Chapter 2:

A very familiar presence

Lost from Paradise: I was a demon lord and got reincarnated as a mere human!!!

My mother looked very nice. I loved the way she was smiling at me, there was no hatred or enmity in those shining eyes. I could gaze at them for years and feel only love and compassion. Is this how humans usually feel?

It was all a very overwhelming moment until the hairy mortal carried me in the air, for the first time, I felt dizzy and tired. However, before that I passed out, I took a global look at the room. It had white walls and corridors. However, what gathered my attention was a luminous painting on the wall. It contained some weird trace, and above it was my mother's portrait, it was a very small drawing yet it was perfectly drawn, I could say an identical image. This painter must be very talented, I would love to meet him. Yes, I'm a very artistic person and I respect artists who are very good and passionate about their works.

Under the portrait there was some long text, I could only remember some words: Diana Gilha, category: D.

Gilha? That's a demon's name. I also wondered about the meaning of category D, but who cares now? I can finally get some rest.

As I put my eyes on rest while holding my mother's warm thumb, someone entered the room. As soon as I felt his presence, I became terrified.

Demon lords, or shall I say demons in general. Cursed creatures by the heavens and condemned to rule the earth after losing the third holy war. They are very sociopathic and eager for war and blood.

As a rookie demon, I realized something was wrong in our society. We took part in three wars and still lost all of them. I did my research and analyzed the data, what I stumbled upon was thrilling and dangerous at the same time. My demon's senses were tingling, I nearly lost all my body fluids as my mouth never stopped producing saliva.

Did we lose the war because we were outnumbered?

Or, is it because the allfather interfered and wanted the cursed race to stay banished and forgotten?

The answer is nothing from the above.

Even if we were outnumbered, our kind has tremendous strength and Saeher power.

Also, if allfather ever wanted us to lose, he would've just wiped us out easily.

Demons are very dumb. Yes, it's coming from a demon's tongue but it's a fact. They are blinded by their individual strength and pride, as a consequence, they couldn't saw the truth behind their banishment.

Allfather never banished us, it was the total opposite, I can't remember my days with heaven but clearly, I became stronger and sharp thinker after losing it.

So you're maybe asking, why the hell did we lose?

Our race needed a one and only king who will rule and unite all the 36 demon tribes. A true and ruthless leader, who is not only strong but cunning and good at war. Yes, we needed a Warlord.

This realization made me very ambitious about my next goal: get strong and beat the hell out of demons until they admit you as their true leader. Become a demon lord!

I hate to say this, but Allfather knew this a long time, he's the usual type to start a play and sit and watch. He wanted us to evolve and reach our true potential. He was waiting for a savior from the demons, a challenging one who will make this decision. I see now why he admired humans. Such a complex showoff guy!

As I woke up, that presence was no longer here. I glanced at my environment, I was surprised. There were a lot of steel animals with very weird round feet. However, these pack animals were faster.

" Look at him following the cars with his small eyes."

Oh god! That hairy human is doing some cringe facial expressions.

Yes, cringe is a common word in our world. It was the name of a fool demon who was always embarrassing us at wars with his foolish acts.

As I continued watching these marvelous creatures racing, two questions kept irritating my pleasure. What is this world? What is a demon lord doing with humans?

Hayato Shinohara
Real Aire