Chapter 0:


Can you conquer my system? : Shujinko to shite umarekawaru

Can you conquer my system?

~Shujinko to shite umarekawaru

*Reader’s guide:

*word* refers to a sound. 

 “text” refers to a dialogue. 

 {text} refers to the stats of the player or system notification 

 ‘word’ refers to an important name. 

 <> refers to a visible sign in the story. (text) refers to a thought. 


Like every normal day, you are relaxing in your comfortable bed, scrolling down your phone's screen, looking for some funny memes.

Sadly, you've seen all of them and they started to get lame. You decided to start reading your favorite light novel. The more you turn the pages, the more you wish you had the chance to become a protagonist in some isekai story. 

You remembered the sad reality, there is no magic in this world, only world conflicts, diseases, successive hours of work/study, and sorrow. Our world is dark and full of mysteries, the greatest of all of them is death.

You began wondering about its meaning, what is happening to us when we die?

Do we really get reincarnated?

Does the afterlife exist?

If all humanity perished, what happens next?

You realize our lives are part of a big play. 

Its name is 


You got up and looked to the sky. After moments of thinking you stumbled upon something.

You become terrified as someone is controlling your thoughts, or how the f**** would you think of such boring things?

You turned right and left, up and down.

There was no one.

Only you and your favorite light novel.

You shouted at me from your thoughts,


That's what you've said.


Alright, alright. You won. If I toyed with you any longer, you'll probably break down. The brain is a sensitive organ. By the way, did you know that your brain can generate enough electricity to power a 25-watt light bulb? Also, have you ever wondered why you can't tickle yourself?

Go ahead and try it, you won't laugh. It's because your brain is already predicting that sensation and prevents you from it.

You tried to tickle yourself, and I was correct. You can't laugh.

( What the f*** am I doing? ) you began wondering.

Did you know also-

( Stop! God! No more useless pieces of information about the brain. And who are you in the first place? Why are you controlling my thoughts? )

Come on, the brain is the most interesting thing in this melancholic world. Very well, I'll introduce myself, Mr. Boring.

( No, I'm not. I just don't know who you are. You are making me nervous. ) you said.

My name is 'The Architect' I am the most genius creature in this universe.

( Woah! You're so full of yourself! ) you said while thinking.

*cough* I can hear you! Anyway, I am the creator of realms and worlds. I can create anything except for one thing.

( What is it? )

You, humans. I created humans-like however, I never reached 100% similarity. That's why I launched a program called ' The divine six '.

The idea is so simple, I created six worlds, every world is unique and different from the others, it analyses human behaviors with a speed of 1 trillion emotions per second. The bases of the program are...

You never understood a thing from what I was saying and you decided to stop me.

( English? )

Alright, never mind.

Suddenly, you got interested. You wanted to know more about me. You thought magic doesn't exist, maybe this is your chance to become a protagonist of some isekai. However, you are a badass overpowered MC, you mustn't lose your cool.

( What is your motive from this? And why me specifically? )

Oh, shut up! You're not special. I'm just gathering random people and you're not the only one.

You turned whist for a moment. And, thanks to your devilish brain empowered by reading too many light novels and mangas, you realized something. To be honest, I don't like this look on your face. You can't outsmart me.

( You have an issue in your system, right? ) you said.

No, I don't have it. I can't have errors, I'm The Architect.

You managed to hold our conversation much longer, your hunch was true. For god's sake, why am I saying that?

( We are connected in thoughts, remember? )

But, I can see you and you can't see me!

( I don't want to see you, lol )

You just broke my heart. Fine, you're right! I have an error in the matrix. Some dark powers invaded my realms, they want to take over it and destroy it. Although you're arrogant and pervert, you have read a lot of light novels, played a lot of games. You can clear the system.

( Why, can't you? Aren't you supposed to be the most genius creature? ) you teased.

I'm not like you, a f***ing weeb with no life. I don't have free time as I have too many responsibilities, you idiot!

So will you help me?

You were afraid and bothered by the fact that you'll be transferred to a new world. Also, you couldn't trust a stranger.

( Is this the part where I get assassinated or get hit by truck-Kun? )


( Will I never be able to see my family again? )


( Listen, I-)

( There is no time! They will catch us both! )

( Wait, wh-)

You suddenly felt dizzy. Your eyes are shutting down.

You woke up, in your same bed and it was morning.

( Was it just a dream? )

The end.

*Ending song is played*

Thank you for reading the story.

*Writer's note: Never trust the Architect, keep scrolling.

Why are you still here?

Go away, the story is finished!

Please, go away!

*sigh* Alright, fine!

You ate your breakfast like every normal morning and went out. As you are ready to cross the street, your legs slipped and you lost your balance. You saw a very familiar monster charging at you. The most powerful entity. The terrifying, ruthless, merciless death god:


( Here we go agai-) and before that, you could finish your sentence you were crushed.

Suddenly, you felt yourself rising and floating in the sky, saw your dead body and many people gathering around it.

At the speed of light, you were sucked into the sky. The images were moving so quickly that you never had the chance to enjoy the beautiful sights.

The floating was getting slower and slower, and you felt yourself getting heavier when you reached zero. Yes, the zero state of the universe. There was only void and emptiness, no time or space.

This was your last thought before you stopped thinking:

( Was our universe sad like that before the big bang? )

You stopped thinking...

You didn't know how much time has passed as you were not thinking. It was two hours, maybe twenty years, maybe millennia.

You couldn't tell.

You became absorbed, oblivious to the passage of time.

Suddenly, there was a mystic purple light popping from this emptiness, you can clearly see it.

Six small flames were rising. They became massive and immersed the void, including you.

You finally regained your ability to think.

( Is this the mystic element? )

You felt a majestic and beautiful presence unfolding before you. You had unstoppable tears.

You couldn't resist the godliness, elegance, and grace of this creature. However, you can only see its muscular chest, it was like one of a Greek god. The ones they used to teach you about in schools.

( Are you The Architect? )

" Yes. "

You can hear my charming voice, and not the ugly yours.

" Are you god? " you asked.

" I am not your god if that's what you're asking. "

" Just please, tell me what are you? " you wanted so badly to know my identity.

" As I said, I am the most genius creature! "

" Please, I know you are something else. Something humans cannot understand. " you proclaimed.

I asked you:

" Listen, you want to reveal my identity right? "

Without further thinking, you replied: " Yes, yes. Please! "

" Very well! I will reveal my identity but under one condition! "

" What is it?"

" You must prove yourself worthy. "

" Worthy of what? "

" Of knowing my true nature. "

" How? " you wondered.

" Conquer my system! "

" Your isekai world?"

" Worlds actually. Yes, that's all you have to do! "

" Okay, I'm in! " you were blinded by my charm and you weren't in a state for logical thinking.

Your subconscious wanted me, craved me.

"I will be disappearing as soon as you will be transported to my worlds. However, I'll be listening to your thoughts in my slumber. In my worlds, every realm is different, and I will be named in a certain name and maybe worshiped. In some others, I will be hated and named a demon and a dark entity. Anyways, you'll always find me in their mythology or religion. Our only way of communicating is through the system bar, you'll receive objectives and you must level up, in order to become powerful and able to take down the final bosses.

But clearing the system is not only about taking down the bosses, it's about your decisions and how clever and intuitive you are.

Further details will be explained to you by Eva when you get there. So, dear reader. Or shall I say, player now? Are you ready for the journey?

You are so excited, you will begin this journey into a new magical world, and don't worry. I have made sure to not have any kind of cliché, they make the game boring and easy to beat.

" I have one last thing to ask. If I am killed in your world, will I be dead in mine too? " you asked the majestic me.

" You're already dead, don't you remember? "

( Wait, wh- )

I'm disappearing from your thougths and only the narrator remained: The second person's perspective.

Farwell, player!

For the second time and before that, you can finish your sentence, The Architect's giant hands were getting closer to each other and a massive orb appeared in the middle of them.

It's like he was doing a Kame-hame-ha.

The same process of earlier happened and you opened your eyes, but this time, you opened them on something unusual. Something you never saw coming, an erotic scene!

A short man with a fat belly and a hairy chest on a bed with two beautiful ladies.

He had a very long and grey beard and he wore only his sleeping dress.

The aged man was sitting next to two gorgeous ladies. One of small-sized breast, and the other was the total opposite.

The small-sized girl's face blushed and her hands were shaking. As for the second, she had a stroke of fear.

You thought to yourself:

( Am I seeing something I mustn't see? )

The bad-looking man shouted at you:


There was no weapon nearby to defend yourself and the aged man was calling the reinforcements.

What will you do?

You have only two choices:

A) Ask for forgiveness and stay.

B) Run for your f***ing life!

What will it be?

Remember your choice will influence your progress through the story so make sure to chose wisely.

Let's meet at the next chapter to see if you've done well!

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