Chapter 17:


She Wolf will not find her mate; I curse the Spring that came too quickly. I won't fall in love!

It was so unexpected but I was delighted completely.

The Prince was kissing me. His cool lips were so soft against mine, his taste was much like his scent, roses. As if I had bitten into a Turkish delight. I kissed back pressing my far warmer lips onto his icy ones.

It was truly amazing, explosive fireworks went off in my stomach and my heart raced. Somehow it was better than what I had dreamed of. His lips were far softer and he was delicate and gentle. So unlike the wolves I was used to who were feral and wild in the way they kissed.

As the kiss prolonged I couldn’t keep pinning him, my hands were trembling so much that I couldn’t keep enough force on him. I let him go and placed my hands on his chest.

He smiled at me, breaking away from the kiss and opening those ruby eyes once again, “Now you’ve let your guard down.”

“Wha-?” I was probably blushing like crazy, I felt like I was in a daze.

“You were pinning me, now you’re not, I guess I’ve won,” he kept that smug smile on his face.

“Yeah but I got a kiss, so I win,” I managed to get out. It was so hard for me to believe that all my flirting had actually worked on him.

“You got me there.”

I was a little flustered, “I didn’t think you found me attractive.”

He looked down at me, we were still so close together against the wall, “Lots of guys do, that should be obvious.”

“You’re not just some guy though,” I looked up into his eyes.

“Well you are a very popular girl, and that is for a reason.”

“Are you slut shaming me?” I could still feel the heat in my cheeks, I hoped it wasn’t too obvious to him.

“I’m just saying, you appeal to many,” he smiled at me.

“Thank you,” I smiled back, “I guess you also.”

“My powers have something to do with that though.”

“Genetics I think,” I stroked his chest. It was like rock in more ways than one, cold and hard. He could truly be a statue.

“Or my super secret pureblood abilities,” he informed me.

This was news to me, his powers made him more attractive. I gasped, “Are you not actually over six foot?”

“I look the same!” he quickly back tracked, “It’s just how people feel about me.”

I laughed at his reaction, it was so cute to see the slight bit of panic. “Makes all the vampire girls feel starstruck? I see you for the dork you are,” I stuck out my tongue.

“Yeah but the vampires all love me so at least I have a guaranteed fan base,” his voice made this sound like it wasn’t quite a positive thing for him. Perhaps it was something that was frustrating or just plain tiring.

“Are you doing anything to me?” I raised an eyebrow.

“Honestly, it’s not something I actively control. It’s a power that’s always on, but can be increased when needed,” he explained.

“Is it needed now?” I asked curiously, pressing my body into his a little more.

“No,” he said flatly.

I stepped away from him finally, “Hmm… I'm curious now, hit me with it.”

“I don’t think so. I don’t want you figuring it out so much, you’ll become immune to it,” he smiled at me.

“Come on hit me with a full force, it'll be fun,” I pushed, smiling back at him.

“How about I do, but don’t tell you when? See if you can spot it for yourself in the next week. Might tell you how much you love me,” he suggested.

“Sounds like a challenge. But I don't think I'll be confessing love, apparently I'm only supposed to love my mate. Whoever that is,” I said a little darkly but tried to push those thoughts out of my mind.

“Better start searching for him before you discover you love me,” he suggested.

I smiled playfully, “I don't think you're that powerful that you could make my heart of ice melt.”

“Might be fun.”

“I'm not your typical love crazed girl so you've got a challenge. However…” my lips twitched into a small smile.

“Yes?” he looked curious.

I was a tad bit nervous to share this with him but he had already kissed me so what did it matter.

“Sex is a whole other game, if you’re hot enough or if I'm bored enough. What about you?”

“I think it’ll be very interesting to see where this goes,” he said, not reacting too harshly.

“You're not really known for sleeping around,” I stepped up close to him again.

“I prefer keeping some mystery,” He said softly.

“Hmmm what are you hiding under there?” I stroked the fly of his pants.

“Keep dreaming,” he smiled at me looking into my eyes.

I laughed and stepped back again, “Oh I will.”

“I don’t hand it out THAT easy.”

“No even to the only single female wolf for miles?” I asked sweetly.

“Or at least, not yet,” He said softly.

I huffed, “You better not be as disappointing as Lucius. I'm glad he's moved on to trying to get Ephvangeline.”

“Is he not as good as he claims?”

“What do you think, Caelestis? The desperation makes him last like 2 seconds.”

“Sounds accurate. Any other gossip?” Caelestis was genuinely curious rather than judgemental of my history. It made me want to kiss him again. Well a lot of things made me want to kiss him again to be honest.

“Well I've been with most of the boys at school. Who do you want to know about?” I asked.

“Anyone I can bully,” he smiled devilishly.

“I haven't been with Shizuka’s brothers… I'm pretty sure…” I thought about it for a second, “they are the one with the glasses and the hyper one…. ken … Jen? Jun? I think I've made out with Ken or whatever his name is.”

“That would be right. The other one doesn’t dare go near anyone, the poor chicken,” Caelestis chuckled softly.

“I think he has a crush on Ephvangeline too.”

“You think Glasses does?” he tilted his head to the side, this was news to him.

“Yeah he's always hanging around her. I mean she's got a lot going for her, amazing powers, good family, massive boobs. He's got a better chance than Lucius I think,” To be honest pretty much anyone had a better chance than Lucius does.

Caelestis dismissed it, “He doesn’t have the guts.”

“Yeah but Glasses has that cute boy thing, Lucius is just thirsty,” He had actually nice traits about him, not just the sheer willing power of wanting her.

“Oh? You think Glasses is cute?” Caelestis looked a little surprised.

I shrugged, “Yeah kinda he needs to grow a little first. His dad is hot, he would be so much more powerful if his dad found another slayer though… shame.”

“Gotta wonder where the bad genetics is if Hunter had three kids with one that burns himself and another that can’t see well in daylight,” Caelestis mocked.

Shizuka’s father was a powerful vampire slayer called Hunter, he would be considered a ‘pureblood’ of the slayers. He and for some reason beyond logic married a vampire named Miyako. Not as much was widely known about Miyako so I struggled to find any information on her.

“I don't know much about Miyako. But from learning shit about Hunter in history class it makes me wonder how he ended up with her,” I thought out loud.

Caelestis shuttered, “It’s unnatural.”

“He's a pureblood like you. Surely it should mean something to him.”

“He’s purposely weakened his line,” Caelestis said angrily.

“With a random vampire.”

“It’s wrong,” the subject clearly bothered him deeply, “Any other gossip about any of the guys?”

“I’ve been with Ash. He was pretty good actually,” I admitted.

“I feel like Ash gets around.”

“Magic I suppose. Rome is probably my favourite so far though.”

“It seems a lot of sex happens but not many committed relationships. Try before you buy I guess,” Caelestis commented.

I had to agree but relationships were never something I could have. Nor really wanted.

“Like I said I'll have fun but I have a mate. I'm not buying anyone,” I said quietly. It always killed me a little inside to mention my fate.

“Are there any committed relationships at the moment? I guess no one is committed but as of right now...exclusive?”

“With me or in general?”

“In general.”

“I suppose you and Elvira are the only confirmed one I know about. If that even counts as anything.”

Caelestis was a little put off by the mention of that, “Hmmm so no one has any favourites it seems. Kayin was keen on that elf girl for a while. I think that other werewolf and werecat still regularly see each other, probably doesn’t mean anything to them though.”

“Yeah Rose and Arlen,” I smiled, “I can't believe she managed that. I've wanted Arlen for years.”

“Then go steal him.”

“Oh I will, when cats and dogs become best friends,” I said half joking, “Yeah well Arlen is also like a similar level of gorgeous as you so… he still has growing to do though.”

“Even I’ll admit he’s probably the best looking of the werecats.”

Trying to provide more gossip I said, “Haven I actually haven't been with though. He says he's saving himself.”

“Haven’s weird. Bit of a masochist,” Caelestis said, just casually. As if that was a normal thing to say.

“Could be fun…” I said a little put off but thinking about it a little. It was just a little difficult to think of being with anyone else when someone like him was in front of me and looking so damn beautiful.

“There’s another challenge. We’re full of them today,” he smiled with a hint of naughtiness to it.

“Only challenges for me though,” I pointed out.

He ignored that, “I can’t wait to hear when and if you complete any.”

He sounded like my teacher or Luna or something giving me an assignment.

“Hmmm well I'll try my hardest. I am going to be the future Luna of my pack after all I’ve got to put my best into everything or I’ll bring shame to it,” I joked.

He smiled at me, “Better prepare I guess. But that I mean becoming the Luna, not the whole Haven thing.”

“Ugh I'm sick of preparing for that. Everyone is always like Varinia stop sleeping with 4 guys a day and Varinia you're really wearing that? And Varinia studying is important to being a good and wise Luna. Like come on let me have fun before the whole mate thing happens….” I sighed, really annoyed. I wanted to keep going but I didn’t want to overwhelm him with it. There was always just so much pressure.

“I know the pressures of having to be a leader one day too. I plan on getting things out of my system eventually beforehand too, and I definitely think you shouldn’t care what people think until the responsibility fully falls on you,” Caelestis said and I legitimately wanted to cry. I’d never had someone actually sympathise with me that hard before. Most people just told me to be grateful.

“It's just hard when it's coming from the Luna. At least you don't change when you meet your mate,” I complained.

Caelestis looked at me empathically and he could tell I was upset, “Anyway, now’s not the time to worry about that.”

“Yeah you're right I was just pissed that the Luna thought I only invited you here to sleep with you all.”

“It’s alright, the world is full of assholes,” he reassured me.

“I know,” I smiled, “and you've got to be one of the best.”

Caelestis smiled, “Thank you.”

Sadly after that I had to eat and then the Luna caught me and kept me busy until it was time to sleep. I was ok with it though. After all I had made a lot of progress on Caelestis. We had our first kiss.

And the memory of his taste kept me going.

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