that might just cover the entire planet. One that was saying "Look at how happy I am and how sad are you!".Bookmark here

20th December 1998Bookmark here

"I am back!"Bookmark here

Silence...Bookmark here

"Huh? Kitty? Where are you?"Bookmark here

But the cat wasn't in her usual spot. The cat or Kitty, how Vincent was calling her, was always sleeping near the cardboard box. But on this day the cat wasn't there. Vincent, worried, started looking for her.Bookmark here

"Hey Kitty! Where are you?" shouted while he was walking on the streets.Bookmark here

Unfortunately, he didn't find the cat on that day. He searched almost without stop the next days too but it was all for nothing. He tried asking strangers if they have seen a cat nearby but no one ever responded. Bookmark here

25th December 1998Bookmark here

After searching for 5 days, when he was almost ready to give up, he found her. But it wasn't a happy reunion.Bookmark here

"Oh! I found you! Finally!"Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

"Kitty? I am right here!"Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

"Hello? "Bookmark here

The cat wasn't responding. Kitty didn't even look his way.Bookmark here

"Not you too! You were the only one who was close to me! Don't become like everyone else Kitty!"Bookmark here

In reality, Kitty was never close to Vincent. She was just happy to receive food from a mysterious force near that cardboard box. She never saw or noticed Vincent's presence, no one did back then. Bookmark here

Author's noteBookmark here

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