Chapter 1:

The pearl of god

The pearl of God

Chapter 1

POV of Narrator

The Pearl of God, an ancient artifact that gives infinite power to the person who possesses it. However! When it falls into evil hands, the world suffers from various calamities. As a result, the four great saints of the land sealed it away in the fortress of the forest. And hid the four keys of the fortress across the land. Only the worthy with the divine eyes, ‘sakhukh’ can access the fortress. And one day, this prophecy will come true!

POV of Kriti

It is quite a normal day, I am roaming in the forest searching for herbs that have medicinal properties. My father and I run a medicine shop in the village. I’m glad that the east kingdom is abundant with such resources. Our business booms during monsoon so it’s the best time to search for herbs.

Although I hate doing it in this season, all those leeches stick on my legs, those filthy bugs and more! In other words, Everything gets slimy, wet and creepy during this season. But I’ve gotta work. That’s how we’re gonna live, otherwise we aren’t gonna get any money and if we don’t have money, we can’t survive.

I’m trying to find the bamboo we planted a few years ago. They are of a specific species that have medicinal values to them. It’s obvious the Bamboo shoot is the part we eat, not the bamboo. We’ll sell the bamboo to someone for some extra money.

Why is the ground shaking? Wait! It’s an earthquake!!! I've got to get away from the trees prone to falling. Wait, huh?! How did the earthquake create a damn hole!


I guess I fell down in some dungeon which is under the ground. I never saw something like this. And, there's also a pyramid-like shrine with a floating ball here! What the hell is that? I never saw something like this.

“You are the chosen one! You’re the worthy one for divine power. Sakhukh!!”

“Who are you! And how is that fairytale true!!”, I said

“I’m no one! I was here waiting for a worthy vessel!”

“What’s a vessel”

“A vessel is something where we can keep things. And You’ll be the vessel of my 500 year old sakhukh!”

That ball broke into pieces and something came flying out and hit my eyes! My left eye was bleeding. It was more painful when I fell down from a tree and got hurt on the head and yet survived.

“Now, go forth and exit the dungeon!”

I dunno what’s going on but everything around me is so big! I wonder what’s going on here…

AAAAAHHHHHGGG!!!!! A huge spider! Wait no. That’s a normal sized spider! I’m small in size!!! I remember when I fell into the hole, all those trees that appeared bigger. So, I shrunk in size!!!

In the stories, I was told that, “There are 25 sakhukhs that came down from the heavens. They all give their owners unique powers to control nature.” And since I have one, I have also had the power to control nature! But I don’t know what to do!

I smashed countless spiders under my slippers now, it’s probably my turn to get smashed.

I think it’s the best time to use my secret family technique. It has been passed down from generation to generation to escape death and instant victory. Now, I’ll do it. I was forbidden to use it all these years. Now, I'll allow myself to use this technique.

“Freakin run away from that monster, Who the hell is gonna fight that thing even if I have the powers of the gods!!!!!!!!!”

Narrator: Probably someone who isn’t a coward. And yeah, that’s a jojo reference.

As I looked back I saw it rubbed it’s back and sprinkled all those hairs on me! A tarantula’s hair generally causes irritation and inflammation but here! At this size that’s enough to kill me!!!! I guess that’s my end…


My eyes ! what was that I felt like my left eye just did something. Huh? All those, hair? They’ll just get vaporised. I guess I can change the state of matter using my eyes. That’s one of the 25 eyes. But, in the stories every sakhukh has a range in which it works. I wonder how far I’ll get him.

Narrator: A few moments later.

I can’t use it for long range, I’ve to go near it and kill him! Okay then, I’ll vapourize it! Haaah!!!

I can’t!!!! I can’t do it!! I think I'll freeze this thing by freezing all the water vapour around it!

Narrator: She pointed her finger towards the spider and froze it into an ice cube.

Huh? I’m getting bigger. I guess that was a test for me…

“You are in fact right, that was a fact for you. Now go and get the pearl of god. And fulfill your wish!”

“My wish… My wish, I wanted world peace. And, now I’ll get it! I’ll change the entire damned world!”

But before that, I’ll go back to the village and have to ask my father's permission to go on an expedition.

PS: I accidently deleted the novel. This is a reupload 

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