Chapter 4:


The pearl of God

Chapter 4

POV of Kriti

It is finally the day tomorrow, we’re gonna be leaving the village! I’ve gotta wake up early. We have to cover the maximum distance before nightfall tomorrow.

In the story of the Four Great Saints it was said that after defeating the evil bearer of the user of the pearl of god they sealed the keys for the temple in other monuments. I’ve heard some tribes worship those monuments and perform human sacrifices. They sure are very underdeveloped.

I wonder if we’d meet my mother and big brother too. I haven’t seen them in 10 years. I just hope they aren’t dead. I don’t know about myself but father would be overjoyed if we meet them.

POV of Bhupen

Tomorrow, I’ll be going out on an expedition after almost 30 years. I haven’t left the village for years. I think I was 20 when I went out on an expedition where I learnt about herbal medicines. My teacher, I wonder if he still is teaching. He said that he’s immortal and that he was 150 years old.

I just ignored that thing but he was wise. He taught how to brew medicines. Which herb is good and which one is bad. How to identify poisonous plants. Which plants are edible and which aren’t

In the stories, the keys were hidden in the four temples in the kingdom of each direction. And we’re gonna be going towards the east temple. That was where I met my teacher, Dhanvantari.

POV of Daarsh

If Kriti succeeds she will be the most powerful person in the world. The stories didn’t only say that the pearl of god provides infinite power to its user. It also takes over the person if they have a weak will. And Kriti is a very simple girl. I’m afraid if that thing takes over her none will stop her. But, she also has some crazy good will. Although that’s true when she’s angry. Which he rarely gets.

People with a long temper are terrifying when angry. She beat my friend half dead when he pissed her off by bullying me because I got a Golden Handle Hengdang.

Narrator: The next day.

POV of Kriti

“All right, are you two ready! We’ve to go to the East temple!”

“Are you crazy? The sun hasn't even risen yet!”

“You shut up and stop screaming at my daughter! And it’s better for you to stay away from her!”

“Dad! Just stop now! We should go on now, the east temple will take us 10 days of walking. We can’t even use carts in that dense forest.”

Narrator: With this they left the village on a long adventure. Which they will never forget. And with this let the East Temple Saga Begin!

Author’s Bonus

Dhanvantari, the teacher of Bhupen, is the writer of Ayurveda. In hindu mythology he’s said to be the physician of the Gods. 

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