Chapter 8:

Fire punch

Hunter Skills

In a frenzied fist-only fight between Kenta and another fat man taller than Kenta, who is 1.90 meters tall, others are scrambling to get a chicken.Bookmark here

Akiro with his team suddenly arrives on the scene. Akiro greets kenta:Bookmark here

-Hey how's it going?Bookmark here

Kenta is distracted for a second and receives a forceful punch to the face.Bookmark here

They all put their hands in the eyes of how they felt the pain of that punch ...Bookmark here

Akiro runs off to see Kenta on the ground. Kenta gets up quickly and says:Bookmark here

-Everything is fine, we are about to get a chicken, you should also try and get one.Bookmark here

-Emmm, we already have one.Bookmark here

-WHAT?!Bookmark here

-Yes, look, it's one of those that was already falling, we ran away as soon as we got it.Bookmark here

-That means…Bookmark here

And you hear a lot of people come running. More than 20 hunters were chasing them.Bookmark here

-Okay, we'll have to get serious. -Kenta wipes dirt from his face with his fist as he says it.Bookmark here

He bumps his fists and the two red gauntlets he is wearing are set on fire.Bookmark here

He takes a step forward with which he travels a great distance and attacks the first blow. A side hook on fire received by the stomach of the first to be caught. Burning his clothes and leaving a black scar on his skin.Bookmark here

So he continues punching after punching at high speed, leaving every hunter who was chasing Akiro's team on the ground. After killing everyone, remove the fire from their gauntlets. Then he remembers that there is still the team they were fighting with and he receives again a side punch in his face making him fly up to a wall and breaking it.Bookmark here

Einar as thanks decides to fight to help Kenta's team by screaming DANTE.Bookmark here

The ghost sword appears and runs to the man who punched Kenta.Bookmark here

He stops his attack with a metal plate on his elbows. Einar backs off and lunges through part of his stomach knowing it isn't a fatal blow. What was not expected was that the hunter in front of him, although he seemed fat and slow, had a very high speed. He leapt dodging the thrust and just when Einar realized he looked up, he whirled in midair for cover with his sword. The hunter in the air gave a great punch against Einar that collided with the sword but from the power of the blow Einar received a great shock against the ground from behind.Bookmark here

Einar with this instant pain forced himself not to scream and got back to his feet with a great leap back as a precaution.Bookmark here

He was about to shout DANTE again when Akiro appears from behind the big man who couldn't even feel his presence. Akiro with the metal bar he picked up from the ground earlier, takes a strong swing against the giant's side. Sending it to fly meters against several buildings causing it to cross you.Bookmark here

Kenta appears again touching his head in pain and saying:Bookmark here

-What happened? where is that monster?Bookmark here

-He flew out ... -Einar replied with a face without knowing how to express himself.Bookmark here

-Oh perfect. He only has 3 left to defeat.Bookmark here

Kenta's three companions were having a hard time against the other three, one of whom had a very powerful special skill.Bookmark here

Kenta with Akiro's team get closer to the rest of Kenta's team.Bookmark here

And they are surprised after seeing that they are fighting against only one of the enemy team, one was lying on the ground and the other was unknown.Bookmark here

But the only one still standing had the chicken they were fighting for and was riding a giant black snake.Bookmark here

“Number 89. Rank S. Fiss McGregor. Special Skill: Animal Conversion. "Bookmark here

These are the data that one of Kenta's companions gives since he managed to examine it with the card by putting it near him and scanning.Bookmark here

Everyone was already mentally preparing for a high-ranking fight and winning.Bookmark here

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