Chapter 1:

Me, a human?

Lost from Paradise: I was a demon lord and got reincarnated as a mere human!!!

I'm still seeing it, every night. The same nightmare, the same person.Bookmark here

I see it with my very own eyes. It's like I'm trapped in a death loop, no matter how hard I try it keeps coming back. I am the devil who terrors the human's hearts, who tricks their weakened minds into doing what they'll regret after, persuade them for committing unforgivable sins. But, here I am, I'm the one who's been helpless and terrified, scared of that mortal who shows up in my every nocturnal thought.Bookmark here

Please, someone?Bookmark here

I need.Bookmark here

I n-e-e-d.Bookmark here

I NEED HELP!Bookmark here

Look at me, I am asking help from the race I despised the most, the race that prevented me from my beloved paradise.Bookmark here

For one eternity before, I used to have a peaceful life in my paradise, if it wasn't for those mere humans!Bookmark here

No!Bookmark here

I should stop complaining. After all, I was defeated by a human.Bookmark here

I heard a sound immerging behind this white scene of emptiness.Bookmark here

White, is it the color of nothing? The color of emptiness and, the beginning and the end.Bookmark here

As the voice approached, it became clear to me what the emitter was saying. I haven't heard that name for a long time, it irritated me because it reminded me of how pathetic I was.Bookmark here

Actually, who cares? I'm now way pathetic than I ever was.Bookmark here

I finally decided to speak. What will be my final words? Should they be prideful? Should they show regret or should I ask for mercy or compassion?Bookmark here

" I'm waiting for your judgment, finish with it! "Bookmark here

I couldn't hear my words, it's like I'm speaking in a very noisy room, only this room was full of emptiness instead of sounds.Bookmark here

Oblivious of the passage of time, the expansion of space I waited impatiently for an answer.Bookmark here

Suddenly, the empty room began tearing apart, and I had the feeling of falling deeper into the depths of the ocean, the ocean of space-time. The more I fall, the more I lose my consciousness until I.Bookmark here

I'm hearing now very strange voices. However, this language is no odd to me. I opened my eyes, all I saw was two mortals staring at me.Bookmark here

Why are you staring at me with your despised looks? I had the urge to punch them but I couldn't. Why couldn't I move?Bookmark here

Wait, I feel someone's arms holding me. What is going on?Bookmark here

The little mortal pressed my cheeks with her dirty hands, I can understand what she's saying:Bookmark here

" Isn't he cute with that angry look? "Bookmark here

The hairy human patted on my head with his hairy arms and said:Bookmark here

" This is your little brother, Eva. "Bookmark here

She replied:Bookmark here

" Look, he has your same eyes, mother. "Bookmark here

" What do you want to name him, Eva? " he added.Bookmark here

I get it now. *intensive laugh* This hairy mortal is supposed to be my father, and this girl is my older sister. You, dirty! You knew how to punish me, you made me reborn as the thing I hated the most.Bookmark here

A human!Bookmark here

After moments of thinking the girl finally made up her mind:Bookmark here

" Let's name him Ivan after Ivan the savior."Bookmark here

What a lame name.Bookmark here

Suddenly someone new spoke, however, I felt love and peace hearing its sound. I couldn't know why. It was the person holding me in its arms.Bookmark here

" Great job, Eva."Bookmark here

The person finally looked at me, I have never seen such a beautiful and angelic face since paradise.Bookmark here

" Welcome to the family, Ivan, my beloved son."Bookmark here

Actually, I'm taking back my words. This name sounds good...Bookmark here

Hayato Shinohara
Real Aire
Golden Boy
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