Chapter 2:

Chapter 2: I quit being human



……Hmm.” The sound of my ring tone has woken me up, I go to the edge of the bed and reach to answer the phone. “Hello? “Hello is this jizuuko? “Nope you must of gotten the wrong number. “M-My apologies it won’t happen again”.

“…Ugh that was weird wait jizuuko? Isn’t that the guy I met yesterday? ahh never mind I guess it’s time to start the day”. I quickly get out of bed to go brush my teeth, take a shower and get dressed and realize that school starts in about 10 minutes. I go to eat breakfast and by the time I stepped out of the house I was already 4 minutes late. “I gotta get there fast I’m already late for school damn it damn it are there any short cuts? 

I ran so fast, faster than I expected but up ahead of me I saw a lot crowd cheering I have no other choice but to go through the whole crowd. “Excuse me…sorry… bad”. I tripped over someone’s foot and landed on the ground and in front of me were two people fighting, it was a big guy with tattoos all over his body and the other guy was….”JIZUUKO!”

“You think your tuff huh pretty boy”. Jizuuko didn’t respond. “Hey pretty boy listen to me when I’m talking to you”. Juzuuko still stayed silent and wasn’t interested in what the other guy had been saying. Eventually the guy tried to throw a punch at jizuuko, but jizuuko dodged his attack like it was nothing. The guy kept swinging but Jizuuko just kept dodging elegantly. “Whoa. It almost seems like jizuuko is like a supernatural being”.

The way he dodges and moves it’s hard for me to comprehend him. mean while the other guy is just throwing punches and kicks . Jizuuko eventually catches the guys punch and I see a water dragon appear before my eyes and jizuuko slams the guy on the ground. “I must be hallucinating”… “OH NO I forgot about school I’m going to be in so much trouble”. As I was running I see jizuuko running behind me…”Oh hey it’s you again where are you going? I’m going to school I’m Already late and I need to get there quickly.

“Oh so your going the same direction I’m going”. “That’s cool”. We finally made it to school but it turns out that me and Jizuuko go to the same school, that’s really weird. Me and jizuuko start talking about random stuff until I make it to class, I wave goodbye and he leaves to go to his class but as soon as I open the door to enter the classroom the teacher immediately yells out me and gives my extra homework.

Ugh why do I have so much bad luck, I say while sobbing. The day goes by pretty fast and normal the bell rings and we are quickly dismissed, everything was fine. I was super tired and bored so I decided to take a walk but that’s when…”feathers? Feathers we’re falling from the sky, they were black feathers falling from the sky. “Hahaha”.Man with wings stood before me, “who are you and what do you want! Your ouroboros’s sister your existence is a threat to all of existence so, you must die! 

I stood there pearlized in fear I couldn’t move an inch I stood there shaking I cried and screamed for helped but nobody came… He got ready to attack me and summoned a spear out of nowhere. He walked closer and closer, I still couldn’t move. Am I going to die? I asked myself…  is he going to pears my heart? “water dragons stance one surface slash! Jizuuko called out a water dragon to hit the mysterious guy but he quickly disappeared. Are you ok? Are you hurt? No I’m fine I said with a very frightened look on my face. I know it’s hard to believe but gods/creatures etc like us exist and you are the sister of ouroboros the god of all mythology, legends say that she contains all of mythology within her she’s the most powerful being in existence. Theres no more time to explain we are going up against the worlds first murder and was able to go up against god in hand to hand combat His name is Cain.

Cain? So Cain really exists! Cain then ran at jizuuko in an instant but luckily he was able to block cains attack. From the sky a girl comes down to strike Cain with a Devastating blow but Cain managed to dodge her attack. “Who are you? “I’m xungling I’m from a different story but of course you probably don’t know what I’m talking about.

“What’s going on!? “I told there’s no time to explain right now! Jizuuko and xungling both were hoping to hit cain with at least one of their attacks. Water dragon stance two, godly display!! He then summoned water from thin air onto his sword and was using that water to attack Cain, but he couldn’t hit Cain not once. 

                         THE creators notes

The water dragon stance two Performs up to six consecutive sword strikes.

Xungling summons a massive blue ball made of chakra and tried to hit Cain with it but Cain nullified it. “Is This all you have? Cain then pulls out six black ball like things out of thin air. “Those are the orbs of nunovoko how did you collect them all!! I heard the sound of water a beautiful sound… I couldn’t see anything. Finally my vision came back, “What happened? Jizuuko is using the god of waters power in order to beat Cain, all tho even that might not be enough . How can we beat him? …..we can’t he’s to strong for us right now, we need back up but of course why would any of the gods come to the human domain just to help us! We have no choice but to retreat. Xungling immediately  picked me up then started running but Cain didn’t allow that, he ran after us hoping to kill us both but jizuuko quickly stepped in and called out one of his moves. Water dragon stance three windmill! Cain quickly dodged the attack without breaking a sweat. “Run RUN jizuuko shouted. Xungling kept running and never looked back…. But for some reason she stopped. She put me down and told me to run away but I stood my ground and convinced her to let me go with her. We both ran back quickly and surprisingly I was able to keep up with xunglings speed. “It seems your body is getting used to us Celestials and is adapting and copying  our movement thats why your able to run this fast”. We Eventually made it back. jizuuko was fighting Cain and was losing badly. Xungling stepped in. She charged for another attack, But Cain dodged it. “What are you doing  back here I told you guys to RUN!” “We couldn’t leave you behind like that we are a team”. “A team? I’ve only just barely met you I thought”.  

Jizuuko started laughing, “your right we are a team and we are going to stop you Cain”! They both charged at Cain but they kept getting knocked back and beat up they have tried everything even using the power of other gods they weren’t able to defeat him. I eventually ran at Cain to attack him. “EVA what are you DOING!” jizuuko and xungling shouted. We are a team remember and if I’m going to be apart of this team I have to do something. I charged at Cain and jumped into the air going for a very strong kick, but Cain teleported to get some distance between him and my kick, my foot ended up hitting the ground causing a huge explosion. 

“I QUIT BEING HUMAN it’s time to step into the realm of the gods so come at me CAIN!” Cain quickly ran at me and throw 7 consecutive punches but o quickly dodged every single one and kicked him in the face causing him to fly backwards. “I’m getting pretty used to This, I said while smiling. Cain puts his arm out only for the orb to turn into a spear. “IT ends here Cain said”! We all got prepared for battle and waited to see what Cain will do next.