Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: First Day of School


“It’s bitch black, everything is black. there is nothing here it’s cold and dark. Snow?…where am I? Who am I? 

“HELLO HELLO WAKE UP!“….mhm…. A shrill sound jolted my fleeting consciousness back to reality, making me feel like a spinning top forcefully put to a halt. Not the most pleasant of feelings all things considered. “What…?” A tingling numbness crawled along my left cheek and arm. “I SAID WAKE UP! “My god, will you give that a rest already?! Irritated I jumped out of my seat and glanced around the room.

“I was trying to catch up on some beauty sleep over here! I screamed only to be met with the displeased gazes of my fellow classmates. My gaze met with that of a middle aged man standing tall on the teachers podium, eyeballing me with an expression of clear astonishment. 

“Oh, I see how it is, Miss Azinami. Do you find my class tremendously boring to even fall asleep on the first day of school, hm? Eh? Ah!

“N-No sir! This is just a misunderstanding! “What’s wrong? “If you say you really weren’t dozing off like you had claimed, then let us hear your reasoning. No need to be so alarmed, Miss Azinami I believe in you”. 

I-I… “Azinami Eva, your out! His first crashed into my head, as I now have to endure the humiliation of being made laughingstock of my whole class. 2hours later

“Ugh… “I want to die”. I stepped out into the hallway, only to be greeted by the hearty guffaw of the person I wanted to meet the least. Well, well, “Miss Azinami have you reflected upon your actions”? “I-I did professor, I am utterly ashamed sir”. After spending a good ten minutes losing myself in a heated discussion with the professor, I decided to finally excuse myself and on my way.

“Ugh finally home sweet home”. I quickly went on my phone to check the time. “It’s 4:01 maybe I should run the track”. I put on my track suit and left the house to go run the track, I ran and ran breaking into a dash—if not a full sprint — “sure to put my trusty legs to work” as I quickly bolted. In any case the laws of physics weren’t completely flipped upside-down anymore. Back in the dream I had, I could recall running the track multiple times. I stopped running and started panting and huffing and puffing trying to catch my breath. “I’m tired maybe I should just go to sleep or read a book”. I sighed and was going to go home but as I was leaving I saw a man with blue curly hair and a white t-shirt his eyes were insanely beautiful.

“Um hello my name is jizuuko nice to meet you and your name is”? “Eva my name is Eva but if you could excuse me I’m going to go home sorry”. As I ran home I heard a loud scream, that scream startled me and I started to run even faster and once I got home, I quickly opened the door. I fell and hit my head, The impact of the fall was enough to knock me on conscious. “Ugh. I woke up on the floor and was super tired. “my head hurts”…… I heard a computer like voice talking in my head. 《notice? A large amount of energy is getting closer*! “Huh? Who are you”? 《In his original world, he already possessed a special power. Mental force—so-called psychokinesis—a superpower, one that he was born with. However, he never intended to make use of this power. Because he knew that if others were to discover his power, he would become a spectacle. “What are you going on about”? I was too tired to deal with this. “maybe I’m just hearing things I went upstairs to my room and jumped on my bed to go to sleep. “Goodnight”. I said to myself and as I closed my eyes I quickly fell asleep. 

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