Chapter 3:

A tragic night

Lost from Paradise: I was a demon lord and got reincarnated as a mere human!!!

Two years have passed, and now I can walk without falling and talk fluently.

I also learned a few things about my environment.

The hairy male is my father. His full name is Brucovic Frederick Winsto, which makes me Ivanov Frederick Winsto. However, my family only calls me Ivan.

I mean it didn't bother me if my full name had three words, that's actually too short of what it was in my previous life. We demons love to tribute our ancestors by adding their names to our full name. For example, my name was: Alcatraz Azazel Ishtar Ishidna Ishikili Inshan Ikiri Indu Inuphomite Bahamuth Ifrit Behemuth Beheshi Armalogn Armadra Armadragon Armadragonbophomite Adramalech Abaddon Astaroth Sekhmet Nergal Allmighty father.

We demons can never have the same name. When every new demon is born a new name is added in the holy records by allfather. Same thing for angels.

As a two years child, I have plenty of time. I spend most of it sleeping. I also enjoy watching television. This world has many magical inventions. I loved to watch wars documentaries. It seems this world has gone through a lot of conflicts and wars in order to become what it is right now.

This world is controlled by 13 wealthy families and each one of them is taking a piece from it.

The language these humans speak is the same as we demons speak: Aramiya.

Their lifespan is around 120 years old and they have two genders: Male and female.

We demons knew about the multiverse and that there are a lot of parallel worlds. However, we demons existed in one particular world.

Clearly, in this world, humans have no magic and can't use Saeher. However, they had some advanced technology and weapons using Gidakrya. A cosmic energy discovered a century ago and which has the thanks to all of these discoveries. Humans call it the Gidakrevoultion.

That's all of the data I could gather in these two years.

I needed more data in order to conquer this world. Yes, that is my current goal.

My sister Evangelion was a bookworm. She can't stop reading and always brags about what she learned at the dining table.

My mother was strange. I feel like she's hiding a dark secret from us. This dark secret made her health getting absorbed little by little. The more the days passed, the more she's losing weight and looking pale. However, that didn't stop her from treating me and giving me her warm cuddles. She clearly loved us a lot. I remember her asking me of what I want to become in the future.

My pride as a former demon prevented me from lying so I answered honestly:

" I want to conquer this world and become your lord "

I thought she will panic or tell my father about it but she simply gave me an angelic smile. ( Yeah angels are pretty indeed )

She added with a playing tone:

" But don't you forget your old mother when you become king. "

To be honest, I was willing to accept her request. This is strange, why do I feel the need to validate myself by obeying a human's request. This female was no ordinary human. I feel powerful when I'm around her and terrified and weak when she's not around.

" *sigh* fine, you'll be the only exception. " I answered.

She couldn't stop chuckling as she kissed my hand and patted my head.

And that's how I got my first servent in this new world.

Two weeks have passed and the season of rain has launched.

It was a very rainy night when we heard a brute knocking on the door. It's like this person wanted to break the door.


My mother was terrified and held us inside her baggy clothes

She uttered:

" Honey, what can we do now? "

I can feel her legs shaking but she put all her effort to look stronger in front of father.

" You go and hide with the kids. I will open the door. "

" But darling, I can't leave you to them. "

" You worry about the kids Diana! "

The hairy man was brave after all. I respected that.

As soon as my mother hid us, Bruce opened the door and we could hear his bones cracking as he was getting punched and kicked.

" Lord Kali gave you a last chance Bruce. Where's her money? "

Bruce begged for a second time but they showed no mercy. I didn't empathize with him either. He was annoying and he deserved that.

However, without notice, my mother jumped to protect her husband.

" Please, leave him alone. If you keep beating him like that he will- "

An uppercut punch to my mother's stomach caused her to spit blood.

Bruce pathetic and beaten to death gazed at his wife's agonized face and said:

" Diana, the kids! "

The two massive men glanced at the corridor we were hiding under.

Eva trembled from fear and nearly let out a cry, luckily I put my hand on her mouth at a critical time.

" My mother ordered us to remain silent."

However, those men realized we were hiding and rushed towards us. With his massive hands, he pulled us.

" So that's what you were hiding. "

The men grinned and took my sister by force.

" The Lord will be happy with this girl. "

" EVA NO!"

My mother with her remaining strength bite the man's arm but he easily punched her face and left her unconscious with her nose half broken. Her final words before passing out were the name of my sister.

It was true what I've heard after all. A human mother's bond to her children was the strongest bond allfather ever created.

I didn't intend to interfere with human problems however a hidden feeling of enmity towards those men had me as I saw my mother's state.

The men were intimidated by my hatred eyes for a second but they easily punched me in my face. I have never felt similar pain since my previous death. I forgot I was reborn in the weak body of a human kid.


They finally left while I was carrying my broken teeth.

The only feeling that was conquering my mind was:


Real Aire