Chapter 19:


Densetsu Kenshi: Beginnings

   I ran up the stairway as fast as I could. One step in front of the other. Moving, climbing, running up all the stairs so that I could finally end this nightmarish adventure. I pushed away all thoughts of Takenaka and focused on the job at hand.

   That's what he would want me to do. Get the job done and prioritize the safety of others.

   According to Maekawa-sensei’s plan, there was one more obstacle in front of me before I reached the room where the executive officer would be. The room where the party was being held only had two entrances. One on the right wing of the building and the other on the left wing. For this reason we had split up in order to increase our chances of success by spreading out our resources across the entire building. In front of each entrance was a highly skilled swordsman that at this point probably knew we were coming.

   I didn't know how things were going on the other side of the building with Mitsuji and Maekawa, but I was now working solo. In a surprising turn of events, Takenaka was stabbed in the chest by a mysterious sword and unable to continue with the mission. I really hope that that’s all it is. That he’ll recover soon and come back and support me again someday. I have enough spilt blood on my hands to account for.

   I prayed that I would be strong enough to fight and beat this next swordsman. We planned for Takenaka and I to fight as a team, but with him out of the fight, I couldn’t help but worry about the future of the night.

   I continued up the stairs.

   I arrived at the top floor out of breath but thoroughly agitated and motivated to beat the crap out of someone. Those feelings are in part from what happened to Takenaka, but also those stairs were impractically numerous. I have no idea what they were thinking when they made plans for a hundred story building with an elevator that only reaches the second highest floor. The ingenuity of man really can be amazing. Amazingly disappointing.

   There were no signs in the building guiding me to the right area, so I spent some time running around and looking for the entrance to the party. Finally, I reached a set of double doors. They were exceedingly plain, but I knew that they were just waiting to open up and let me into that party. Also, Izumi-chan was sitting right next to them on a small chair, so I figured this must be the place for the party rejects.

   “Yo! Izumi-chan! Fancy seeing you here, uh, you got invited to the party too I guess?”

   “oh, Seijiii-san, what's up? what r u doing here?”

   “Oh you know, like I said, i got invited to the party. There is a party going on behind these doors, right?”

   I had to double check with her because you never knew when deception would come around and bite you on the bum.

   “uhhh, yeah there’s a party going on in there, but were u really invited? ur not like, anyone special, no offense.”

   “Saying ‘no offense’ doesn’t just let those words pass right through me without me hearing them! That’s rude! I’m a big deal around these parts. I'll let you know.”

   “ohhh? well, ig ur right. maybe u did get invited. y don’t u just go and walk in there already?”

   “Oh well, me and my friends had this whole plan to come here and bust some people up, but there’s supposed to be a guard here, so maybe you could point him out so I can go and beat him up first.”

   I totally just spoiled the plan to Izumi-chan. I don’t know why but she’s just so easy to talk with and once I get started around her I just can’t keep myself from telling her everything.

   “hehehe, don’t worry about it Seijiii-kun. everyone here already knows about ur silly little revenge plot.”

   “What? Are you serious? How do you know?”

   “nah, I was just messing with u hehehe. ofc now i know about it tho. btw i know where the guard is that ur looking for.”
   “Huh? You got me totally confused. But where is he? I'm kind of in a hurry right now and I really don’t want to leave anyone that could come back and surprise me later.”

   “yeah yeah yeah, i get u. don’t worry about it, the guard here is pretty weak. they don’t stand a chance compared to someone like u.”

   “Oh really? Thanks for the confidence boost. So where is he? Point me in the right direction and I’ll sniff him out and make him regret his life!”

   “hehehe Seijiii-kun. u havent figured it out yet? fr man? it’s me.”

   “It’s me?”

   “no, not u. me. i’m the one that’s supposed to be protecting the door here.”



   “But I can’t fight you! I’d feel so bad!”

   “aweee, don’t worry about it, Seijiii-kun. i’ll let u in for free!”

   “Really? But is that even possible?”

   “duhhh, we’re talking about me ofc. i’ll put u down as my plus one.”

   “Your plus one? Are you sure that’s okay? And what about your job? Won’t you get fired if they find out you let me in?”

   “u ask an ungodly amount of questions when someone does something nice for u.”

   “Sorry, but I'm just thinking about your future too.”

   “my future? w-what do u see in my future? something with me in it?”

   “Naturally. It's your future Izumi-chan. It’d be kinda weird if I saw myself in your future, right?”

   “bzzzzzz, wrong answer. u can’t go in now.”

   “What!?? What changed??”

   “i realized that ur not capable of talking to females. there’s no way i'd let my plus one enter a party without a basic skill like that.”

   “Am I really that bad?”

   “theee worst!”

   “Hmm, I accept your decision, Izumi-chan. Unfortunately I don't have the time to play around if you won't let me in for free. Come and fight me and after I dominate you, I’ll go in without a second glance.”

   I stared at her and said those words to her. It was necessary. If she wouldn’t voluntarily let me in, then there was no other way for me to get in without fighting her first.

   However, Izumi-chan had different plans.

   “s-sooo cool…”

   She muttered those words and nearly toppled off of her seat. How did she almost fall over when she was sitting down?

   “Izumi-chan! Are you okay?”

   “i-i’m fine… i was just like so impressed by ur confidence and good looks.”

   “It’s the suit. I don’t know why but I’m feeling great wearing this thing.”

   “u know what they say. u look good, u feel good. u feel good, u play good.”

   “That's almost completely unrelated but it was a good thought.”

   “hehehe, i just said it to try and impress u, Seijiii-kun.”

   “Now I’m the one that’s impressed!”

   “hehehe, but Seijiii-kun, don’t u need to get going? i really want to keep talking with u but like, u know, u have plans tonight.”

   “You're too kind, Izumi-chan. You’re an angel in my life.”

   “ohhh, get going already u little thing!”

   “Yeah, I will. Izumi-chan. I have to ask you. Where do you side with this whole thing?”

   “ig ur talking about Thermo Corp. and the ways they do business. tbh, i just work here. if i find another boss that treats me right, i wouldnt have a problem leaving here and changing workplaces.”

   “So you really are just here to work. I’m glad that you keep your feelings separate from your work, that’s a good trait to have for someone so young like you.”

   “w-well, i might still be working on that one! hehehe!”

   “Right. Well, Izumi-chan, I’ll be going now. Thanks for talking with me.”

   “anytime! and Seijiii-kun, whatever they tell you in there, it’s probably true. i’m sorry but it’s all true.”

   I waved off her cryptic message and pushed open the doors to the party room. It was time to get down and dirty. Time to release some of the pent up rage that had been building up inside of me for some time now. I’m just happy that I was wearing all black, only a few things can stain black clothes so I wouldn’t have to worry about taking it easy and staying clean.

   I entered the room and the lights nearly blinded my eyes. I wasn’t expecting much, but this, this really blew my mind.


   The room took my breath away. Everything was gold. Golden everything and everywhere. The seats, tables, chandeliers, even some of the food.

   This is what it means to be a global business giant, huh?

   I took a few steps inside and immediately everyone inside looked at me. I couldn’t even tell how many people were here, but they were all looking at me with disgust. Each and every one of them with their noses upturned and their eyes shooting hateful glares at me.

   Each and every single one of them was wearing a sword at their hip. It seemed like Thermo Corp. had come prepared for a fight. A few of the swordsmen started to take off their suit coats and stretch out. I don’t know how long they had been waiting, but it was clear that they were waiting for me.

   I looked at the time, and figured I had some time to mess around.