Chapter 10:

Is he lying?

The Untold

“Hi Miss Abe. I actually wanted to know a bit about the suspect of our case, Mr Nishimura. I barely got to talk with anyone since the morning.”

“Oh, yeah. That’s right. Last night when you left, there weren’t any updates on the case. But then we suddenly got a lead and acted upon it quickly.”

“Oh. What were the leads actually about?”

“The last call the 18th victim made was an unknown number and it turned out to be Mr Nishimura’s number. Also remember the factory where we found the blood? He actually works near there.”

“Oh. Did you check the facts thoroughly? I mean you also know that these small discoveries can’t determine the suspect and if we don’t provide solid evidence, we won’t be able hold him in for too long.”

“Ah yes we of course know that. We are trying our best to collect more evidence against him.”

“Actually I was wondering if I could actually have a chance to interrogate him myself. Will that be a problem?”

“Oh, no. You can go ahead right now. He is in the interrogation room.”

“Ah thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Well as you can see, I’m a bit busy at the moment. So may I?”

“Ah. Yes, sure.”


Cindy knew she had to find all the information she could regarding his brother. How did he turn out to be one of the most wanted criminals.

“Hi, nice to meet you. I’m Cindy McAdams, a special agent for the case. I’m here to ask you a few questions regarding the case we are dealing with. I hope you will cooperate with me.”

“Ma’am please believe me. I didn’t do anything. I’m being framed. They wouldn’t let me talk to my friends or family. Please help me, I’m innocent.”

“Oh really? But then don’t you think you should prove your innocence to us?”

“Yes. But they don’t even let me talk.”

“Okay, I will let you talk. I’m here to listen to all you have to say. So tell me everything. How did you know Miss Momo?”

“Momo and I have been friends for a while now. Actually it’s me, Momo and Saika. The three of us used to do everything together. Momo always felt very lonely and barely had any friends after transferring to our school due to her timid personality. Actually the three of us transferred at the same time. So the transfer students became each other’s friend. Saika has strict parents and so she couldn’t be with us everywhere we went. So it was mostly me and Momo. Momo could stay out as long as she wanted as her parents were always late to come home. And due to that, she would often feel very lonely and that’s when we would hang out. Her parents basically knew nothing about her and it was me and Saika who were there when she needed company. She relied on us a lot too. Specially on me, as Saika couldn’t be there at all times due to her parents. That night too she called me and said that she thought someone was following her and then suddenly the call cut off. By the time I reached, she was long gone.”

“Did you go there before the authorities?”

“By the time I went there, her parents and relatives were already there looking for her.”

“Oh. But then according to your story it seems as though you and her were friends. But then why didn’t she have your number saved?”

“I was wondering the same thing too. She used to call me at least three times a day and I even saw her saving one of my photos from a school event for my phone number.”

“Have you talked with Saika, your other friend?”

“The police wouldn’t let me talk to anyone. Saika’s parents are also very cautious about the case and aren’t allowing her to come to the police station either.”

“What about your parents?”

“My dad died a few years ago from a car accident and the only other family member I have is my mom. But my mom also got disabled after the accident. Ever since then, I’ve been the one to do several part-time jobs and earn money for my family.”

“Did you always have financial difficulties? Sorry if I offended you with that question.”

“No. Actually I was adopted as a child. I only remember bits of my older memories. I remember having an older sister who was like my mother. But then had abusive parents. And then one day I suddenly got adopted to this really wealthy family. I remember being sad at the beginning thinking about my sister. But they soon made me feel at home. Which I think was the reason to make me forgot about most of my older painful memories. But growing up in a rich family was really comfortable to me. And then one day all of a sudden my dad left us. After his death, his business did a whole 180 and we ended up on the road. I needed to take care of my mom too. And that’s why we moved to a rather rural area and met Momo and Saika.”

“I see…”
N. D. Skordilis
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