Chapter 4:

Chapter 4: Blue Epilogue (Part 4)

Grimson: Blue Future

*Aito POV*

"I got rejected, goddamn it all!"

Kuji comedically cries, he cry so much that his tears literally become a small waterfall.

He furiously slam his fist on the ground out of frustration and anger.


Yamato on the other hand was the complete opposite.

He was laughing his ass off, entertained by Kuji rejection.

"Hey now.."

I am was not so pleased by Yamato laugh.

Both me and Yamato make a promise with Kuji to see each other at the rooftop after the school end.

I can't say that I expect great result to come, but I also didn't expect for things to gone like this...

Either way, Kuji rejection isn't something that I can really laugh off.

If I am not careful, I am might be the one crying like him in the near future.

"In all seriousness, you sure that's the reason of why she reject you?"

I asks while scratching the back of my head.

Kuji said that the reason Aoi reject him was because he's nowhere near her father, a man who can declare world war 3 anytime he wanted and emerge victorious.

No matter how hard I try to slice it, there's no way for that to be serious.

I do not think even the current government have enough power to pull any of that off and they're the one who crushes Altair and her regime.

Aoi is clearly bluffing.

"How many times do I need to say it? she said that her father can destroy the world and get away with it!" "There's no freaking way I can reach such level even if I got reincarnated to a different world!"

Kuji furiously shouts and lashes at me then return back crying.

"Think about it calmly, not even the current government can pull stuff like that and they're the one who stopped Altair and Litch 20 years ago." "Aoi just fabricate all of that up."

I calmly explain the logic behind the rejection.

"Does not matter! the fact is that I got rejected! that's all!"

Kuji suddenly shouts and refuse to listen.

I can't help but to sigh.

Well when he put it that way, then I do have nothing to say, indeed...

Even if he didn't, not like Kuji was in any mood to listen to anything I am going to say anyway, so I drop the matter.

"Well what done is done, wanna hang out to our usual place?" "Today would be my treat."

Yamato calmed down and wipe the tears on his eyes and invite us.

He even goes as far as to treat us as a way to cheer and help Kuji to cope with his rejection.


Kuji accept the offer with low tone and not so energetic voices.

"Don't mind it! friends should always help each other when needed! let's go!"

Yamato grab his school bag and thurst his fist into the air and lead the way.

Kuji and I grab our bag as well and follow him.

We talk while on our way down to the first floor and reach the shoes locker with mine located on the other end, away from Kuji and Yamato shoes locker.

When I open my locker, I saw a pink letter rest on top of my shoes.

Curious and intrigued by what I find, I silently grab the letter and inspect it.

There's a rather sweet fragrance like that of a flower coming from the letter, matching the color of the letter.

I turn the paper around and saw nothing that really strike my eyes except the funny bunny motive on the letter.

I decide to inspect the letter further and open the letter.

Inside, there's a small paper folded in half.

I fold open the paper and there's something written on it.

Please meet me at the rooftop later this evening, I will be waiting for you.

Is what the paper say.

Needless to say, my brain start to imagine a lot of stuff, especially the fact that a girl might have send a love letter to me.

I haven't even plan anything and someone already ask me to meet her!?

But wait, the three of us were there moments ago and there's no one over there.

Is this a prank?

"Hey Aito, let's go."

Yamato and Kuji already change their shoes and was about to left.

"Hmm? what's that you're holding?"

Yamato noticed and I quickly hid the letter behind my back.

"Ah, it's nothing!! go on ahead, I just remember that I forgot something!"

I made up some excuse and make my run to the rooftop.

"Huh? What are you forgetting at!?"

Yamato shouts from behind but I just simply ignore him.

I climb the stairs one by one as I make my way back to the rooftop.

I still do not know if it a prank or not, but even if it is, I feel no harm in checking it out, perhaps someone is waiting.

I open the door to the rooftop and return there.

When I open the door, the bright sunset flashes in my eyes.

I shield my eyes with my left hand while looking for anyone that might be waiting for me on the rooftop.

And to my surprise, there's someone.

Basked in the light of the sunset, the figure gaze upon the sunset with those pair of diamond color eyes of hers.

Her golden hair rivals and matches even the light coming from the sunset itself.

.. There's no mistaken it... there's no way that I would mistake who was that figure was...

That was Kiroi herself...

As someone who obsesses to gain even tiniest bit of her attention, there's no way for me to mistake her for someone else.

Unless my mind is playing trick on me, there's no way I would mistaken her.

Before I can do anything, Kiroi notice my presence and look at me.

She's smile and waves her right hand to greet me.

Feeling like being invited, I steel myself to close our distance and slowly walk to her.

My step came to a halt, only after I stood in front of her.

Upon closer look, there's no mistaken it, it really is Kiroi.

I am sure of it right now.

"I am sorry, for making you climbing back here."

Kiroi politely bow and apologize for unknown reason.


I express my confusion.

"The truth is, I am already here for quite a while" "But I was too shy to come and see you while there's other around, so..."

Kiroi looked down and appear to be flustered.

Her face was red like tomato, her eyes look left and right, having no real sight in mind.

Her body swing left and right, just like her eyes.


My mind and heart immediately captivated by her cute looks and body language.

"I-is that so..? W-well is there something that I can help you with, Konoe?"

But I still have the tiniest bit of sense of self remain and with it, I continue the conversation while scratching the back of my head.

"Ah, there's no need for the formalities, you may address me with my first name, Yuiga."

Kiroi raise her head and flashes a bright smile at me.

"I-is that so..? W-wait!? address you with your first name!?" "And you know my name!?"

It took my brain few seconds to fully realize what she was saying and I cannot believe she would even know the name of a commoner like me.

And for those who didn't understand the importance of first name here in japan, addressing someone else with their first name means close relationship or even lover.

"Yup, Aito Yuiga, the one who did the impossible and bested Aoi in the math subject the other day." "You're quite popular, everyone in the class was talking about you."

Kiroi explains with warm and bright smile on her face.

"I-is that so? I-I never knew I am that popular... haha.."

I scratches the back of my head yet again and look away.

I get a strong feeling that if I meet her gaze, I will completely lost control of myself and start talking nonsense.

Look uncool and sounds ridiculous is the last thing I want Kiroi to see coming from me.

"But are you sure? I honestly didn't think that we're close enough to refer to each other with first name just yet.."

I asks and remain polite.

"That's why I call you out today... I want you to be my first male friend."

Kiroi looks away and look flustered yet again.


The feeling of confusion overwhelmed me yet again.

"Umm.. this might be embarrassing, but before transferring here, I only go to all girls school and never have any male friend.."

Kiroi become much more flustered and begin telling her story.

"Even after coming here, the only people that I ever talk with is the other girls in our class..." "So, if it alright with you, would you mind being my first male friend?"

Kiroi raises her eyes and look at me in the eyes.

Her eyes are shining, like those owned by a puppies.

They are simply too cute that she charmed my heart and mind yet again.

"Y-yes!! of course, Konoe- I mean Kiroi!" "I will gladly be your friend!"

Having being brainwashed by her charm, I shouts uncontrollably.

"Really!? thank you!!" "Then I will rely on you from now on, Yuiga!"

Kiroi happily clap her hands together.

"Sure! and please call me by my first name as well, it won't be fair if I am the only one who refer to you with your first name."

I politely asks her.

"I-is it alright if I do..? w-won't that disrespect you?"

Kiroi looks worried.

"N-no, it's alright! Why would you think so?"

I curiously asks.

"W-well... it just that I heard that in japan, female supposed to respect the male.. so..."

Kiroi look away in embarrassment.

"That was long time ago! there's no such thing anymore right now! both male and female are equal!" "For example, look at everyone in the class, everyone just as friendly to each other despite their gender, right?"

I explain to Kiroi and help her clear her misunderstanding.

"R-right.. everyone is friendly with each other despite their gender..."

Kiroi nods in confirmation.

"Right? there's nothing like that anymore, so feel free about calling me by first name as well, Kiroi."

It's my turn to flashes a smile at her and reassure her.

"Then I am looking forward to be friend with you, Aito."


Both of us smiles to each other and make our very first relationship with each other.

"Then I should get going now, see you tommorow, Aito!"

Kiroi grab her school bag, waves at me and walked away.

"Yes, see you tomorrow, Kiroi."

I return her waves and carefully watches her until she left and gone from my sight.


When I was sure that she has left, I grovel on my feet and shouts my lungs out like no tommorow.

The immense feeling of joy erupt in my heart.

Never even once I thought in my life, I would ever get the chance to talk with Kiroi let alone calling her by her first name.

All of my effort and work in study has not all gone to waste after all.

I will never forget this very day, the day that changes my life forever.

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