Chapter 18:

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She Wolf will not find her mate; I curse the Spring that came too quickly. I won't fall in love!

I so badly wanted another kiss from Caelestis. The first one just left me wanting more of them, it was such a tease. But also such a magical moment.

I wore another pair of booty shorts and a top with a heart shaped neckline. I looked amazing and I knew it. So much of my legs were showing, it was surely going to be eye-catching.

Nerves finally weren’t plaguing me as I went to find Caelestis, I felt confident.

“Why hello,” he greeted me.

I smiled and grabbed his arm, “There is something I want to show you. It's not my dick I promise.”

He began dragging him through the mansion.

“Disappointing,” he mumbled.

I led him through the mansion down to the bottom level and down a hallway. There was a door that led into the building beside it that contained the pack’s library. This was for easy access for the Betas and Alphas of the pack. I used that door.

The library wasn’t overly grand but it was a wonderful place for me. I learnt so much about history and I could go through all the pack’s archives of magazines and newspapers here. It smelt musty and was full of simplistic wooden bookshelves that were utterly overflowing.

I pushed him into a chair and told him, “You have to show your’s first that's the rule”

He smiled a little at that comment.

I walked over to a filing cabinet and began rummaging through it purposefully showing off my ass. I stuck it high into the air making sure it was in full view of him. But that wasn’t my purpose for looking in the filing cabinet. I flicked through a bunch of dusty old newspapers.

“Well what is it?” he asked.

I pulled out a newspaper from 2023 I plopped it down on the table in front of Caelestis. He looked at it curiously, probably not expecting that from me. On the front page were his parents, Kylian and Valentina. As well as Koneko and beside her a very young looking Natasha Page. Natasha Page was Koneko’s adviser to this day she made all the decisions behind what Koneko did. She was incredibly intelligent as well as cunning. Koneko was the figurehead and Natasha was the brain behind it. I imagined that she would have been trying to save Koneko right at that moment. But in the front of the photo was Caelestis and Ephvangeline as young children. The article was about it being the first time the pureblood and werecat children were seen by the public.

“Look it's little you,” I smiled at his cute little face. He looked so pissed off much like the grown up version of him now.

“I hate photos of myself,” he cringed away from it.

“Well sorry I just thought it was cool that you made the front page,” I said, a little dejected.

“It is but I wonder why it matters to the world. I mean they’re the ones who don’t like me in the first place,” he looked at the article curiously.

“Well probably because of Koneko and your father. There are so many news stories from back then about them working together. It was a huge deal. I think it made the fact that you existed more endearing to the world,” I smiled at him. It was true the mythical world hated vampires for all the trouble they had caused in the past but that didn’t mean that they always would.

“I don’t get how. It’s about them, not me,” he looked at me.

“Either way you made the front page,” I said, pulling out another.

This one showed Kylian and Koneko fighting alongside each other against the myth hunters. This was a big deal for two myths that would have opposed each other for so long.

“Why is this stuff here?”

“Archives I suppose, these are all worldwide newspapers though. And they go back pretty far,” I leant back and opened the bottom drawer of one of the filing cabinets and pulled out another.

This edition had a teenage Koneko on it with a tiny purple dragon by her side. It looked no bigger than a small dog. It was strange to think that it was the same mountainous beast it was today.

“This one is from 2011,” I told him.

Caelestis looked surprised, “That’s a strange sight.”

“I know right,” I flipped through it for more pictures of teenage Koneko, “she's kinda cute. Would you sleep with teenage Koneko?”

He looked at the old newspaper, “She’s cute but I wouldn’t. Better looking than Ephvangeline.”

“Awww why not?”

“Because I know what she was like.”

I shrugged and flipped through it to find a picture of Kylian from 2011, “damn he looks like you.”

It was like an exact replica of Caelestis in that photo, perhaps a little older but still the same. I had always found Kylian kind of attractive before I met Caelestis. I liked Caelestis a little more, he was a little less spidery than Kylian.

“Wow that’s weird almost,” Calestis looked closer at it.

“He's really hot, same facial expression and everything.”

Kylian in the photo looked really bored, much like Caelestis looked in just about every class.

Caelestis smiled, “Definitely related.”

I giggled, “yeah.”

Looking at these newspapers hurt a little bit. It all looked like so much fun. Writing about something you are passionate about, uncovering the truth and sharing it with the world. “I wish I could be a reporter like this,” I lamented, out loud. At this point I felt like I could be honest with him.

Caelestis looked at me curiously, “Really? Why?”

“To get the truth out there. It's something I love. Everything else at school utterly bores me,” I had never actually expressed any of this to another person. It felt so intimate and my stomach was full of butterflies once again.

He smiled a little, “I didn’t know that about you.”

I blushed, “Obviously I can't be a reporter.”

“It’s good to have aspirations though,” he was actually so encouraging, my heart fluttered. Finally someone that actually understood what I felt.

“I suppose, do you have any?” I asked.

“Living, perhaps?” he smiled.

I laughed, “That's a challenging one.”

“Maybe the hardest one of all,” he pondered.

“Yeah,” I smiled and looked back down at the newspapers before putting them all away. Even though I would never be a reporter I could always read what they had written and live vicariously through them. That would have to be enough for me.

“Doesn’t it feel surreal to think we’re living through history right now?” He asked. I couldn’t help but to smile at him as I took a seat on the table beside him. He was clearly trying to take an interest in what I enjoyed. It was so much more than any other guy had done for me. It felt so special, especially coming from him.

“Meeting you kind of feels like it,” I added, giggling, “Prince. Who knew you were just another person. Looking through all of these I always thought your dad was some kind of god. Seeing you here listening to what I have to say is…”

I smiled to myself, I didn’t even need to show off my body to him, just talking seemed to be enough to allure him. Was this a genuine connection?

“I’ve always revered my dad to an extent too, but while I have the pride of a pureblood, it’s hard to have confidence in a world like this, that is out to get us. He has had long enough to practice being confident that he can be now. For me that’s not the same case,” Caelestis opened up to me as well and my heart soared.

I pretended to have a microphone and offered it to him “So how does it feel to be in control of the vampires of your generation?”

“I can’t be in control while there is someone else out there who does,” he replied, speaking into the imaginary microphone.

I put it back under my mouth, “Do you mean your father? Or your brother?”

I offered it back to him, “I mean the myth hunters.”

Back to me, “And what is your plan to deal with them?”

“That’s the thing, I don’t have one.”

I dropped the imaginary microphone. I could feel his pain in that answer. I too suffered the same. There were a lot of people that looked to those like us for answers, answers that I really just didn’t have. But I smiled at him, trying to lift his spirits, “I’m sure you’ll figure it out, You’re not alone after all,” I said, and he sighed deeply. The weight of the world in that sigh. I put a hand on his shoulder, “Hey, I’m smart I’ll help you.”

“I wish my siblings felt just the smallest amount of responsibility that I do,” he sounded so frustrated but he was also so raw and honest with me.

“It’s true, Elvira doesn’t seem to worry about anything and Kayin… Kayin I have no idea what he is thinking,” I agreed.

“Everything rests on me. It makes me angry sometimes,” he looked into my eyes. Everything he felt, I felt too. There was this deep understanding between us. We were two teenagers put in such a stressful situation that we were born into. Perhaps I was the first to fully understand how he felt as well. It was as if our hearts were touching.

“It’s almost like you need a side bitch to help you out, to pull your strings if you will. I’d gladly be your Natasha,” I offered, knowing that it would actually be helpful to him not a ‘just don’t be stressed’ kind of answer I would get from so many people but something that was constructive, true help.

“Maybe I’ll consider it if I’m ever put back in a position where I have to be responsible again,” he said darkly, and it was true the situation was really up in the air. I wasn’t sure if they even knew what was going on back at the Hirasawa mansion.

I shrugged, “A large pack of wolves might help you out.”

“You shouldn’t be hanging around me so much.”

“Why not?”

“What I’m saying is don’t force yourself to keep me company all the time. It's equivalent to suffering for most,” he explained.

“Do I look like I’m suffering?” I smiled, “I’m having way too much fun, you’re the first guy I’ve tried that will let me flirt with them. Most either jump on me or reject me.”

That and the profound connection I felt with him but I wasn’t about to say that out loud. It was actually the opposite, I wanted to be with him over doing anything else.

“I tend to tolerate a lot,” he said, a little lighter.

I laughed, “You’re too much fun, usually I’m bored around here.”

“Whatever you say.”

“You’re gorgeous too.”

“And that has a big say in you hanging around me?”

“It has some say, I don’t hang around Katsu and Shizuka for a reason,” Shizuka as well because of how much of a bitch she was being despite me literally saving her.

“You always know just what to say,” Caelestis said warmly but sarcastically.

I poked my tongue out at him.

There was a knock at the door. How strange, not many people used the library let alone knocked before they entered.

“Yes? Come in,” I called and looked towards the door.

The door opened and it was Luna Racheal herself. I quickly got off the table and stood up straight.

She nodded at me, “Varinia, someone is waiting for you at the door.”

“Who?” I asked, it was very unusual for me to have unannounced visitors, what was this Jane Austen?

“Your friend from school, Lucius.”

What did that little rodent want?