Chapter 22:

Penultimate battle

Waking up in a new world without any memories

There they were. Taiki and the demonking. To be honest, the young boy had imagined the demonking to look completely different. "Tell me......Why do you want this land!", Taiki asked the demon a question. "I'm looking for a certain person who lives here! I have to reciprocate with her!", Replied the demon. "But before we fight, I would like to introduce myself! My name is Maledicti Mao vindicta! And what is your name if I may ask?", The demonking asked a question to the young boy, who then answers: "My name is Taiki........Taiki Wakanabe! The spirit of revenge lies dormant in me, which is why I can only advise you not to enrage me, because then there will certainly be nothing left of you!" "We'll see! Lightning bullets!", Spoke Maledicti and immediately used an attack spell. Taiki reacted quickly and dodged the attack. He was still very battered by the previous struggle against Yukio. But he did his best to emerge victorious from this fight as well. All at once, the demonking cast an earth spell on the young boy: "Earthwave!"

Taiki could not think so quickly, which is why he preferred to dodge rather than find a suitable counter-spell. "Come on! Where is your fighting spirit when you eliminate this miserable bandit leader? Orax told me a lot about you! He is one of my most faithful servants! I have been searching for this goddess for so many years who cursed me to this existence! I want to take revenge on her! I am, just like you, someone who has been summoned to this world! I was also an adventurer and had a spirit of revenge inside me! I couldn't control him and so I became the demonking after i destroyed the last demonking because my spirit of revenge consumed me wholly! This goddess wants to achieve the same thing, only with you! We don't have to fight! Unite with me and we can destroy them together! It's the only way! This kingdom worships her as if she was a saint, but she is not! If we work together, we will also kill those, who have also done you wrong, such as these elvensiblings or this nobleman who keeps this sister of a friend of yours as a slave! What do you say now?", The demon king turned to Taiki with an offer.

The young boy actually thought about this offer for a short time. But then he looks around the bloody battlefield, where he could only see death and despair. "I would never join anyone who would even kill innocent people just to achieve his goals. It doesn't matter how bad this goddess is! I will find this being on my own, if she is really as cruel as you described her!", Taiki confidently replied. "Then, I'm very sorry that you're going to die today!", Shouted the demonking in frustration, whereupon he fired a spell on the young boy out of nowhere: "Earth quake!" All of a sudden, the earth split and Taiki had to jump to the side. Without warning, stones shot out of the earth that flew on Taiki. The demon heads and Taiki's friends and allies watched the fight with exciting eyes. Taiki raised his hands and cast a spell: "Earth wall!" So the young boy pulled out a wall of earth from the ground, which protected him from the approaching stones. But suddenly, the earth wall bursts when the demonking threw a huge rock at it. As a result, Taiki flew away and landed on the ground.

Before Taiki could even get up, he was hurled around by an air spell. "You could have allied yourself with me, Taiki! But now it seems as if your end has come!", Said Maledicti. But Taiki did not want to give up. He could not give up. He has come so far, has experienced and had to endure so much that a defeat was beyond dispute. Once again, Maledicti shot an air spell at him, this time Taiki responding with an attack and saying: "Godlight!" As a result, he created such a bright light that the air magic dissolved and the demonking was also slightly dazzled. However, Maledicit reacted on the spot and used a shadow spell: "Dark inferno!" All at once, all the light was swallowed by Taiki and a shadow pushed the young boy away. Taiki immediately picked himself up and cast a fire spell at the demon: "Fires of hell!" However, Maledicit did absolutely nothing about the fire, as he was immune to it. Taiki was already breathing hard. Out of nowhere, Maledicti hissed forward and gave the young boy a blow to the jaw. 

He flew away again. He was already weakened by the fight against Yukio. However, he must now give everything again to defeat the demon. Taiki felt the oppressive aura of the skeleton. It was powerful. However, there was an even stronger power in Taiki. Suddenly, Taiki sprinted forward and slammed his sword on Maledicti, who was able to dodge and kick the young boy aside. Without warning, the demonking raced to the boy who lies on the ground, pulled him by the hair and threw him over him, so that he flew away a few meters. Everything hurts. "There's going to be something I can do, right? He is not immortal, is he? But what helps against him? Do I have to release the other Taiki, so that I can use the titles of mortal sins to defeat him?", He wondered. "Release me! Let's unite, so that we both have equal control! This is how we can achieve our goals!", Suddenly the voice of the dark Taiki sounded. "No! You just want to trick me!", He talked to his darker self. 

"If you mean, but then you will all die and who would be to blame? Correct! Exactly you, because you did not want to accept the strength with which you could have defeated him!", Replied the dark Taiki. It was seductive. It was the only way. Darkness was the key. To have control over the darkness and to keep the mind is the goal. "Now it's time to say goodbye, Taiki Wakanabe! I will finally foil the goddess work! Haha!", Smiled Maledicti. "You can't stop this shadow spell! You have lost!", The demon added. Abruptly, a shadow ball formed on the palm of the demonkings hand, which he fired at Taiki, who was kneeling in front of him, bleeding. "Choose me! Choose me! Together we can do it!", The dark Taiki wanted to convince him further. "But.....", Taiki wanted to contradict, when he noticed his hopeless situation. Out of the blue, he cast the shadow on Taiki. The darkness flooded him. But when the shadows disappeared, Taiki was pretty much unharmed. "How?! That can't be, except......", Maledicti noted in shock. "No...I played into her hands!", Cursed the demon. 

"You underestimated us! We will, after eliminating you, destroy the goddess! We are one! He is a part of me! And we will put an end to her plans! We come to term with each other! Now die! Godlight! Shadow hands!", The voices of two different Taikis sounded. "You can't do that! You can't use light and shadow magic at the same time! This is against every law!", Frightened Maledicit. "Then we'll just rewrite how it works!", Replied the dark Taiki, as suddenly both a ball of light and a shadow ball were heading towards the demonking. Immediately, he reacted and shot an air spell as an counter-attack. However, the spell of Taiki broke through the magic of the demon, causing both bullets to hit him. "All your power is mine now! Haha!", Taiki laughed angrily. "That......That's impossible! How can he be more powerful than me.......That's impossible! I....I have to leave here! Ahhh!", The demonking shrieked before he began to dissolve. At that moment, all the magical power of Maledicti flowed into Taiki and the airvalkyrien and Baaz began to disintegrate. 

"Master! No! Our creator!", Cried the demons that dissolved. Nothing remained of them, except dust that gathered on the ground. All the demons couldn't believe who defeated their master, especially Namrai, as he always thought Taiki was very puny. On the spot, the fighting stopped. Rex, Larah and also Namrai with the entire demonarmy knelt before Taiki, as the custom of the demons is the same as with the wolves. Which means, if you defeat their leade, you will become the leader yourself. The elves accepted the instantaneous retreat. The battle was over. In addition, Taiki received a new title by defeating the demonking, namely "Ruler of Lust". Taiki's friends stared at the young boy with big eyes, as they could not believe what has happend before them. The two Taiki were able to unite without a catastrophe.

In a forest near the battlefield

Malediciti appeared from a portal that he had created with the last magical power that he possessed. "Damn! Everything is boned! Baaz and the airvalkyrien only died because I got them alive with my magic! And since I no longer have it, but Taiki, I cannot keep them alive. I brought Baaz to life from a corpse and made a demon out of him. And the airvalkyries I had made a deal, so that she has her sisters with her forever! But now all is lost, as Taiki was able to ally himself with his dark side! Damn!", Cursed the demonking loudly. "Oh! Who's mad!", A voice familiar to him suddenly sounded. "That......This can't be!.......What are you doing here, goddess! Shouldn't you examine your new protégé, who you then exploit for your own purposes?!", Asked Maledicti angrily. "I'm very proud of him! He actually managed to defeat you, which means he's powerful enough for me to have more fun with him!", Said the goddess smiling. 

"You disgusting monster! You took advantage of me too!", Maledicti blared almost howling, when suddenly a man grabbed him by the head from behind and simply lifted him upwards. "You will do one last task for me! I'll give you some of your power and vindictiveness, so you might be able to destroy Taiki! Maybe you're killing someone who is very important to him, so that he gets out of control and brings joy to my mistress!", Said the person, who lifted Maledicit to the top. At a single blow, a power flowed into him that caused him hellish pain, yet gave him great strength. He fidgeted desperately and screamed like a banshee. His suffering has not yet come to an end. He would fall even deeper into the darkness and fight for an evil being that only wants to see everyone suffer. From the mouth of the demon, a convulsive voice croaked out of him: "You will both see what you get! Orax and you... Chh......" After that, his light disappeared and he was not himself anymore. He was just a beast, that carried hatred and whose only desire is to satisfy his vindictiveness.