Chapter 5:


The pearl of God

Chapter 5

POV of Kriti

The temple of east is a journey of 10 days from the village. It’s easier to go there if I were born in the city. We’ve to cover the maximum distance in minimum time. That’s why we’re going out before sunrise. At night time, monsters are prone to appear. Some are harmless but a lot of them are dangerous. Sleeping on trees gives some protection. But huge monsters can also reach us like that.

In the dense forest, trees reach upto 25 metres in height. Some even 75 metres. But these kinds of trees are rare to find. And sleeping on them is a nightmare.

Daarsh seems to be fully packed up. He’s got his Hengdang and a pouch full of food. He’s well prepared. And father is leading us in the forest since he has gone there before once where he met his teacher of herbal medicine.

Though it has been only a few hours walking into the forest, I’m already regretting the decision I took to go out on this expedition. This place is so slimy, creepy and wet! I shouldn’t have come here in the monsoon season! The forest is in the worst condition during this time!

POV of Daarsh

Why is Kriti taking a spear on her back?

“Hey kriti, why are you carrying a spear?”

“Oh this? Well, I'm a Spear user. I’ve specialized in using the spear.”

“What? But who do you use it for? And who trained you?”

“Oh, sometimes fruits are found high up so I just throw my spear on them. None trained me. I just learnt it myself. It’s just convenient to use it instead of climbing the tree.”

I just felt attacked because I spent 10 years mastering the Hengdang with training and she did the same with a spear all by herself with no training and in less time than me!

Why am I here? Just to suffer?

POV of Bhupen

These two kids don’t know anything about the world. They think they can change the world? Nah, they’ll give up right after this expedition. I’m sure! They just think I’m a feeble old man. Unaware that I was one of the best monster hunters of my generation.

They will also have to become monster hunters for five years from the age from 20 to 25. It’s compulsory for everyone!

Wait, huh? What’s this sound?

“Dad! The ground is shaking?What's going on?”

“I’m quite sure. There’s a monster around… Don’t worry. I’m here”

“What’s an old man like you could do? Heh?”

This boy is really pissing me off.

“You are such a student who got the golden heng dang yet get bullied by those students who have a wooden handle hengdang! Can’t you even assert your dominance!”

“Heh! You crappy geezer! You are over fifty who makes medicines at home. You even send your daughter to the woods to get the herbs!”

“Hey you two. Can you look at this! It’s a giant centipede! Daarsh! You are the best swordsman in the village, you kill that thing!”

That kid already pissed his pants. LOL.

“Hey kid! Give me your hengdang! And You give me your spear!”

POV of Kriti

It’s the first time I'm seeing my father fight. He jumped high enough to reach the head of the monster that was 5 metres above the ground!

Now he Blinded it’s eyes using my spear and then beheaded it with Daarsh’s hengdang. All that made blood rain everywhere. I never knew my father was such a badass!

But that murderous gleam in his eyes scared me.

“So, what were you saying kid? ‘What’s an old man like you could do? Heh?’ Now, it’s your turn”

“Noo! PLease don’t kill me!!!”

I knew my father was joking. So, I just let him continue.

Narrator: Their expedition continues. As they proceed to the east temple what problems are they going to face? Let’s know in the next issue!

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