Chapter 2:

Chapter 2 : Nothing much

Last Stand Between Me and Life

I can't believe that something crazy just happened ,My name is Akira and I thing I'm in another world. as I let out a loud sigh I also was relieved that I didn't have to go to that war, "charge forward my ass stupid 2nd commander" as I mumble about my feeling about the commander bad leadership and strategy a sudden loud bang came out of nowhere.Bookmark here

As I look for the source of the explosion a huge cloud of smoke just came out from the forest that I came out from, I was afraid that not only me got here out of mistake so I hid behind bushes and tree an try to get closer to the source of the explosion and the same time hide myself from getting found out.Bookmark here

"Forward men to victory" that was the first word that I heard as I got closer and the more I came near the smell of blood and iron was getting stronger and stronger. "I always know what kind of smell at this because I have been to war before ,but the scent of gun powder is very faint as if not all of them are using any kind of gun"Bookmark here

I was shock that the source of the loud explosion was the cost of a war but what kind of people still uses heavy armour and medieval weapons, as stupid as it look, it seems that everything here seems a little bit of out of style I wanted to believe that everything here is just a dream or maybe some sort of bad low budget movie project but as I saw them still relaying on cannon and horse back I was in a really bad position 

I flee the scene soon as possible because everything that was displayed before me was just unbelievable, like it came out from a story book or somethingBookmark here

As I ran to the opposite direction as fast as I could I stumble into a group of people that looks like they leave like an outskirts for a long time. I was lucky that they were a sleep but some people were inside a tent. As I tried to drop in into there discussion I overheard they say overthrowing a town.Bookmark here

Shocked on what I just had discover, I took the opportunity to burn some of there supply and took anything that looks useful and run as fast as I could from that place. After running for a while I reach to a road nobody was there and I was just alone. Thinking back on what I just discovered I really want to get as far as possible to avoid trouble.Bookmark here

I look at what I stole to see of there is anything that is useful and might help be at the moment. I change to the set of clothe that were in the bundle of stuff that I stole and hid army uniform into a clay pot that was within the junk that I took and burry it into the ground and mark put a small mark on a tree to make sure that I remember where I hid my stuffBookmark here

Now with I all the things that I gather I've decided that I must get away from here and try to manage something then but now my priority is to just get away and not get myself into trouble. Now I must find some place to learn more about this world and get some capital
Bookmark here

And that's how my life turn upside down from here on out. From just a regular foot soldier into something, yeah something.Bookmark here

End of chapter 2Bookmark here

Abraham B. A.
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