Chapter 1:

Chapter 1 A: The angel Eva

Can you conquer my system? : Shujinko to shite umarekawaru

You went with the option A: Stay and ask for forgiveness.

" Please, I beg you don't kill me! I am innocent! " you begged.

However the old man's eyes showed a clear message, you are a threat and you need to die right now!

You begged even more and cried.

At the final moment before the man will cut your neck with his longsword, one of the girls stopped him and held his arm:

" Please my lord! Don't kill him! I beg you! "

He replied to her:

" But he saw us! "

The second girl, the hot one shouted:

"Yes, please my lord! You can imprison him and interrogate him. I want to know how did he get here. "

Both girls were defending you for unknown reasons.

After a brief moment the man decided:

" Alright, fine! Anything for you my sweet angels. Guards throw him at jail! "

The guards carried you while having evil smirks on their faces.

Suddenly a strange message appears in front of you, it was written in white color and inside a purple and ocean green colored bar.

{ Welcome player #200102 to the divine six! The isekai experience you've never seen before! }

{ First, you need to choose your player name: }

The guards were still smirking, you realized you were the only one seeing the message.

You wrote your real name but the bar's color became red and you heard a buzzer sound.

A message appeared:

{ The player's name should not match the account's name. }

( My account's name? Wait, what? When did I make an account? ) you were thinking.

You wrote: Bam the 25th.


{ The name is already taken! }

Giorno Giovanna.


{ The name is already taken! }

You tried countless anime characters' names but the same message appears. You used caps and special characters and it never worked.

The guards finally threw you on the ground, the scene was dark. The next thing you saw was the prison's door closing.


{ Do you want the system to pick your name?


No }

You went with the first choice:

( Yes! )


{ Player #200102 has chosen option: Yes.

Generating a name...

Please be patient while the system is loading... }

While the system was generating a name you heard a roaring sound near you.

The sound was approaching little by little.


{ The system generated a name successfully! }

Two monstrous and luminous eyes unfolded before you. They were like the eyes of a panther.

You can now feel the breathing of the strange monster.

Your legs were shaking and due to the terror of dying by this predator you fell to the ground


{ Your player's name will be Ekoj.

Welcome, Ekoj! You and 1M player worldwide are trying their odds. Prove yourself worthy by conquering the divine six and become the next king of the world! We can't wait to see your success! }

( Success my ass! I'm about to get eaten alive useless system. )


{ Main objective acquired: Save the world! }


{ Story task acquired: Find the angel Eva! }

You became ready to face your tragic fate, your painful death. This is the end! You were never good at anything actually, so don't get mad. I mean, if you got isekaied a second time you'll still make the wrong choices and die. The problem is in you. You're a failure!

The monstrous figure suddenly spoke:

" I've been waiting for you my lord-hero Ekoj nyan!"

*cute cat roar* 

Hayato Shinohara
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