Chapter 19:



A line bears more distance than a point.Bookmark here

Sometimes, I think of this quote whenever I feel demotivated. It was started by a friend, who I believe still has it as his banner somewhere in the abyss of the Internet. Bookmark here

However, like all wonderful, joyous things, he blossomed and eventually faded.Bookmark here

While his presence is no longer with us, it stays in my mind.Bookmark here

And it lingers. It reminds me of the hardships many individuals go through that work as their biggest obstacles. Bookmark here

Rather peculiar, isn't it?Bookmark here

Some of you might have noticed the particular themes surrounding this story. It may be edgy, dark, ironic, or whatever it is, but it was inspired by one thing: my emotions.Bookmark here

Regardless, I am so grateful to have participated in this contest. As someone who experimented with all sorts of things -- from content creating videos, animation, voice acting, and theater, I didn't think writing would be the boost I needed. Bookmark here

I would have never expected this much feedback.Bookmark here

I would have never thought of reaching the top weeklies/monthlies even once.Bookmark here

I would have never realized that there are people out there who are willing to be supportive readers and fans of my work. Especially when I am barely starting in this hobby nor do I have the skills of a professional veteran writer.Bookmark here

Did I ever tell you I didn't know what "prose" was until I engaged with the community?Bookmark here

It's been a long journey.Bookmark here

And there is no one to thank but Honeyfeed for the opportunity and to those who are reading this, you. Bookmark here

For it's because of you, and so many others, that I am where I'm at.Bookmark here

Simply put, thank you so much. Bookmark here

I hope we will meet again. Bookmark here

Sincerely,Bookmark here

Pearlyn M.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

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