Chapter 7:

Neno's Story Part 2

I Found A Homeless Girl

When I was fiv- (growlll rolled Neno's stomach)  uh... Neno started to looked down with her face as bright as a cherry blossom. Haha, you must be hungry, you were in the guest room all day. (mmm mmm uh Neno mumbled) How about we go some where to eat then you can tell us there how's that sound, fair? Neno shook her head slowly yes while hiding her bright red face in the pillow. "Well I will tell Hona to get you some clothing"

 (Neno) "This boy........ He has been so nice to me every since I came in to his home. He even let me love in his house and they made me dinner. I have to do something for him I just have to."

 (Hona) Hey Neno here are the clothes.....(Starts looking at Neno's chest) Hmmm maybe I can help you get dressed!? 

"Oh no it's fine I can manage you guys have done so much for me. "

Without listing to Neno, Hona pounced on her. It's fine let me help you!! Ooo (Squeeze Squeeze) you have some nice racks here, what are they F cups?

Eh uhh Hona...... Eh eh mmm stop......dont.....don't touch me there...Sununu Ahhhhhhh. 

Outside the guess room door:

Uhhhh Nagata's nose starts to bleed and he passes out.

At The Cafe:

"Honestly Hona, are you trying to put me in a hospital bed?"

"Sorry onee-chan guess I got a little to carried away heh heh...."

"Anyways, Neno you can get what ever you want your our guest!"

" you..... "

Right after they ordered food:

"Hey Neno since where waiting can you tell us why you were in that ally?"

. . . . . 

She's not talking something bad just have happened. "Hey um if you don't want to talk about it that's fine."

"'s Fine I'm ready. " "I.....I have been homeless for about a month now........ and I bet your wondering why...... I use to have a home but life was not the greatest..... My mom was always working .... my dad was a drug dealer....and I had just lost my sister by a truck...she was not looking when she crossed the street and she was hit......

After all the drama and had luck I had I locked myself in my room all day every day... I was in a depressed state. I would not eat or come out of my room for a whole week. 

But one night while I was in my room sleeping I  was awaken from the smell of smoke and ashes!!! So I can out of My room screaming fireeee!!!! Fire!!!!!!

"My mom had for got to turn the stove off because she was so tired from work, but by the time I got down stairs my whole house were in golfed in flames and my parents had been burn to ashes in there sleep.... so I ran away.

(Hona) That's awful, I'm so sorry that happened.... 

(Nagata) "How did you survive for a whole month?"

 " I would bet for the remains of old cars food and I would sleep on park benches. "

 "I'm sorry that happened to you know person should ever have to go through that...... But don't worrie you can live with us for as long as you want we will take care of you. You are a part of our family now," Nagata said with such an innocent smile.

 (Neno's Heart) Bump, Bump...... (This boy is.... is.... so kind and generous to a complete stranger he does not know. I'm so happy)

Alright let's go to the mall to go by Neno some new clothes. You guys read...y.... (Neno holds tight to Nagata's arm while she's softly presses her breast on him)(Bloop) ye -yes...I'm ready ........Yu-kun. 

(Neno's face is SO red)

(Hano) Hmmmmmm me to I want to seduce Onee-chan too!!!! (Hano grabs his left arm and let out a small Klan in his ear)

Ahhh Hona stop your embarrassing me....

Hehe I don't know what your talking about hehe!

 "Mmm....!eta just to to the mall....