Chapter 11:

What is the truth?

The Untold

“Mr Adachi, actually I want to step out a bit for some personal matters. Please inform Miss Abe that I might not return today.”

“Ah. Okay.”

Cindy knew that Saika’s family members wouldn’t allow the police to interfere with her. But she had hear the truth to believe anything her brother told her.

“Hello. Nice meeting you. I am a special agent working on the kidnapping case. I wanted to have a bit of a chat with Miss Akiho Saika.”

“Ma’am we have already said this several times now that we don’t want our daughter to be involved in such a case.”

“But sir, your daughter is a friend of the victim. We need her help to find more information about the case.”

“Didn’t you find the culprit already? What more do you want from my daughter? Don’t try to pressure her to do anything. She was just a friend. She doesn’t have to be involved. Also, we were anyways thinking about moving to another city.”

“But sir, your daughter needs to tell us some important information. This isn’t just about your daughter anymore. It’s about her beloved friend. Don’t you want her friend to get the justice she deserves?”

“I don’t know anything. Miss, please leave our house. We are very uncomfortable right now. You are making a scene for no reason.”

“Saika, can’t you see what your father is doing? He is pushing me out of here. Saika, Momo was your best friend. The friend you treasured the most got wrongfully taken away from you. Don’t want to find your friend? Don’t you want to know what she is going through?”

“Hey, stop! What are you trying to say? I’m right here. Why are you taking to my daughter? Why are you trying to brainwash her? She has nothing to do with this case.”

“Saika please. Even one of your classmates was taken in as a suspect. Don’t you want to tell us the truth to prevent a disaster from happening?”

“Hey! Get out of my house! I told you not to talk to my…”

“Stop it already! Dad why are you so selfish? It has been a torture for me to stay silent this whole time as if nothing happened. Momo is my best friend. But I’m here hiding from the world to protect myself. What about her? Did she do anything wrong to deserve this? How can I just sit back when I know Haru isn’t the culprit and that Momo is still out there somewhere.”

“What do you mean? Haru isn’t the culprit?”

“No! Haru would never! Me, Momo and Haru have been friends since the first day of school. After moving here, I was worried that I would never be able to make friends. But the two of them somehow became a part of my daily life. Haru has always been good at everything. If he bought a snack after school, he would always share it with the two of us. He is really kind. As Momo always felt lonely and didn’t have her parents around her all the time, Haru would often accompany her. And you are telling me that Haru did such a thing?”

“Then why didn’t you tell anyone? Why didn’t anyone from your class say anything about it?”

“Actually I told the officer in charge of the case that Haru was indeed Momo’s friend and not a stranger. But she said it didn’t matter. Some of our classmates also tried telling, but still they released a statement saying that they weren’t close.”

“But why? Even today when I brought it up, Miss Abe kind of changed the topic.”

“Ah yes Miss Abe, Abe Sakura. She was the one I told this.”

“But it seems like she didn’t tell anyone about it and kept it to herself. But why? It’s such a crucial evidence and yet she neglected it? But that might also mean that we got the wrong person. But why wouldn’t they try to find more evidence”

“Ma’am if you need my help, then please tell me. I can help you. I have to find my missing friend and help my other friend clear his name at any cost.”

“Saika, what do think you are saying? Are you out of your mind?”

“Dad please. Don’t say anything. I’ve been silent my whole life. But I can’t anymore. This whole thing has become bigger than you can imagine. It’s now about the life of my friends and I’m the only one who can help save them.”

“That is really brave of you Saika. But I want you to stay home. It might get a bit dangerous. I’ve some from the states to help solve the case, but this case smells too fishy. So I have to step up myself. That’s why not having the police baking up for me can be dangerous and I don’t want to put you under any danger. So stay here and if I need you, I’ll call you anytime.”

“Okay please do so and good luck.”

N. D. Skordilis
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