Chapter 2:


The pearl of God

Chapter - 2

Kriti’s POV

I should go back to the village before nightfall. Mainly because I hate darkness and it’s already evening. If I don’t go early, I’m gonna get yelled at again. I wonder if our house is alright. We have a house on stilts because our village is a flood prone area and that earthquake was strong enough to destroy our house.

And I hate the time of evening!! These mosquitos!! They swarm around us and literally drain us out of blood! I hate these creatures more than anything else!!!! I swear when I get the pearl of god I’ll remove the existence of these filthy insects before attaining world peace!

Narrator: Well, everyone hates mosquitos. I’m quite sure even the reader hates it.

“And who the hell is talking!!!”

Narrator: Just ignore me. You shouldn’t break the fourth wall.

“Yeah like, I can ignore someone who has been annoying me like this for hours!”

Author: Both of you shut up and do the thing you have to do in the story! or I'll just kill you off right now!

Narrator: You are the one who wrote all these in the first place. LOL.

Author: Okay, Okay. I’ll nor write BS from now on. I just wanted to make stuff more comedic.My Bad, now I’ll write seriously.

I dunno who was talking to me right now but I should go home early. And also wash off all those wounds Also, I’ve gotta ask father for permission to go for an expedition. He might not allow me for this.

Narrator: It took her a while to return home. But she was surprised.

I can’t believe my damn eyes. MY house was completely okay! I can’t believe it! But I’m glad everything’s okay!

“Kriti! Are you safe?! Are you hurt somewhere?”My father ran out of the house and hugged me.

Apparently he’s very protective of me. Afterall, I’m the only one left in the world who is his family. Years ago my big brother and my mother went out on an expedition with a team. They never returned home after that day.

“Yeah dad! I’m completely okay. There’re just some small wounds. It’s not a big deal. I’ll just use some marigold leaves. They’ll heal overnight”

Narrator: Time skip to dinner time

Me and my father are sitting on the floor having dinner.

“Dad! I need to ask you for an permission for something”

“What is it?”

“I want to go on an expedition!”

“No! I can’t let you go! Don’t you remember that your mother and brother haven't come back and it has been 10 whole damn years!”

“But dad! Things have changed! Look at this!”


“Is that a ‘Sakhukh’?”

“Yes, dad! In fact these weren’t any folk tales. They are real. And I’m the worthy one! Just like the prophecy of the great saint ‘Bhavesh’”

“If that’s the case, I’ll let you go. But, I’ll be going on too. I can’t let you go alone to roam in the woods alone”

“Who said, I’ll go alone. I’ll go there with my friend Daarsh.”

“If that’s the case… I definitely can’t let you go alone! It’s my duty as a father to protect you!”

“Stop acting cool; old man. You’re 59. And he’s not gonna do anything.”

“No! I’ll go with you. I guess you forgot. I’m an expert in herbal medicine!”

“I guess, I’ll let you go with us too”

“Now, that’s my daughter!”

Bonus by Author

Sakhukh’ (Assamese: চাক্ষুষ) is an Assamese word that means “To See” This power system is heavily inspired by Geass and Dojutsu from Code Geass and Naruto.

Bhavesh’ is a tamil name of Vishnu. One of the holy trinity gods of hinduism. 

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