Chapter 3:

Chapter 3: Blue Epilogue (Part 3)

Grimson: Blue Future

*Aito POV*

Kring!! Kring!! Kring!!

My alarm clock suddenly rang with a loud noise.

All of the noises woke me up, I thrust my left arm from underneath the blanket in search of the alarm.

Took me few moments before I find the clock and stop the alarm.


Seconds later, I jumped up from the bed and shouts my victory cries.

The feeling of joy and satisfaction I felt yesterday still lingers in my chest.

Sure, I didn't win everything, but I did the impossible! I successfully bested Aoi in 1 subject!

Now then, for my next steps in the plan...

I do not think that far just yet... I am so focused on my study that I just didn't make any plan beyond it.

Maybe a confession perhaps?

No no no..! before that, I need to plan a proper date and check on my budget first.

If I plan to confess, I want it to be romantic.

Wait before that, how am I even supposed to know that Kiroi shares the same feeling as I did?


I am thinking.

I am thinking and thinking about the best move I should make next but can't seem to arrive at anything good.

I got frustrated and my head starts to spin from the confusion.

"Ahh! I think about it later! I need to prepare to go right now!"

I left my bed and begin my daily routine.

As usual, after I dressed up, I head to the first floor and sat at the dining table for breakfast.

"Good Morning, dear."

"Good morning, mom."

We greeted each other.

I sat comfortably on the chair.

The usual sweet smells of bacon, fried eggs, and bread fill my nose.

"I am digging in."

I clap my hand together and say my prayer before digging in.

"The body was found floating along the riverside, just like the two previous victims, the third victim also has a hole carved on its chest."

"Police has yet to determine any potential motive nor culprit that might relate the third victim to the first and second one."

The TV broadcaster spreading the news.

"Oh my... that's not very far away from here isn't it..?"

Mom express her worry and sat in front of me.

"I am certain that the police will find the culprit and solve the case, we can trust them, mom."

I reassured mom and continue digging in.

"Yeah, mom thinks so too." "But just in case, don't go out for too long outside, return home before the sunset, ok?"


Mom warned me and I politely bow my head.

I finish my breakfast, grab the plate, and put them down into the washer.

"I am going now, mom."

I return to the table, grab my bag, and bid my leave.

"Have a safe trip."

Mom smiles and waves at me.

I walked out of the house and close the door behind me.

Just like the day before, I walked down my neighborhood and greet everyone that I happen to meet along the way.

And I rode the same and usual crampy train to reach the station near my school and walk from there.

And just like the day before, the road leading up to the school is already filled with fellow

students from the same school as me.

I walked down the road and join in the crowd, heading in the same direction as them.

"Oi, Aito!"

Yamato loud shouts came from behind.

I stopped on my track and turn around.

I saw Yamato and Kuji approaching me, side by side like usual.

"Y-yo, Aito."

No, not exactly like usual.

Kuji looks a little different today, he looks flustered and his face is deep red for some reason.

"Yo... uh.. what happen to him?"

I look at Yamato for detail as to what happened to Kuji.

"Heh, guess what? this gentleman said that he plans to confess his feeling to Aoi today!"

Yamato proudly pat Kuji back.

"Hey!! don't say it out loud, idiot!!"

Kuji feels embarrassed and lashes at Yamato.

Whoa whoa, confession..!? seriously..!?

I didn't expect that to come from kuji, maybe Yamato said something to him the day before?

Nevertheless, this might be a good reference for my plan in near future.

"So? any plan?"

I curiously ask.

"The dude said that he rather keep things simple and just confess his feelings later behind the


Yamato shrugs.

"Ohh? later.. like during afternoon break?"

I can't help but smirks and look at Kuji."

"Y-yeah.. near the sakura tree behind the school.."

Kuji fixes his glasses and hid his eyes behind them.

"We're rooting for you."

I gave Kuji a thumb up of confidence to boost his confidence.


Kuji bow politely.

"Hey dude, even if you got rejected later, you can still hang out with us later, so relax."

Yamato leans closer and rests his left arm on top of Kuji right shoulder while "reassuring" him.

"Hey, what do you mean rejected!? don't you say anything like that!"

Kuji comedically furious.

The school bell soon rang and we can hear it from the distance.

Needless to say, the three of us immediately made our way to the school.

*Interlude*The school afternoon bell rang, signaling the afternoon break.

Just as Kuji told his friends, he intends to confess his feelings to Aoi.

He standing just next to the sakura tree behind the school, patiently waiting for the one he was waiting for.

He was nervous and anxious but calm at the same time, wishing deep in his heart that everything will go well.

His wait was not in vain, the very figure he was waiting for is coming.

Every step she makes is graceful and her persona radiates a bright light like that of a goddess.

Even the wind themselves approve of that by blowing themselves away from her path while carrying the sakura petals with them.

Eventually reaching the tree herself, the two finally came face to face with each other.

"Sorry, did I keep you waiting?"

Aoi flashes a bright and wide smile.

"N-no... I just arrived here myself."

Kuji face grown red and he blushes.

"So? how can I help you with, Kuji? you told me that you have something to talk about."

Aoi tilts her head a little to the left, her voice is kind and gentle, warm even, like that of the sunlight.

Kuji didn't answer right away.

He swallows his saliva, mustering up all of his courage and will to say the very next line in his mind.

"Kuji? hello?"

Aoi face turns pale and becomes concerned with Kuji strange behavior.

"I like you..."

"I like you, Aoi! please go out with me!"

But Kuji finally braves himself for it and finally said it.

He put all of his soul into it and politely bow.

And there goes nothing, now there's nothing but to leave everything to fate for Kuji.

All he can do now is to pray that everything went well for him.

"..I am sorry."

Aoi took some time to think about it before she politely bows and gave her answer.

And with that simple response, Kuji entire world was shattered.

He looked up at her in disbelief and shock.

"..I am sorry.. but I cannot go out with you."

Aoi deeply apologizes without making any eye contact with Kuji.

Making eye contact with him right now in this situation would be extremely rude, especially after such hard rejection.

"May... I know why?"

Kuji, still having some of his senses, questions for her reason, hoping to find even the slightest glimpse of hope for him.

"Since I was young, I was told to find someone like my father and so that's how I intend to find a man." "I am sorry to say, but you are nowhere near my father, Kuji."

Aoi continues to apologize without making eye contact.

"..I can change..! I can change!"

Kuji desperately shouts.

"I may have no idea of what kind of person your father is, but I can change!" "I show you that I can become the man that you're looking for!"

Kuji further reassures.

"I am afraid that's not possible."

Aoi finally raises her head and looks at Kuji in the eyes.

"Even if you dedicate your entire life to it.. you will not succeed in your effort..."

Aoi tone changes, she sounds serious, fitting the situation and her smile disappears.

"Eh? what do you mean?"

Kuji confusingly asks.

"..Right.. I am supposed I can tell you a little of what kind of man he is.." "Let's see..."

Aoi looks down and place her right hand underneath her chin and think about what she supposed to say next.

"He's a man that can declare the third world war right here and now and emerge victorious..."

Aoi raises her eyes and makes eye contact with Kuji and gave him the example.


Needless to say, there's no possible way for Kuji to saw that coming.

"Yes, he can start a world war right here and now and emerge victorious in the end..." "The entire world may unite and come together as one and they will still stand no chance against him..."

Aoi further adds to make things clear for Kuji.

"T-the world stands no chance... you say..?"

Kuji repeating Aoi word in disbelief.

"Ha..ha... n-no way... there's no way that's true right, Aoi?" "There is no way such thing..."

Kuji was so disbelief at what he heard that he think Aoi is joking.

Because.. of course? there's no way such man could exist, if that man does exist, then he would be a god.

But Aoi expression didn't change, she was not smiling.

The light in her eyes and bright smile is nowhere to be seen.

Her stares are cold, heartless, and empty.

In Kuji eyes, it was like staring at a black hole, huge and vast darkness.

So vast that it seemingly has no beginning nor edge to it.

It was as if he was being stared down by a being that's completely out of this world...

A god.

He was overwhelmed by the intense pressure and his own thought as he crumbles on his feet after his body can no longer support itself.

"Be as things as may be, however, I still want us to remain on good terms with each other as a friend."

Aoi bright persona suddenly returns and her voice becomes gentle and warm yet again like that of a rising sun.

"If you ever need me to came and help you with anything, don't hesitate and just ask me, ok?"

Aoi politely bows and bid her goodbye.

She then left the same way she came, leaving Kuji and gave him some space to be alone.

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